April Jones was just a regular highschooler when she met Harry Styles but, within time she ended loving him more than she ever imagined. She looked past the fact that he was famous and focused on the kind hearted man that she loved. But will the fame and struggles tear them apart? And More importantly will their love be Endless?


6. The Wedding

Harry's POV.


It was July 4th. The day we were all waiting for. It seemed like I was waiting an eternity for this day. I already considered April mine, but today made it official. Today she would be my wife, always and forever. When I asked her to marry me I meant for forever not just some temporary marriage we give up on with in a few years. I love April and plan on growing old with her.

It was now 2:00 o'clock and the service started at 3:00. We were all at the church. We decided to be their early making sure everything was where it was suppose to be, and that way we could try to beat the paparazzi. We knew that they were most likely going to be a problem. Especially after the wedding but, we weren't going to let them ruin our special day. The boys got their around the same time we did. Since their was no way I could possibly pick a best man they were all going to be my best men.

The girls were frantically running every where trying to get ready. I haven't seen April's dress yet. She wouldn't let me near it. She kept telling me it was a surprise and she didn't want me to see it until she was walking down the isle.

Us boys got ready and dressed within 20 minutes. As people starting arriving the boys went out and seated everyone. The boys wore gray suit pants a white shirt and black tie's, and I wore black suit pants a gray vest with a white shirt and a gray and white striped tie. The wedding was now starting in 5 minutes. Everyone was taking their seats and making sure everyone was ready.

We all started walking in. I stood at the front of the room. Standing their I got a little nervous. My palms became sweaty and my stomach was twisting in two different directions. I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath. I kept my eyes closed to relax when I heard the music change and the doors of the church open. I opened my eyes and saw my beautiful April. Her hair was curled and put back perfectly. With pearls in her hair. She wore and long white dress it was a sleeveless dress that went to the floor. It was all lace with flower markings on it and it had a bow around her waist. The moment I saw her beautiful smile all my nervousness went away. I smiled at the site of my beautiful soon to be wife.


April's POV.


I slowly walked down the isle to where Harry was standing. He looked so handsome. His hair was perfectly combed the way I liked it and he like amazing in the outfit I helped pick out for him. Everything turned out so beautifully the isle was covered in white rose petals with a few candles here and their. The chairs had white and peach ribbons on them and it was all just so breath taking.

When I got to where everyone was standing I took Harry's hand in mine. We both stood their looking into each others eyes as the preacher spoke. We stared at each other as if we knew could read each others minds. We waited until the preacher said "And the bride and groom decided to right their own vows." I always hated speaking in front of people but, for today I made an exception.

Harry went first "April, I promise to love you with all my heart. I promise to know that this isn't a temporary love but, a once in a life time love. To love you for who you are not who you want to be. I promise to love you now and forever. April, the moment I saw you in that crowd I knew you were the one, and I had to have you. I love you so much you are my everything." At that point I was crying. And kind of nervous that mine was not going to sound that good. He squeezed my hand. It was now my turn.

"Harry, on this day I give you every bit of my heart. I give you my promise to love you always and forever. I give you my word that I will stay true to you, but most importantly I give you my love. I wish I could say the night we met was the extremely romantic but, unfortunately it was of far from it. We met by the stupidity of others and the heroicness of yourself. I thank you for saving me that night because if you didn't I probably wouldn't be here and would never of had the chance to see love from a different perspective. Thank you for letting me find love in the best possible way."

I could see Harry was trying not to cry but, was failing. If it wasn't for the preacher staring me down I probably would of kissed him by now. After that, the preacher continued and then said, "Do you April Jones take Harry Styles to be your lawfully wedded husband till death do you part?" I smiled and replied. "I do." "And do you Harry Styles take April Jones to be your lawfully wedded wife till death do you part?" He replied with his deep raspy voice. "I do." "Then by the power invested in me I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride." Harry put his hand around my waist and he kissed me. But this kiss was different it wasn't just a little boyfriend girlfriend kiss it was our first kiss as Husband and Wife.

After the wedding everyone met us at the place where we were having the reception. Everything was beautiful. It was exactly how I pictured it. The tables had the same type of flowers I had in the wedding. The table cloths were snow white with peach rose peddles scattered all over them. We had a few candles on the table with flower peddles around them.

We were serving either chicken or fish with vegetables stuffed mushrooms and rolls. After everyone was done eating. We decided to cut the cake. Which was sad considering how pretty it was. Since their was about 130 people here we need a pretty big cake, but I did not want a giant cake so we made it as small as possible. It was a red velvet cake with a white butter cream icing. We had it made so it would look like their was lace on it. Which turned out very lovely. Harry even agreed on how amazing it was.

After the Wedding the reception lasted till about 7:30. Truthfully I thought it would last longer but, I was okay that it didn't. After we made sure everything was taken care of we left. Me and Harry both agreed that because his tour is in less than a month and because he has to be away for a about a week before that. It would just be better if we waited to go on our Honey moon when he gets back. Yeah, we would be waiting a lot but I didn't want to rush the whole thing so he can get back. Plus than he couldn't help move into our own house.

After we left Harry said he had a surprise for me. He decided to blind fold me again. I guess that blindfolding me was going to be a regular thing. But I was okay with it even though it drove me insane. guess he liked making me irritated.

I felt the car finally come to a stop. Harry got out of the car and came around to my side and lead me out of the car. He took me up a few stairs and lead m through a door. He lead me right inside he doo and then told me to wait there. I felt like I was back to the night Harry proposed. He made me suspiciously wait for him to come back. I waited and waited but, he didn't come back. "Harry?" I yelled. No one answered. "Harry??" I said a little louder.

He didn't answer so I decided to remove my blind fold. I opened my eyes and say I was standing in a hall way and the floor was covered in red rose peddles. It was so beautiful. I started to walk down the hall and stepped n something. I picked it up and saw the it was kind of like a little name card, but it had a note on it. It read, "Follow your Heart." I walked a little further and saw a long trail of rose peddles.

I followed them up the hall and then into a huge room. The room was full of beautiful flowers and trees. It had white candles scattered over the room, and the ceiling was made of glass. It looked like it was some sort of green house. It was so beautiful and terribly romantic. After a minute or too I looked over and saw Harry smiling at me. "Did you do all this?" I said looking at him with tears in my eyes. I've never had anyone go out such great lengths for me. I imagined today to b perfect but, never dreamed it would turn out that way.

"Every bit of it," he said smiling back at me. "This is amazing," I said walking closer to him. "I wanted it to be perfect." "Harry this day couldn't be more perfect." I said resting my head on his shoulder. He smiled and pulled something out of his pocket that looked like a remote. He clicked a button and then I heard a soft noise. I looked up and saw the roof opening up. You could see the moon and sky full of stars perfectly. "Harry.." I whispered walking right under the open area of the ceiling.

I looked back at him. "Harry you made this day so perfect!" He came over and swung me into his arms. "I love you." I said holding his tightly into my arms. "I love you too. There was blankets and lots of pillows on the floor right under the opening of the ceiling. And after a few minutes he laid down on them and I laid beside him and he held me in his arms. That day just seemed to keep getting better. I couldn't believe I was finally married. It seemed just like yesterday I was dancing in the crowd of a One Direction concert. In such short time so many things dramatically changed, but definitely for the better. I wouldn't change a minute of it, and today I finally became Mrs. Styles.

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