Taken *Complete*

*Complete* Nemi (Or should I say Quinn) Is a girl who has gone through a lot these 15 years of life... Why not add a kidnapping on top of that? During gym she see's a strange man watching her... Soon he gets a hold of her. Will she ever get away from him?


5. The Finding...

I've never seen a man so scared... He was scared out of his wits. I lean against a wall and I wait for Jesse to come back in.

She had left to see something. She refused to tell me exactly what it was but she said it was urgent. I bite my cheek in fear.

Any second Kurt could come in here and kill me. It would be easy. I'm an easy target. I'm small, I'm weak, and most of all I'm starving.

I soon feel blood drip into my mouth.

My cheek started bleeding. Dang it...

Nate was really scared... I didn't understand why though, aren't they on the same side. I think.

I see Jesse running in really fast.

"I found it! This maybe what will help us get out! Come on!" She yells.

"Should you be yelling this?" I ask.

"He's not here! Let's go!" She yells. She grabs my hand and we run down the dark tunnel. She gets a match and lights it.

"You see that room?" She says pointing to a door.

"Yeah.. What about it?"

She runs in and I follow.

A normal bedroom. A bed, a dresser, and two windows. But the windows are thick, really really thick.

"How is this helpful?" I ask.

"I remember you saying there was doors when you had that romantic moment with Nate." She starts.

"That wasn't roman-"

"Then I thought, doors have to lead somewhere! So I walked down here every night after you fell asleep. Soon I found the doors you were talking about. Most were just storage spaces with weapons and things. Then I found this bedroom... Nate's bedroom." She says.

"Oh my gosh..." I mumble.

"Now I know you and him have something going on but we have to go through his stuff. Unless you think he'll think you're the crazy type of girlfriend." She says.

"Nothing is going on between Nate and I! I'm getting sick of you saying t-" I stop. The window caught my eye. I slowly walk to it.

I place my hand on the cold glass.

"It's nighttime..." I mumble.

"Yeah so what?" Jesse says searching through his room, "By the way, he's a boxer guy." She says.

"We can't leave at nighttime!" I yell.

"Why are you scared of the dark?" She asks.

"We're in the middle of nowhere, it's freezing cold, animals are out looking for weak prey." I say, "And no one is outside!" I yell.

"I guess you're right..." She mumbles. She storms out.

I sit down on his bed.

I hear the door slam open. Followed by yelling.

"I don't know where she is!" Jesse yells.

Then I hear her scream.

"No! Please don't!" She screams.

I cover my ears. I hear the door shut.

Then Nate slams open his door. He had some blood on him.

"What are you doing?" He asks me.

A bolt of fear runs down my spine.

This is just a dream... Please be...

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