adopted by simon part3

part 3 to adopted by simon


3. lexi meeting Harry <3 love at first sight

Shelby's P.O.V

so me and lexi went into Star bucks to go get some coffie. I was going to go meet hunter  {a friend of mine } and surprise them with Harry and Louis. {H-Hunter L-Logan S-Shelby}

H:huy guys what can I get you?

S:um can I get a hot chocolate with marsh mellos on to please? Oh and a triple chocolate chip cookie

H-yeah that will be $3.45

S-ok here you go

H-thank you

S-Lexi I will be siting over there.


H-so what would you like?

L-um same thing just with out the marsh mellos and a browine.

H-ok that will be $3.50

L-ok here you go.

H-Here you can just bring the stuff.

L-thank you hunter
H-no prob

S-hey Hunter,Lexi come here for a sec.

S-I want you to meet Harry and Louis


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