One last chance

It is late on Sunday night. You and your boyfriend Liam are watching some good old Disney Movies. When you are on your way home you see a light at the left of you. You turn your head around and see a car come at you in a very VERY fast speed! And then it all just turn black.


2. That sad moment

Thank you for all of the nice comments on my last chapter. I just wanted to inform you guys that I will put up one chapter every single day :) and if I miss to upload I will upload 2 chapters on the same day :) Kisses from Nellie :) P.S. I will put a name on the (Y/N) but dont know wich name yet. Please write in the comments your name and I will select one name :) I am pretty sure that I can add some more of you guys names in my story in the future.

*Liams dialogue*

I ran inside of the hospital. I was out of breath but I didn´t care.

" Where is (Y/N)?!" I asked very loud when I got to the desk.

" You most be Liam Payne, I guess." Some old lady said to me.

" Yes, I am. But where the hell is (Y/N)?!" I was getting upset.

" She isn´t out of surgery yet. But you can sit down in the waiting room."

" Fine, fine. Just tell me when she is out. Please." I said with tears forming in my Eyes.

She said she would. I sat down on one of the chairs. I started thinking to mysellf.

"Who could have done something as terrible as this? Who would want to hurt her?" I then remembered my fans ( those who dont like when the boys get girlfriends. I dont know if we directioners can call them fans. But anyway.) There were alot of fans who didnt like (Y/N). I Went on twitter and wrote: Sitting in the hospital :'( My Beautiful @(Y/N)_loves1D was in a car accident :'(. I looked up from my phone and looked if the doctors had come out with my Beautiful (Y/N) yet, but no sign of the doctors. I got back on Twitter and saw some nice comments on my tweet. Some of them Went: I hope she will get better. What happened?! She is so Beautiful she doesn´t deserve this. But there was one that caught my Eye: I hope she dies! She deserves it so much! I don´t understand how you can be with that slut. I felt anger and sadness.

" Liam Payne?" An old man said.

" Yes." I said as I got up and walked over to him.

" (Y/N) is out from surgery now. We did as much we could, but she is in very bad condition."

" Can I see her?" I asked as I felt more tears drop on my cheeks.

" Liam, I am very sorry to say this but she is in a coma." The doctor said.

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