April Jones was just a regular highschooler when she met Harry Styles but, within time she ended loving him more than she ever imagined. She looked past the fact that he was famous and focused on the kind hearted man that she loved. But will the fame and struggles tear them apart? And More importantly will their love be Endless?


3. Falling in Love

After me and Harry's first date we went out 4 more times before he had to return back to their tour, but luckily he had a few more concerts in New York so we got to hang out a lot until they left the state. When he went back on the road. We talked almost everyday. It was strange having a celebrity as a boyfriend, but I didn't mind it. The one thing that worried me was when our relationship got out what kind of publicity am I going to have to face?

I found myself constantly thinking about him over and over again. He was always on my mind. I couldn't stop thinking about him missing his strong arms wrapped around me. His warm touch, and sweet kisses. It made me think does he ever think about me? Maybe he doesn't feel the same way I do at all? It kind of worried me, but I had confidence that he liked me. If I ever thought he didn't I just thought of the night he rescued me from those terrible men.

Five months passed since I last saw Harry. I missed him so much. At times I just wanted to fly out wherever he was that day to see him. Thought I knew there was no possible way that I could do that. There was times where I wanted to so bad. His birthday was coming up and I was hoping I would be able to be with him, but it didn't look like that would happen either. His birthday was February 1st and mine was February 6th, and was hoping to spend our birthdays together. I didn't want to mention that to Harry cause it would only make him feel bad, and I didn't want him to get distracted from his work. Plus I didn't want him to feel obligated to come see me.

It was a day before my birthday and I was trying to just get in my head that it wasn't his fault he couldn't be here, and if he could be here he would. I face timed him at 12:00 a.m. February 1st and wished him a happy birthday, and he did the same on my birthday. I looked at my phone and saw that Harry was trying to face time me. I seeing that just made my birthday already better.

"Hey!" "Happy Birthday Babe!" I giggled. "Thanks, Harry." "So what are you up to?" I asked. "Nothing really." he replied. "Harry what's that noise?" He smiled. "Oh just a few fans," I saw that he ran out of the room he was in. The noise got louder and the lights got brighter. Then I realized he was on stage. "Harry are in the middle of a concert?" "Maybe." He laughed. "Okay guys lets all sing Happy Birthday to the Love of my Life." He paused and looked into the phone he was holding. "I Love you so much, April Jones." They all started to sing and I couldn't help but cry. I had the best boyfriend in the world, and when It finally clicked that he told me he loved me I started to cry even harder. When they were done singing he looked back at the phone. "You are amazing April, and I hope you have a great birthday!" "Night Babe." He said trying to talk over the noise. I knew he couldn't hear me at this point. So I mouthed "I Love You too!" He smiled and the called ended.

I didn't really sleep that night. I kept replaying the words "The Love of My Life" in my head over and over again. I just felt so happy and absolutely nothing could ruin it. To think that 6 months ago I wasn't even sure if I wanted to go out with him, and now look at us. I really loved him and was so glad that I did go out with Harry.

The next few days I kind of just felt completely love struck and Madeline used that as a great opportunity to laugh at me. It was hard for me to concentrate on anything with Harry constantly on my mind. It's not that I didn't like thinking about him, but with it being my senior year. I really needed to make sure I was focused.

About two days after my birthday. Me and my mom heard on the news "Harry Styles face times his girlfriend in the middle of his huge concert in Australia just so he can sing Happy Birthday to her."  I was totally shocked. They found out my name and said it on live TV. Me and Harry kept it really quiet until now. No one knew except my mom and the boys. But now the whole world knew.

I got many calls and texts from just about anyone who had my number or even could somehow get it. With the next day I saw a magazine with a picture of harry and it read "Harry Styles and Mystery girl." My mom came home from work with three magazines with the cover being about me and Harry. They didn't have any pictures of me and Harry yet. Since we haven't seen each other in months, but they were sure trying to find out anything they could.

I went to school that Monday being ambushed with questions and people trying to take a picture of me. Suddenly everyone wanted to be my best friend, but if they weren't my friend before I was not going to let fame change that.

After the last class of the day I went to my locker, and found that someone graffitied  my locker with things like Harry deserves better and many other things. Madeline told me just to ignore it. "They are just jealous." She said trying to brighten the mood a little. After school me and Madeline decided to go back to my house to try to escape some of the craziness.

"I can't believe your famous." Madeline said looking through one of the magazine articles of me and Harry. "It's not like I'm a celebrity or anything." I said laughing at her remark. "No, you just date one!" "Well, I see as a lot more than just a celebrity." I said looking back down at the magazine. "Of course you do!" "He confessed his love to you in front of the whole world!" She said hitting me on the arm. I couldn't help but laugh. "Yeah, well I did not expect him to do that." "So do you love him back?"

I looked down at the magazine. This was all a little overwhelming. I could not believe that I'm fall in love a huge pop star! Getting a lot of publicity and being attacked by the people who have never noticed before. After processing the question Madeline just asked me I realized I've never really talked to her about my relationship at all. I guess I'm the kind of person who just keeps it bundled in." "Yes, I really do Love him." I replied with a smile. "Madeline, Harry is the only guy I have ever felt so sure about." Which I know she understood.

Every relationship I ever had I never knew how I felt about them. It's not like they were terrible people or anything. I just never knew what to think about them, and Madeline knew I was like that. "So what makes you so sure about him?" She asked looking up at me. "Well, he gets me." "He's is really sweet and gentle and everything I have ever wanted in a guy." I paused pulling me knees up to my chest. "I can't stop thinking about him. About our first kiss. The way he enjoys life." I paused and just smiled. She giggled. At me just sitting there love struck. We sat their talking for hours about everything. She tried to understand how I was feeling and why Harry was so different from any of the other guys I dated. Within just one week my world completely changed. From just a regular little relationship. To a strong love that seemed to just keep growing.

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