Love Doesnt Always Go Wrong...

Some people think love is hard to find, some think it doesn't exist, some don't want it and some just think it's a plain joke...So what's the big deal about love you ask? Well let me tell you in this will feel the power of love, the power of hate, the power of forgiveness and the power of losing the people you care about the most.


1. How it all started

       Well this is a story about a girl named Isabel. She is seventeen years old, she loves music, she hates bullies with every bone in her body, and she doesn't put up with people's crap. 


      She was walking down the street one day and she saw this guy, he looked about her age, long hair, blue eyes, black skinny jeans. He looked like your normal teenager but little did she know he wasn't. When she finished her walk she went home and went straight to her room. She isn't into all that family stuff, she spent most of her time in her room by herself. Her family wasn't your typical family they did all sorts of things they did drugs, they were alcoholics and everything, she didn't want to be apart of that and they did it almost everyday. She tried her best to avoid them and for the most part it worked.

     (This part may not be suitable for younger viewers). When she was little her dad use to come into her room all the time when she was trying to sleep and would climb into the bed with her. He would always take her hand and stick it down his pants and even though she tried to fight her way out of it she couldn't he was always a lot stronger then she was. Every night she would pray that he wouldn't come into her room but those prayers never worked. When she was fourteen he came into her room like he always did, but this time she knew something was gonna be different. She was right he didn't only climb in her bed, he rolled her over on her back and held her down to the bed.

    She couldn't move or anything. He forced himself on top of her and before she knew it he was forcing himself into her she didn't know what he was doing. As he was doing that he whispered into her ear "tell anyone and I will kill you understand". All she could do was shake her head while tears strolled down her face. He did this every night until she was sixteen. When she turned sixteen she started taking karate lessons so she could defend herself. One night when he walked into her room she was ready he did the same routine he always did. Then all of a sudden she threw a punch, she hit in square in the nose.

     Then she climbed out of bed and started beating the shit out of him and she didn't want to stop but she knew she had to. It took every strength in her body to get off of him. She had already beaten him till he was black and blue. When people found out they sent her to live with her mother. Which she wasn't to happy about, because well her mother was addicted to drugs she knew if she went to live their her mother wouldn't pay not one but of attention to her and she was right. That was well over a year ago and her mother doesn't care what she does to this day. When Isabel looked at the clock it was 10:00 and she knew it was time to go to bed because she had school in the morning and sure enough that's what she did. 

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