Bloody Lust (Book Three To Bloody Love)

Welcome to the third book in the Bloody Love series,
Bloody Lust!!!!!!!!!
Cassie, Harry and the gang are back! Cassie couldn't ask for anything more. She has her sexy husband, her beautiful daughter and all her best friends right by her side. But with a rising evil presence causing trouble within their perfect world will Cassie and the gang be able to overcome all obstacles to bring back the peace and defeat this evil? Or have they finally met their match?
Only reading on will let you know.


5. Chapter 4


Ok so I know some of my fans are either too young or just don't want to read smut so you can skip it.

For those fans out there who don't care then carry on.


(Cassie's P.O.V)

"Oh my god."

I moaned as Harry sucked on my neck hard, making yet another love bite. There's a reason for it too. All day today we picnicked at the park and saw the sights, but when we went to see the Eiffel Tower some jerk started flirting with me and saying how I should ditch Harry for him which snapped Harry in to defensive mate mode. He manipulated the guy telling him to never talk to me again or else he'll turn all his dreams into nightmares. Let's just say the guy pissed himself and ran off. Now Harry wants to do everything in his power to mark me as his besides the diamond ring symbolizing our marriage.

Harry smirked and started taking off my shirt while I helped him with his own.

He slowly left wet kisses from my lips all the way down to my belly button, just above my pants.

He then started to unbutton them. I helped him by slipping them off and kicking them to the side as our lips slammed against each other once again. 

Already feeling his hard on, I undid his pants as well and as soon as I slipped them down he hopped right out of them and jumped on top of me growling playfully.

"Oh what big teeth you have Mr. Styles."

He smirked and dipped his head in to the crook of my neck and started sucking and biting leaving more love bites.

"What deliciously tempting porcelain neck you have Mrs. Styles."

I moaned feeling myself slowly becoming more and more aroused. It got to the point where I couldn't stand to having my thong on any longer!

Harry saw my squirming and smirked then slowly started slipping them down just to tease me more. "Aww is my baby aroused?"

I nodded while biting my lip, not even trying to deny my desperation.

"Well I think I can make it all better." He gave me a wink before stripping off his own boxer's and rising above me, aiming himself at the front of my entrance.

He slowly entered me, sliding in deep causing me to arch my back at the contact and let loose a hardy moan. He lowered down to my mouth and kissed me, desperate to feel my tongue wrapped with his. He extracted himself from my core then pushed back in making us both groan. After that he began thrusting in and out.

He got in a couple more controlled thrusts and then his hips took over, moving on their own until he couldn't keep contact with my lips anymore.

A red haze filled both our visions as we allowed our vampiristic sides to come out and play in this world of pure ecstasy. His body pounded into mine hard, showing no mercy which I didn't mind at all, in fact the harder he went the better it felt and the louder my moans became.

"God baby your still soo tight even after a baby!" He panted.

I couldn't say anything, the waves of pleasure wracking through me making it hard to pronounce anything. Suddenly my fangs slid out of my gums and my body lurched up to meet his neck.

He still thrusted into me while I rubbed my fangs upon his neck, right on the vein that was sticking out. It was practically begging me to take a bite and so I did just that. I sucked slightly driving his warm blood to the surface and into my awaiting mouth.

"Harder Cassie, bite harder. Please." He spoke hoarsely, his deep raspy voice causing me to smile and do just as he asked. I bit down harder and quite frankly deeper making the blood just flow into my mouth.

He let out and exasperated loud moan. I smiled even more and closed my eyes to enjoy his delicious blood. To me it tasted like Vanilla.

Suddenly he pulled out and in one swift movement flipped me over onto my stomach. He lifted me up using just one arm and plunged himself back into me.

"My turn to taste you baby." He rasped into my ear before kissing his way down to my neck. When he arrived he immediately teased me with his fangs like I had to done to him then plunged them into my throat. I threw my head back as the pleasure came at me all at once.

"Mmmm you taste like strawberry baby, soo good."

I could feel him gulping my blood down but all I could do is moan out his name.

I could feel myself getting ready to climax and apparently so was Harry. His thrusts became completely out of control and after a few more thrusts we both hit that high and climaxed.

Our heads were thrown back, red haze intensified, fangs sliding in an out of our gums, and loud moans leaving our lips. Harry continued to thrust through our climax then stopped and pulled out. He held me as we both panted for air and stroaked my long hair in a soothing motion. I used this calming time to make sure I don't let the fertilization process happen now since I actually know how to control it.

(End of smut please proceed!)

Suddenly my phone went off, niall's ringtone being played throughout the room disrupting the peaceful silence. Wait why is he calling me when he knows we are on our honeymoon? Did something happen?! I quickly snatched up my phone and answered.

"Niall James Horan, this better be an emergency." I snapped into the phone.

"Cassie, I'm so sorry to bother you and Harry on your honeymoon but you guys need to come back NOW!"

Dammit I had a feeling something would happen while we were gone. "Why, what's going on, what happened?!"

"Liam slapped Atlanta."

Those words.

Those three little words made me jump up into sitting position and freeze. Behind my frozen shocked state anger began building up from inside me.

"HE DID WHAT?!" I bellowed into the phone making Harry sit up as well and look at me with a questioning look. I stuck my finger up telling him to hold on so I could listen to Niall.

"He slapped her all because she's pregnant. It's like he's turned into a whole different person! The guys are up there yelling at him but all he does is laugh."

That sent me over the edge.

"HE WON'T BE LAUGHING WHEN I'M DONE WITH HIS ASS! We are jumping on the first plane back and coming home right now!" I didn't even give Niall the chance to protest, I just hung up on him and jumped out of bed to begin packing.

"What happened?" Harry asked in a concerned yet confused tone.

I let out a pissed off breath, feeling my eyes change red, not because I was hungry but how furious I was. "Liam slapped Atlanta all because they found out she's pregnant!"

As soon as he processed my words Harry's whole demeanor changed. 

"I'" He growled in a low menacing tone sending chills through me.

I give off a humorless laugh. "Maybe after I'm through with him you can. Niall says it's like he's a whole different person, does that mean it's his inner vampire?"

"I don't know, I'll have to see him first to know for sure." 

I nod and ended our discussion there so we could pack everything up and leave as fast as lightning hell probably even faster thanks to our vampire speed. While our driver drove us to the airport Harry booked us a private jet that could take us all the way back to England by late tonight. 

We wasted no time talking with fans or dealing with paps, instead we climbed out of the rental car and straight on to the jet. No one bothered us throughout the whole jet ride. Some being too afraid to since we were just boiling in anger. 

When we got off and hour or two later we grabbed our things and ran, not bothering to take a cab or nothing. When we got to the house I made sure to make an entrance by kicking in the door and throwing my suitcases inside.

"WHERE THE FUCK IS HE!" I screeched causing everyone besides Atlanta and the asshole to come out.

Zayn, Ariana, Michelle, Darcy, Louis, and Katie all stood there in shock and actually somewhat frightened.

Niall was by them expecting everything but yet he still showed a little fear.


"In his roo-" I didn't even let Zayn finish, I immediately took of to Liam's room and broke down that door as well.

Liam stood in the middle of the room with his arms crossed and a smug little smirk on his face. His eyes weren't red like I thought they would be if it was his inner vampire in control. No they were a reddish purple color.

"Well hello Cassie. Have you also come here to scream in my face too? HA! This outta be go-" 

I cut him off there by punching him in the face with all my strength. "NO I'M NOT JUST HERE TO SCREAM AT YOU, I'M HERE TO BEAT YOUR ASS!"

The reddish purple color in his eyes seemed to leave and the look on his face held confusion and even terror but I didn't care I just started completely wailinh on him.


I continued to punch at his face, ribs, chest, and stomach with as much force and speed I could do using my vampiristic abilities then grabbed his throat and sent him flying THROUGH the wall, breaking every bone in his body.

Just as i was about to go over and do even more damage I felt a hand lay itself on my back, stopping me.

It was Harry.

"Shhhh, breath baby breath you're starting to let your inner vampire loose and if it gets too much power over you it'll take over. I know you wouldn't want that to happen so please calm down.

I growled and looked down at the completely bloody, almost unconscious Liam. 


I let Harry lead me out of the room and into the bathroom so he can fix up the cuts on my knuckles and help me calm down.

When we finished I took a deep shakey breath.

"Baby you need to go see atlanta, she's not doing good at all."

"What happened?"

"She lost the baby."

My jaw dropped and fury filled me once again. I had made a move to charge back into his room and beat his ass some more but Harry stopped me.

"No you've already done your damage and gotten your point across baby. Now you need to go comfort your friend in her time of need."

I huffed but after a minute or two I realized how right he was and relaxed in to his arms. Nodding I gave a quick kiss to my husband before taking off into Atlanta's room.

All the girls were there holding her sobbing body.

"Oh Atlanta." I felt so guilty that I hadn't been here to prevent all this from happening.

She looked up at the sound of my voice, tears running down her cheeks. "Cassie? I-I thought you were still on your honeymoon?"

I walked up to her and hugged her tightly. "I heard what happened and immediately came back, I'm so sorry that I wasn't here to help you."

"It's not your fault Cass, you were on your honeymoon."

I sighed and hugged her tighter. Soon all the girls joined in after that.

"I missed you girls a lot!" I said earning a smile from all of them even Atlanta.

"We missed you too mom." Darcy smiled and hugged me tightly.

For the rest of the time we all talked, listened to music, and watched movies.

But the whole time I felt as if we were all being watched.

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