This story is going to be about a girl named Haley Beach who is innocent and she has never done anything bad and she has always gotten good grades has never been in a relationship and she has never done drugs or smoked cigarettes she has never drank alcohol either.. Then she met the harry styles out on a girls day with her best friend Tina DeMetsenare she would rather be called Nina though so read if you want to find out what happens


2. Job Searching!!

             Today is the day that I have to go job searching because my parents said that now that i'm sixteen that I need to get a job because according to them I am an adult now and I need to start living on my own but whatever. It's kind of stupid but hey as long as it gets me away from them it really does not bother me to be living on my own I will have alone time and actually get to do the things I want without them being on my case about everything.

              So now I am walking down the streets of London looking for any help wanted signs. If you are wondering no I don't live in London i moved here about a year ago for my step fathers job I did not like the idea of moving to London because I would have to leave the only friend I had.....but fortunately my mom and step dad allowed her to move in with me right now she is at her job right now she works at the Lucky Seven Diner she is the owner and she is also the chef...every time I stop by she always gives me food and takes it out of her check because she knows my parents rarely ever give me food.

             Finally after what felt like forever I finally spotted a help wanted sign in the window at nando's so I walked in and flinched as the bell on the door rang I have always had sensitive ears so the slightest thing hurts my ears. I walk up to the cash register and a pretty girl was standing there and she saw me and said "Hello welcome to Nando's, my name is Gemma, how may I help you today?" I looked at her then replied "Uhhh...Yeah I was wondering if there is any possible way I could fill out an application to get a job here?" she nodded her head then said "Yeah hold on while I go get my manager." I just nodded my head and with that she walked off so I just patiently waited until someone come out here to give me any hope of getting a job.

            ~Skips filling out the application~

            The manager came back and said "congratulations you got the job! When do you want to start?" I got this excited look on my face and said "How about Monday?" He told me that was alright so now I have two days until I start my new job that was easier than expected now I can start looking for somewhere to live for cheap until I can get more money and Tina will probably help with rent and stuff and I mainly want to get a house just to get away from my parents. This is great!

         Finally after so long of house hunting i finally found a house it's nice and theres enough room for anyone to live there now all i have to do is get tina's intake on the house and its kind if awesome since our jobs are right next door from each other and the house is right around the corner. Now i have to walk back to tina's work since she should be off in a little to show her the house that i bought.

           "Hey babe guess what i found a job and bought a house and my job is right next door and the house is right around that corner. Your welcome" she got the widest smile on her face and said "Oh my gosh Haley that's great i love you now we finally get to get out of your parent's house but for now lets just go there sleep and then in the morning we will pack up and leave yeah?" I just nodded my head and that's what we did we went home and went to sleep because face it there's a long day ahead of us tomorrow.


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