Taken *Complete*

*Complete* Nemi (Or should I say Quinn) Is a girl who has gone through a lot these 15 years of life... Why not add a kidnapping on top of that? During gym she see's a strange man watching her... Soon he gets a hold of her. Will she ever get away from him?


8. I Can't Stand This

I wake up...

I have a big gash in my stomach and blood is filled in my mouth.

I throw up more blood.

I know I'll be dying soon. I have to learn to accept that.

Kurt walks out of the kitchen and into the middle of the living room where he had stabbed me. He hadn't moved me, he hadn't given me stitches, nothing. He had left me there to die.

"Hey there Quinn." He says sitting next to me.

"I hate you..." I mumble.

"Well you should know better than to try and run away hun." He says.

I slowly start to fade out again but he shakes me awake.

"You've already been in and out five times, another time and I'm sure you'll be dead. And you can't die... I need you."

"What messed up game are you playing?" I mumbling coughing up a bit more blood.

"Sick messed up games are the only games I play sweetie." He mumbles. He gives me a glass of water.

"Don't call me sweetie, or hun." I mumble pushing the water away.

"Drink it." He demands.

"No." I say.

He pins down my arms and pours the water in my mouth and rubs my neck making me swallow.

I start to cough, but there was no blood.

"It's called water, it'll help you." He mumbles.

"Shut up..." I mumble.

He grabs medical supply and grabs a needle and medical thread.

He lifts up my shirt to see the cut and he pierces my skin with the needle and stitches up my cut.

I bite my cheek in pain.

A tear falls.

"Don't cry." He mumbles throwing the medical box across the room.

I try to hold back the tears but they just fall.

He rolls his bright green eyes.

"Get up and eat." He mumbles.

I stand up and I walk over to the table and I sit down.

"Linda, Harold, Beth, and Nate! I made food!" Kurt yells.

I see Linda and Nate come out. But there was two new people, Beth and Harold. I've never seen them before.

They sit down in fear. The girl, Beth, had blood all over her chin and Harold had blood on his eye and a tooth missing.

I've noticed that they do exactly everything Kurt says. Nate was even afraid.

What was wrong with this fucked up man?

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