This story is going to be about a girl named Haley Beach who is innocent and she has never done anything bad and she has always gotten good grades has never been in a relationship and she has never done drugs or smoked cigarettes she has never drank alcohol either.. Then she met the harry styles out on a girls day with her best friend Tina DeMetsenare she would rather be called Nina though so read if you want to find out what happens


3. Moving day(:

            "Tina it's time to wake up so we can leave.." She groans and rolls over " I don't want to get up." I just roll my eyes "Come on we are moving today!!" That got her to jump right out of bed and do a happy dance. I just stand there laughing then i finally say "get dressed get the rest of the stuff in the car then we can go to breakfast then go find the apartment. Are you happy its in the middle of London?" She just shook her head then ran to the bathroom I just started laughing then went down to the car to put some more stuff in the back seat.

               I am at the car and then all the sudden I got attacked to the ground then I hear laughing and then I know that Nina attacked me. "Nina, what are you doing? Why are you on top of me?" She just starts laughing even harder. I finally get her off of me after what feels like forever then I say come on I want to get out of here before my mom or dad gets home. I don't want to know what that's going to lead to and honestly I don't want to find out. She nodded in agreement "alright off to breakfast where do you wanna go?" At the same time we both said "Mcdonald's" we start laughing then get in the car and pull out of the driveway just as my parents pull in. Me and Nina look at each other then I say "Good thing we didn't stay goofing off some more that would have been a close one." She just nodded then turned on the radio.

             We finally got to mcdonalds got our breakfast then sat down and ate it. The whole time I sat there thinking about my parents. Why do they have to hate me so much? I'm just glad we left right before they got there. That would not have ended well..I am just glad that I am finally away from them and have my best friend with me to live in London together. Hopefully something good happens while we are here and hopefully my parents don't randomly show up and ruin it for me.....after all I am 18 they can't make me come home even if they tried.

             We finished our breakfast now we are on our way to the new house. "Are you excited Nina?" she looks at me and smile "yes I am very excited how did you manage to get a big house in the middle of London?" I look at her and laugh a little bit "let's just say I have my ways."

~Skips the rest of the ride.~ 

               We pull up to the house and both of our jaws drop. I look at the Nina the same time she looks and me and smiles spread across our faces. We jump out of the car and get everything into the house and we unpack everything. The place came with furniture so once we finished we sat down on some chairs and looked around then I got to thinking and looked at Nina. "Hey wanna have a girls day since its only 11:30 and we have nothing else to do?"  She just nods her head and we go to our rooms to get ready.

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