One last chance

It is late on Sunday night. You and your boyfriend Liam are watching some good old Disney Movies. When you are on your way home you see a light at the left of you. You turn your head around and see a car come at you in a very VERY fast speed! And then it all just turn black.


3. Why?


     *Liams dialogue*

I couldn't Believe what I just Heard.

"In a coma? How can she be in a coma? I know my Beautiful (Y/N),she is a fighter, a hero and now you say she is in a coma!" I yelled at the doctor.

" I know it is much to take in, but we Think she will survive. All you need to do is be here and talk to her. And don't be afraid to sing for her or read her a story." The doctor said to me.

"Okay. But can I see her now?" I asked with tears down my face.

" Yes. Come with me." The doctor said.

I followed him to a room at the end of the hospital. I saw her laying there so wounded but still Beautiful and gorgeus. I walked up to her sat down on a chair next to the bed. I took her hand and held it.

" Hi pretty face." I said.

" It is me Liam. I hope you can hear me." I said.

" How could this happen to you? If I just said you could go back early in the morning instead. None of us would be here." I started to cry.

" I tweeted a few minutes ago. I tweeted like this: Sitting in the hospital :'( My Beautiful @(Y/N)_loves1D was in a car accident :'(. Thought you wanted to know. And some really sweet fans hoped you the best of luck. (Y/N) please Wake up. Please come back to me. I need you." I said as my phone rang.

" Hello?" I said

" Hi Liam it´s Zayn." Zayn said.

" Hi Zayn."

" I Heard about (Y/N) and I am really sorry. How is she?" Zayn said. I could hear that he is Crying.

" She is in a coma."

" I can't Believe it. Did you ask her to marry you?"

" Yes. And she said yes. But then she had to go and when I was on my way to the kitchen I got a phonecall saying she was in the hospital."

" Me and the boys are on our way. We will be there in a second or two." Zayn said.

" Okay. Call me when you are outside the hospital." I told Zayn.

" I will. Bye Liam."

" Bye Zayn."

When I hang up the phone I Went back to talk to (Y/N) about some stuff we did last summer.

My phone rang and I saw that it was Zayn. I answered it and he said that they were in the hospital now. I got to the reception and saw the boys. They were all Crying.

The boys said that they were so sorry and we Went to see her. I said to the boys that I thought it wasn't a accident and they believed me.

*3 hours later*

My phone rang and I picked it up.

" Hello?" I said.

" Hi is this Liam Payne?" A voice said.

" Yes it is. Who is this?" I answered.

" This is the one who made the accident."

" WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT IS YOUR NAME?!" I yelled into the phone.

" It is me Liam. Don't you remember my voice?" The girl said.

" No I don't. Now tell me who the fuck you are!" I yelled.

" It is me Liam. Sopiah."

" Why did you do this to me?"

" I could see you weren't very happy with her. I knew and still know that you were happier with me. So I tried to get rid of her. So we can be together again and you can be happy."

" I wasn't happy when I was together with you. I am happy with (Y/N) and Before the accident I asked her to marry me and she said yes. If I weren't happy with her I wouldn't have asked her to marry me right?!" I yelled.

" YOU DID WHAT?! You Little lying bitch! I will make sure that you will lay in that hospital aswell!" She said.

I hanged up the phone and tried to get my mind of her. I couldn't Believe it.



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