One last chance

It is late on Sunday night. You and your boyfriend Liam are watching some good old Disney Movies. When you are on your way home you see a light at the left of you. You turn your head around and see a car come at you in a very VERY fast speed! And then it all just turn black.


7. omg

* Liams dialogue* " Baby shh it is alright." I said as I held Samantha against my chest. " You too stay here. I will go and tell her to leave." Niall said.

" Thanks man." I said.

* Nialls dialogue*

I started to walk towards the door. I saw a girl standing there with a gun in her hand. 

I opened the door and she turned around and I saw that she was angry.

" Sopiah." I started to say but she interrupted me. 

" Just shut up and tell me where Liam and Samantha is!" She shouted. 

" I am not going to tell where they are. I just wanted to tell you to leave this place right now! You are ruining the wedding!" I shouted back. 

" Fuck you Niall! I aren't going anywhere until I have killed that bitch who stole my man from me!"

" She didn't steal him! You cheated on him with one of your old boyfriends! He is happier now then he ever was with you! You have to understand that!" I shouted. 

" You just crossed the line! He was happier with me then with that little slut!" 

" That is it! She is not a slut you are! She is not a bitch you are!" I shouted as I jumped on her and battled the gun out of her hand.

* Samanthas dialogue*

Niall had been gone for over a hour now. I was getting a bit worried. 

" Liam. Where is Niall? He has been gone a long while now." I said with a worried voice. 

" He will be right back. You just need to calm down." Liam said as I heard the door open. 

I looked over at the door and there Niall stood with someone laying in his arms. 

" Samantha stay here." Liam said as he started to walk over to Niall.

* Liams dialogue*

" Niall who is that?" I said as I got to him.

" It is Sopiah. She shot herself in the head. And I couldn't do anything. The last thing she said to me was that she wanted you to know that Samantha is a slut." Niall said with anger in his voice. 

I couldn't believe Sopiah was dead. I was sad but I was still happy. 

* 3 years later* 

* Liams dialogue*

I can't believe it has been 3 years since Sopiah died. But I haven't thought about her a bit. 

" Dad are you coming?" My son Jayden said to me. 

" Yeah son I am coming." I said as I walked over to him and lifted him up and went over to my car. 

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