Bloody Lust (Book Three To Bloody Love)

Welcome to the third book in the Bloody Love series,
Bloody Lust!!!!!!!!!
Cassie, Harry and the gang are back! Cassie couldn't ask for anything more. She has her sexy husband, her beautiful daughter and all her best friends right by her side. But with a rising evil presence causing trouble within their perfect world will Cassie and the gang be able to overcome all obstacles to bring back the peace and defeat this evil? Or have they finally met their match?
Only reading on will let you know.


6. Chapter 5

(Darcy's POV) 

(3 days later)

I took a deep breath and ran all the way to Alexander's house but Alexander wasn't there. Great, this is probably just some trick he's playing on me.

"Alex? Babe come on I don't feel like doing this."

Still no reply.

I searched the whole house but found no trace of him.

Where could he be?

As I head into the kitchen a piece of paper on the counter caught my attention.

Meet me in the backwoods of the house ;)


I smiled and took off towards the backwoods.

"Alex, baby you there?" I called out but got a moan in reply.

What the hell?

I ran deeper into the woods searching for him.

Suddenly I was stopped dead in my tracks.

Standing there was Alexander making out with another girl. 

"Damn you are soo better than my girl back at home." He moaned as she kissed his neck. I watched in complete utter horror as MY boyfriend allowed another girl to suck on his neck, and touch his body until she looked over his shoulder straight at me. Her eyes were a deep, alluring purple color that stood out in the darkness of the night, you could even see a spark of mischief within them. 

"YOU MOTHER FUCKER!" I screamed running in my vampire speed up to him and her, shoving them appart with enough force to make them both fall.

Alexander's face was filled with confusion for a split second before he finally put together who had caught him.

"Darcy! L-Listen I could explain, I-I-It's not what it looks like you see I was-




And with that I turned on my heel and took of out of the woods.

"Baby wait!" He called after me but ignored him, there's nothing he could say or do to make this any better. 

"Just leave her, she was just a whiny little vampire who's probably going to run home to her mommy and daddy. Besides you have me now."

The bitch said probably with a stupid ass smirk on her slutty ass face.

I kept running, running til I made it back to my home. I was crying hard.

To think I loved him and thought he was the one!

When I finally made it to my house, Michelle and Niall were sitting outside chatting untill they heard me walk up.

"Darcy, sweetie what's wrong? Why are you crying?" Michelle said as she stood up carefully and walked over to me pulling me into her warm embrace.

"C-c-can we get m-my mom first?"

"Of course we can sweetie, niall get cassie and the other girls for me while I take her to her room."

Niall nodded and was gone in a flash.

We ran all the way to my room where she sat me down and allowed me to cry on her shoulder.

In one whoosh my mom, dad and the girls were in my room looking very concerned.

Hell even Atlanta came.

"Darcy, baby what happened?" Mom asked in a concern tone and sat down next to me holding my hand gently.

"Alexander, ch-cheated on me, I watched him suck faces with another girl and tell her she was way better than me, it shattered my heart, I just couldn't take it mommy."

I sobbed even louder as she pulled me into a hug, comforting me.

"Shh, oh baby girl I'm so sorry he did this to you."

The rest of the girls joined in on comforting me.

Suddenly a growl could be heard from across the room making us all look up.

Dad had his fangs out and his eyes glowing bright red from anger.

"He is a dead man! No one hurts my little angel and gets away with it! I swear to god when I get my god damn hands on him he's going to wish he was never even thought of!"

He was furious.

"Harry Edward Styles, you better calm your ass down come over here and comfort your daughter or so help me you are sleeping on the couch tonight!" Mom snapped at him.

He immediately walked over and pulled me into a bear hug.

"I'm so sorry angel." He whispered softly into my ear and he began to wipe the tears from my cheeks.

"Oh daddy, I should've never trusted him, I feel so stupid." 

I cried harder into his chest while mom and the girls rubbed my back.

"Shhhh, your not stupid, he is the stupid one for loosing such a beautiful girl like you."

I smiled softly at him.

"And if I see that boy around here, he's going to get one well deserved beating from yours truly."

"Daddy!" I giggled.

"What it's true."

I laughed and pulled all of them into a hug.

"Thanks you guys, I love you all so much."

"We love you too Darcy." Everyone called back.

I got up and walked over to Michelle giving her a big hug.

But suddenly the whole world and everyone in it froze. 

I pulled away from the now frozen Michelle and looked at everyone.

What the hell happened?!

Suddenly it was like I was transported into a whole different world.

I was kissing someone, I mean full blown making out with him in the middle of the woods near a very beautiful waterfall.

As the majestic sound of the waterfall echoed through the woods we just stood there kissing with so much love and passion you wouldn't even believe.

Finally we pulled away and I got to see his features.

He had mostly blonde hair but there was a slight brown in it, and it was put back in a quiff, he had a nice smile with fangs slightly showing, and crystal blue eyes that were absolutely mesmerizing. 

"Hello Darcy."

His voice was absolutely beautiful, so raspy and low yet at the same time high.

"W-who are you?" I stuttered in confusion.

He smiled and ever so gently pulled me into his embrace, holding on to me like no tomorrow.

"You'll know soon, you just have to be patient."

The sent of his cologne filled my nose as I layed my head down on his shoulders.

"Can I at least know your name?" I mumble into his neck as he rocked us back and forth.

"Jason." He smiled down at me.

"Jason, I like it, it fits you."

"Thanks my dad picked it out."

Suddenly it got brighter and brighter, to the point of blinding me.

"I have to go, but I promise we will see each other soon babe."

He gently kissed my lips before disappearing along with everything else.

I was now back in my room surrounded by everyone once again.

They all unfroze and looked around wondering what happened.

I stood there wondering as well.

"Well then that was pretty weird." Niall spoke up first.

I couldn't agree more.

Michelle smiled at me then looked at everyone else.

"Ok I have some news to tell you guys so get ready."

I smiled back and waited.

"I'm pregnant!"

We all began to cheer and hug her.

"OMG what is it?" Katie squealed.

"It's a boy." Michelle smiled.

"What are you going to name him?" Atlanta asked with her beautiful smile that we all missed.

"Niall already picked his name it's going to be Jason."

I froze.

While everyone else screamed and hugged her I just stood there frozen.

This has to be a coincidence.

Or is it?

"Darcy, angel are you alright?" Dad asked snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Yeah just thinking." I then proceeded to hug Michelle congratulating her.

But as I hugged her, her belly pushed closer to me.

I pulled away a little shocked.

"You ok darcy?" Michelle asked concerned.

"Yeah just tired, had a rough night and I just want to get to bed."

"Alright lets leave Darcy to her peace, we need to get to be anyways." Mom said as she grabbed dads hand and watched everyone leave before turning towards me.

"Goodnight baby girl, remember we all love you more than anything." She then kissed my cheek.

"Don't let one boy crush your heart and stop you from finding your true love ok? You will find him sooner or later angel just remember that." Dad said before kissing my forehead and grabbing moms hand again.

They left leaving me in the darkness where I was slowly drifting off to sleep but not without hearing Jason's voice once again.

"Good night my love."

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