Taken *Complete*

*Complete* Nemi (Or should I say Quinn) Is a girl who has gone through a lot these 15 years of life... Why not add a kidnapping on top of that? During gym she see's a strange man watching her... Soon he gets a hold of her. Will she ever get away from him?


13. Blake

Ten people were kidnapped.

Six girls and four boys.

I remember from the first month I was taken Kurt saying something about needing ten people, six girls and four boys.

Mel tells us it was ritual. Once they had that many, she'd kill Kurt so he couldn't speak to the police. She was to kill us, shave our heads, burn our hair, then drain all of our blood and drink it... This girl is crazy! She was going to burn our hair and drink our blood! She was to cut up the bodies and feed them to her first born.. Jenny.

This crazy girl had kids and she was planning on involving them in this crazy ritual that they had no idea about. Her daughter would've ate people unknowingly.

She's classified as sane... Really? Sane?

She's classified sane because it's her religious beliefs if she does this the devil, her god, will accept her.

She's found guilty. I like that. I agree.

I come home. I lay down on my couch. I start to fall asleep when I hear the door creek open. Someone grabs my arm.

My eyes shoot open to see it's only Blake.

Tears fall when I see him,

"Blake?" I whisper.

He hugs me tight.

"Yes... You're okay. That awful lady is gone." I hug him crying.

"I'm so happy to see you." I whisper.

"That's why I don't wanna have to be the one to say this..." He mumbles.

"What?" I ask worried.

"It's Jackson," he starts, "He went to Army..." His voice fades.

"No..." I whisper.

"He's dead Nemi." He says.

"No, he can't be dead. I just got here, he can't be gone!" I scream crying.

"He's gone I'm sorry." He starts to cry too.

He hugs me while I continue saying "No he can't be dead." Over and over again.

I hear my phone go off, I had left it in my room when I got kidnapped I just got it back.

"It's Collin..." I mumble.

"Maybe you should take it..." He mumbles.

"But I'm talking to you." I say.

"Yeah but we all know your feelings towards him." Blake says.

I stare into his eyes, then I kiss him.

"I love you Blake." I whisper after I stop kissing him.

He chuckles in shock.

"Wow, you've become more brave." He says.

"Wait, I'm sorry, you've got a girlfriend... I shouldn't have had done that." I mumble.

He then kisses me, "I broke up with her the second I found out you were still alive."

"You know, I had a boyfriend while I was kidnapped?" I ask.

"Yeah. Nate. He died for you... I could never live up to that." He says.

"No, you can't. But, you would right?" I ask.

"Well, yeah bu-"

"Yeah... You would... That's all that matters." I say.

"God I missed you." He whispers.

We hug then.

We don't talk, we don't kiss, we just hug. Because that's all I need right now and he knows it.

Collin calls again, this time I pick up.

"Hello?" I ask.

"I just wanted to say sorry." It was a girl's voice.

"I'm sorry.. Who's this."

"Jessica. I'm sorry I shouldn't have teased you."

"Why are you on Collin's phone?"

"He's my stepbrother now. But that doesn't matter, I was mean to you for very mean reasons and I'm sorry."

"Well it's okay.. I have to go." I mumble.

"Okay, hey before you go... Could we possibly hang out?" She asks.

"Yeah sure."

"Okay bye." Then she hands up.

"Who was that?" Blake asks.

"Jessica, she was nice." I say.

"Because she came out of the closet, she's now not the most popular, she's more unpopular than you were." He says.

"Wow.." I mumble.

Then Blake grabs my hand and we walk outside.

I love outside now, I mean I'm terrified to go out alone, but it's like looking at it through new eyes.

It was beautiful, more beautiful than ever.

The End

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