Taken *Complete*

*Complete* Nemi (Or should I say Quinn) Is a girl who has gone through a lot these 15 years of life... Why not add a kidnapping on top of that? During gym she see's a strange man watching her... Soon he gets a hold of her. Will she ever get away from him?


11. Fear

I have splinters all over.

They didn't even like put me in a nice casket like you see now... No it was like those old wooden ones with chipping wood.

They've been driving for hours and I'm really bored. I'm not even scared anymore I'm just bored.

I pull a splinter out of my skin, blood flows from the whole in my flesh.

I don't even mind, I'm so hungry.

The car stops and I hear doors open and shut.

I feel the casket they laid me in lift up in the air.

I was scared again and my heart races.

"Is she in there?" I hear a woman say.

"Depends, how much money do you have for the girl?" I hear a man say.

"3.2K. Is that enough?" Another woman's voice asks

"Yeah." The same man says.

"Great." The first woman says.

What are they talking about? Did they sell me?

I seemed to be dropped into a wagon of some sort. I seemed to hear the squealing of old wheels while I seemed to move.

I notice that when the dropped me my arm scratched against the wooden casket and I was bleeding badly.

I started to struggle.

Somehow I got the rag out of my mouth.

"Help!" I scream.

I see blood slipping through the cracks and I'm sure they're slipping onto the ground.

I was dropped on the ground. My face slapped against the ground and I break my nose.

They open the casket.

Two woman, both with masks like the ones "Anonymous", the group of hackers, wear.

But I could see their hair. One with brown hair another with black.

"Our boss will be very happy to see you." The one with black hair says.

"What's going on?" I ask.

They laugh creepy laughs.

"We're doing our job." The one with the brown hair says while the one with black hair picks me up by my hair.

I start to scream.

She shoves the rag back into my mouth.

She grabs my nose and jerks it to the right positioning it into it's normal position.

The girl with brown hair tells the girl with black hair to drop me.

She did so.

I'm bleeding all over.

The girl with brown hair bends down and grabs one of my hands and also a handful of hair, so does the girl with black hair.

I get dragged into the building nearby.

I get picked up by another person wearing one of those creepy masks that were in The Purge.

I shaking in fear.

"Shh." The person holding me says.

The person slowly removes the rag out of my mouth.

"Why am I here?" I ask crying.

"Mel told us you were too hard." The person says, it was a man.

"What are you going to do to me?" I ask.

"Do you really want me to answer that?" He asks.

He was right... I didn't really want an answer. I'm horribly terrified what that answer will be. Beat me? Slowly feed me little by little to a starving animal? Even worse... Just kill me on the spot.

I had to behave for this guy, more than I behaved for Kurt, or I guess Mel.

I shake my head yes still to answer his question.

Curiosity filled me so fast. I needed to know.

"Well..." He starts, "First..." Then he gave gruesome detail about what he'd do including beating, rape, ripping my hair out, and possibly starvation. But those are the only things I could bare to hear. The other ones just... I just tuned them out it hurt too much.

I look at him afraid.

"See I told you, you wouldn't want the answer." He said.

He grabbed my hand and walked with me into a dark room.

In there I was beaten, raped, kicked, and insulted.

God end this now... Please.

I've never been a fan of religion but right now, I was praying. I was praying and praying that God would get me out of this place... I didn't want this anymore.

I kept praying and praying.

Until I was thrown on the ground.

I look up about an hour later because I heard footsteps.

"Quinn?" I hear a voice say.

My vision is ruined beyond repair.

But I'd be able to tell this voice from anyone's.

"Nate?" I whisper.

He picks me up and kisses me.

"I'm scared..." I whisper.

"I know..." He whispers, "But I'm here now... I'll do anything to keep you safe."

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