Taken *Complete*

*Complete* Nemi (Or should I say Quinn) Is a girl who has gone through a lot these 15 years of life... Why not add a kidnapping on top of that? During gym she see's a strange man watching her... Soon he gets a hold of her. Will she ever get away from him?


4. I'm so hungry...

I wake up, I'm so hungry.

"Jesse... I'm dying of hungry." I mumble.

"It's only been a week. You've had water." She mumbles under her breath.

"But I'm sooo hungry." I complain.

"Stop." She mumbles.

"Buuutttt I'm sooooooo hungerrryyy!" I wine. I grab my stomach and I start rolling on the ground moaning.

She stands up and she sits on me and pins my arms down.

"I swear to God, do not ever do that again. Or I will strangle you." She mumbles, "You understand?" She asks. I nod in fear.

I hear footsteps.

"Nate." I whisper. I see Nate come in dragging a girl by her hair.

"Kurt!" Nate yells.

I see the kidnapper come out.

"Do we need mor-" He starts to say.

"Yes. You're an idiot we need ten! Six girls, four boys! We only have three girls and we've got one boy!" Kurt, I guess his name is, says.

Nate nods.

"Okay... So sorry sir..." He whispers.

Then Nate slowly walks out in fear...

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