April Jones was just a regular highschooler when she met Harry Styles but, within time she ended loving him more than she ever imagined. She looked past the fact that he was famous and focused on the kind hearted man that she loved. But will the fame and struggles tear them apart? And More importantly will their love be Endless?


1. Dreams Do Come true...

I Could not believe it. I was finally going to a One Direction Concert. After months of saving my money. I finally could buy tickets. I waited until twelve o’clock that night when their was going to be a special sale on front row tickets. When I bought them they were just enough for me to afford and with my surprise they were having a two for one sale. So I had an extra ticket. And of course I was I bringing my Best Friend Madeline.


“April!” My mother called. “Your going to be late for school!” “Coming,” I replied. I grabbed my books and my bag and ran down stairs. “Good morning!” my mom said standing in the kitchen with her regular morning coffee. “Morning.” “Are you going to eat anything?” “I’ll just grab a breakfast bar.” I said reaching into the cabinet. “So when are you going to that Direction concert?” “Friday.” “How did you get tickets with it being so close to the time of the concert?” My mom asked. “They had a special deal on ticket master late last night,” I replied.

“Well I better leave for school.” I hugged my mom goodbye and headed for school. I couldn’t wait to see Madeline and tell her the good news. When I got at school I went straight to my locker and then found Madeline. “Hey April.” Madeline said walking over to me. “Hey, you’ll never guess what happened last night!” “What?” She said widening her eyes. “Well I bought One Direction tickets!” “What!!!” “That’s Awesome!” She yelled. “Wanna know what’s going to make even better?” “Okay, Whats that?” “I’m taking you with me!” “Are you serious!?” “Of course I am!” I laughed. “It’s Friday at seven o’clock.” “Okay!” “Sounds Great!” She replied.

That Friday could not come soon enough. I was soo excited. I had to try to control myself from being a little too hyper. I have always been a huge fan of One Direction, and I love them all, but especially Harry. His green eyes and muscular body made him a total chick magnet, and of course his angelic like voice just made all the girls completely melt. Madeline on the other hand was a complete Zayn girl, and was convinced that if she ever met him he would fall madly in love with her. Zayn is a very attractive man, and I totally agree with her on that, and his voice is soo amazing it gives you shivers. So I can see why she adores him so much.

At about four thirty I went and picked Madeline up. It was an hours drive to the concert and we wanted to get their early to find our seats without any problems. When we got their it took a while to get inside. I guess everyone wanted to be early. We found our seats pretty easily and was shocked how amazing our seats were. First was their opening act 5seconds of Summer. They were really good but, I was more of a One Direction fan.

When One Direction finally came out they opened with “What Makes You Beautiful.” Me and Madeline screamed and sang a long the whole time. After the opening song they introduced themselves and acted like their normal selves. Well for them it was normal but, to us their just five crazy guys who half the time don’t know what on earth their doing. The next song they sang was their new single “Best Song Ever.” They were soo much fun to watch and quite entertaining. When Harry came over to where we were standing we both reached out our hands with a hope he would touch them. He came over and held my hand. It was a dream come true. I actually made eye contact with Harry styles.

About 45 minutes into the concert Madeline finally got to touch Zayn. It was the moment she was waiting for the whole concert, and she finally got it. I couldn’t help but laugh at the way she acted after she finally let go of his hand. At first I thought they were gonna have to get Paul to pry her off of his arm, but she eventually did let go.

The concert was everything I thought it would be. It was soo much fun until these crazy annoying guys behind us started shoving me into the stage. After the one guys did a few times I turned around and told them to stop but, they just got mad and did it harder. At this point it really hurt my back and stomach. It was hard to even enjoy the concert with them shoving and pushing me all the time. After a few minutes Madeline got mad and told them off. It seemed to work for a while. So we started to sing along to the current song they were singing “One Way or Another.” When they finished that song I felt a hand grab my butt, and I immediately turned around and slapped him. The other guy started laughing, but the one I slapped didn’t see it very humorously. He yelled something at me that I couldn’t quite make out and then punched me right in the eye. I fell and hit my head on the stage and I heard Madeline scream.

After I fell I completely blacked out. The only thing I remembered after that was someone picking me up and wrapping me in their arms. I woke up on a coach and a pack of ice on my eye. Madeline was sitting beside me. “Oh my head,” I said with a moan. “You hit it when you fell,” Madeline replied. “Who took me back here?” Madeline looked over and smiled. “What?” I said giving her weird look. “Well, Harry Styles saw the whole thing and when that guy hit you. He jumped off the stage and punched the guy in the face and yelled, Is it that how you treat all woman? Then he picked you up and took you into this room.” “It was soo sweet April!” “The way he held you in his arms it seemed like he didn’t want to let you go.” I blushed. “I can’t believe he did that.” I said starting to blush. “He was quite a hero.” Madeline said smiling.

“So what are we suppost to do now?” “Well he said he would come back after the concert.” “And if it isn’t over now it should be over soon.” “Okay.” I said nodding my head. Within the next ten minutes Harry and Zayn walked into the room. "How are you feeling Love?" Harry said sitting next to me on the couch. I looked up to answer him and couldn't help but melt. I tried to say something but nothing seemed to come out. My stomach just filled with butterflies. "Better, Thanks to you." I said finally replying to his question. "It was nothing, those guys were just being idiots and no one should be treated like that."

After a slight pause he said, "Oh, I never caught your name!" "It's April, and this is Madeline." I replied "It's nice to meet you." he said giving me a little smirk. "Well you should probably go see the doctor about the cut on your head." he said looking at the lump on my the side on my head. "It's possible you have a concussion." "I think I'll be okay." I said trying to stand up. Which didn't work out to well and ended up falling. Harry reached out and caught me before I could hit the ground. "We're taking you to the hospital!" Madeline said helping me up. I finally agreed and Harry  lead me and Madeline to his car.

It took us a few minutes to get to the hospital and we didn't have to wait long at all for them to treat me. It probably helped that Harry was famous and everyone wanted to please the good looking guy from the biggest band in the World. After they took a few tests and bandaged me all up they told me I didn't have a concussion but both my swollen eye and head will be sore for a while, and that I need to try to keep the swelling down. After about an hour Harry took us back to where my car was parked. Madeline got out and walked over to my car. After we all got out of the car we thought it was best if we headed home since it was getting really late.

"Thanks Harry, I don't know why you did any of this. but, I really appreciate it." I said looking over and into his green eyes. "It's nothing really." he replied smiling over at me. "Well, it means a lot." I said looking down at my shoes. "I don't know how I could ever repay you." "Then don't let this be the last time I see you." he said looking deep into my eyes. "What do you mean?" I said giving him a suspicious grin. "Um, well would you want to go out sometime?" "Well, I don't really know you." I said looking back down at my shoes. "Then let me get to know you." "I'm going to be in the area for a few days." "Well, I'll consider it." I said nodding my head. "Okay, I can respect that." he said giving me a slight smile.

I got into the car and he handed me a piece of paper through the window. "If you change your mind let me know." "I will." I said giving him a smile. We drove off after we all said our goodbyes. Madeline drove since my head hurt and I was quite tired from all the events of the night.

I couldn't believe how my night so rapidly changed from dancing in the crowd to hanging out with Harry Styles. (Even if it wasn't under the best circumstances.)  The question I could Not stop asking myself was "Did Harry Styles just ask me out?" It seemed unrealistic, that a girl like me from a little town just got asked out by a guy in the Biggest boy band in the world!


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