April Jones was just a regular highschooler when she met Harry Styles but, within time she ended loving him more than she ever imagined. She looked past the fact that he was famous and focused on the kind hearted man that she loved. But will the fame and struggles tear them apart? And More importantly will their love be Endless?


4. Graduation

I couldn't believe in less than a week I would officially be out of school. No more high school drama. Everything seemed perfect. I had my Madeline my mom and a boyfriend I was completely in love with. Yeah, I didn't see him much but, I treasured the time we did spend together. I've seen him 4 times in the past 5 months. It killed me to see him leave every time, but it helped me to know that I would see again as soon as he could.

My graduation was Friday May 26th. It seemed like it was coming up so fast. There were times where I just wanted to graduate over, but there were also times where I just wanted everything to slow down. One Direction's tour ended the 19th so we decided he could fly out here the day before the graduation. That way he could go visit his family for a few days before flying out to New York. I didn't want him to feel like he had to fly out to see me right away. Yes, I missed him like crazy but, his family must have missed him just as much.

The Wednesday before our graduation week was our Senior Class trip. They took us to New York city. Which was amazing since I almost never go to the city. We toured the city for two days and the last day we were their they took us to a Broadway show. It was such an amazing experience, and having all my friends their made it all the better.

The week of our graduation was so busy. The whole week I had to make sure I had everything finished for school. Me and Madeline went shopping Tuesday for decorations. We were throwing a huge graduation party Friday night and wanted everything to be perfect. We spent all Wednesday night getting decorations together since I was going to be with Harry Thursday.

I woke up Thursday morning passed out on the floor with a pile of party streamers next to me. I must of fell asleep when I tried making a chain of them. I got up to check the time and it was 10:00. I didn't freak out till I realized it was Thursday and Harry's flight came in at 11:00. I ran into my room and grabbed the first pair of skinny jeans I saw. I had tank top on and put a gray baggy sweat shirt over. I quickly put on some make up and brushed my teeth. I grabbed my sneakers and keys and ran out the door.

It took about 45 minutes to get their. So I got their at about five till 11:00. I went in and waited for his flight to get in. It was now about 10 after 11:00 and the his plane just landed. I started to see some people getting off the plane but, I didn't see Harry. I stood their very impatiently. I couldn't wait to see him. I looked beside me and saw my reflection in the window next to me. I gasped at the sight of my hair. I can't believe I forgot to brush it. I nervously ran my fingers through it trying to control some of the frizziness. I kept trying to fix my hair and shirt making shirt I like some what decent. I was soo nervous. I could not wait to see him.

I looked back down to fix my shirt again when I heard someone say, "Babe would you stop that you look fine!" I knew that voice it gave me butterflies every time I heard it. I looked up and saw Harry smiling at me. I ran toward him. He dropped his bags and wrapped me in his arms. He combed his fingers through my hair and put his forehead and mine, "I love you." He whispered. "I love you too." I replied. He leaned in and kissed me softly. I wrapped my arms around his neck deepening the kiss. He pulled away and took my hand in his. I picked up one of his bags and lead him to the car.

We talked the whole time just catching up. We got home and talked for hours. We talked about his tour and my graduation and just about any random thing that came up. At around 8:00 we decided to have a movie marathon. We watched any type of movie from romantic to action. At about 3:00 we switched to horror movies. I squeezed his hand and buried my face in his chest at the scary parts. While he just laughed at me. We stayed up most of the night until we crashed around 6:00 during the 3rd paranormal activity.

I woke up to the smell of eggs and the sound of my mom yelling "Wake up your going to sleep the day away!" I opened my eyes and saw Harry was trying to move by couldn't seem to open his eyes. I checked my phone to look at the time and saw that it was 9:30 but, to my mom that was late. I gave Harry a slobbery morning kiss. Which seemed to wake him up. "Well, good morning to you to." he said laughing. "You hungry?" I asked getting up. He nodded and we both walked into the kitchen.

We sat down at the table. and started eating the fruit and scrambled eggs she had set out. I looked over at Harry who looked like he was about to pass out. Considering we just went to bed around 3 hours ago I understood. "So what time am I sup post to be at the school today?" My mom said looking over at me. "For what?" I said giving her a weird look. "For your graduation of course!" "Oh my Gosh it's Friday." "I have to get ready!" I said running from the table and into my room.

The graduation was at 12:30 and I had to be their and 12:00. I spent the whole morning getting ready. I curled my hair and wore it down. I wore a short blue dress with a white belt and white heels. I got at the school at about 10 before 12 and, went to find my cap and gown. At 12:30 we all went in and found our seats. The class president made the speech and then we all waited for our names to be called to receive our diploma's. It seemed like it took forever but, they finally called me name. I received my diploma and moved my tassel. I looked to see Harry and my mom and couldn't find them until they both stood up and cheered. I laughed and walked back to my seat.

After the service was over. I went to find Harry and my mom. "Congrats April!" Harry said giving me a soft kiss. We were disturbed by some kids wanting a autograph from Harry. Once some people notice Harry it seemed like we just couldn't get away. It took about an hour for us to leave. There was a lot of  people wanting pictures or autographs, but it wasn't all his fault. I tried to find all my friends to say good bye or to see if they were coming to the party we were throwing that night. So it wasn't all Harry.

That night the party started around 8:00 and it was amazing. So I think we did a pretty good job at planning it. The party lasted most of the night. And it got pretty crazy at times. Our whole senior class showed up, and a bunch of random high schoolers. We partied all night long and I think I even lost Harry at one point. I woke up on the cough laying over Harry's lap. It looked like everyone went home. We both got up to get dressed but, found one person passed out in my closet and someone in the bath tub. So it made me kind of scared to open a door.

After lunch we pretty much just chilled all day. At one point Harry very curiously went out of the room to talk to my mom. He was talking to her for about 45 minutes. He came back and sat down without a word about it. Which made me want to know what he was talking about even more. After about 20 minutes of not saying anything. I finally broke the silence. "So what did you talk to my mom about?" "Oh nothing." He smiled. "Harry come, On tell me!" I said slapping his arm. "Okay, If you must know." "It was about you." "Me?" I said widening my eyes. "Yes, You!" he laughed. "What about me?" "Well, I was going to wait till later to ask you, but I was wondering if you wanted to go to England to meet my family?" "Wow, Harry of course I would." I said smiling. "I would love to meet your family." "I'm glad!" "When did you want to go?" "Would you want to leave like tomorrow and then stay for a week or so?" "Yeah, that sounds great!"

I was so excited but, yet completely terrified. For starters I've never even been out of the state let alone the country, and then I'm meeting the Love of my life's family for the first time! What if they don't even like me? Would Harry want to break up with me then? I was kind of scared. I didn't know what to expect.

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