One last chance

It is late on Sunday night. You and your boyfriend Liam are watching some good old Disney Movies. When you are on your way home you see a light at the left of you. You turn your head around and see a car come at you in a very VERY fast speed! And then it all just turn black.


4. Happiness

*Liams dialogue*

I woke up around 7:00. I looked at the bed were my Beautiful (Y/N) lays. But she wasn't there. I got worried because I remembered the call I had with Sopiah yesterday.

" Nurse!" I shouted. A nurse came running in and asked what the problem was.

" (Y/N) isn't there." I said as I pointed at the bed.

" Oh didn't we Wake you up? She is in surgery."

" What? But the doctor said she was fine. Why is she in a surgery?" I asked slowly starting to panic.

" She Went a Little bad in the night. But she will be fine." The nurse said back.

" Okay. I will go and grab something to eat." I said.

When I had eaten I Went back to the room. I said down on the chair and picked up my phone and dialed Nialls number.

" Hello?" Niall said.

" Hi Niall it is Liam." I answered.

" Hi Liam. How are you?"

" I am good. But (Y/N) is in surgery."

" Oh my. Why?"

" She Went bad in the night but the nurse said she will be fine."

" Well it is good she will be fine."

" Yes it is. I know who hit her with the car. She called me yesterday."

" Who?!"

" Remember Sopiah?"

" Yeah, that crazy ass bitch you were dating a couple years back."

" It was her."

" WHAT?! I am going to make her pay."

" Okay."

" Ehm Liam I need to go. I have an date."

" Ohh Nialler is in lööve!"

" Fuck you Liam. Anyways bye!"

" Hehe bye Niall."

We hung up and I Went back to sleep.

* 2 hours later*

I woke up and saw that (Y/N) was back. I took her hand in mine and started to talk to her.

" (Y/N) I love you." I said.

" I love you two Liam." Someone said.

I looked up and saw that she was awake. I stood up and leaned down and kissed her.

" You made me worry sick, you know that."

" Haha. But what can I say I can't leave when we are getting married right?" She said and kissed me.

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