One last chance

It is late on Sunday night. You and your boyfriend Liam are watching some good old Disney Movies. When you are on your way home you see a light at the left of you. You turn your head around and see a car come at you in a very VERY fast speed! And then it all just turn black.


5. Finaly

Hi guys! So I have looked at your comments and found some names. I just want to say thank you for all the nice comments! <3 So the name I have found are: Sara, Nadia, Samantha, Jadyn and Skylar. So I have been thinking and I have chosen the name. I am going to write the account and the name. So you can check out their channel aswell. The account is............................. SAMMIE UNAS! Congratulations to you :) and the name is............................. SAMANTHA!!!!!!!!! Put I am going to do more movellas so I am going to out those who didnt won in each one of those :)

*Samanthas dialogue* 

I woke up not knowing where I was. The last thing I remember is the car. I saw Liam holding my hand and talking to me. 

" I love you Samantha." Liam said.

" I love you two." I answered him.

I saw how he Went from scared to happy in 0,01 sec.

" You made me worry sick." Liam said.

" Haha, but what can I say. I can't leave when we are getting married right?" I said right Before I kissed him.

" Samantha I am soo happy right now. I can't imagine how my Life would be without you." Liam said as he started to cry a Little.

" Baby you don't need to cry. And Always remember I won't go anywhere." I answered him and kissed his tears away.

" Baby you need to sleep." Liam said.

" Yeah I need to sleep." I said as I closed my Eyes.

* Liams dialogue*

She looked so Beautiful as she sleeped.

I took up my phone and Went outside the room. I dialed Nialls number.

" Hello?" Niall said.

" Hi Niall. It is Liam." I answered.

" Hi Liam. Has she come out of surgery yet?"

" Yeah she has. Is the boys there with you?" I asked him.

" Yeah they are. Should I put on speakers?" He said.

" Yeah sure."

" Hi Liam." all the boys said.

" Hi guys. So I have some news for you. It is about Samantha."

" How is she?" Harry asked.

" She is awake!" I shouted.

" Bloody hell." Harry shouted.

" We are on our way!" Louis yelled.

We hang up the phone and I Went back to Samantha.

I saw that she was awake.

" Didn't I tell you to go to sleep?" I said.

" But I can't sleep without meeting the boys." She said.

I guess she Heard my conversation with the boys.

" Fine, fine. They are on their way."

" So what happened?"

" Well you were in a car accident. I got a call and you were in a surgery. You was in a coma but now you are awake." I said not wanting her to know about Sopiah.

" So who was it that did this?" She said.

" I don't want to tell you."I said.

" Liam James Payne I have been in a coma and asked you a question. You will answer my question!" She said.

" Fine, fine. It was Sopiah." I said seeing her facial expression change.

" Oh my god. I can't Believe it."

( Let´s skip to the part where the boys enter. )

" HELLO!!!!!!!!!!" Louis shouted.

" Hi boys. " I said looking at Samantha.

" Hi guys." She said and started to laugh.

" How are you?" They asked.

" I am fine. You?"

" We are all fine."

" Samantha." I said.

" Yeah Liam. What is it." She said.

" I wanna get married now."

" Oh my god! Yes! Lets get married in the hospital!" She shouted.


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