Bloody Lust (Book Three To Bloody Love)

Welcome to the third book in the Bloody Love series,
Bloody Lust!!!!!!!!!
Cassie, Harry and the gang are back! Cassie couldn't ask for anything more. She has her sexy husband, her beautiful daughter and all her best friends right by her side. But with a rising evil presence causing trouble within their perfect world will Cassie and the gang be able to overcome all obstacles to bring back the peace and defeat this evil? Or have they finally met their match?
Only reading on will let you know.


3. Chapter 2

(Cassie's P.O.V)

I packed the last of my bags for our honeymoon and smiled. I just can't believe all this has happened to me in at least two years.

It seems like just yesterday I was fangirling about going to see one direction and now here I am married to Harry Styles, we have a beautiful daughter, I am a vampire, and all my close friends are right by my side.

It looks like my dreams have finally come true.


I looked up and saw Darcy standing in the door way smiling at me."

"What's up darc?"

She walked in all the way and nearly tackled me into a big hug. I laughed and hugged her back tightly, god I'll miss her while we're gone. What? I know we're just leaving for a little but she's my little girl, of course I'm going to miss not seeing my daughter around. 

She looks almost exactly like me, I swear we could be twins except she has her fathers curly hair and killer smirk. Her eyes are green and blue, a mixture of both mine and harry's.

She pulled away and smiled once again. "I wanted to give you a hug before you left and to tell you I hope you and dad have fun."

I smiled and kissed her cheek."Thank you sweetie."

She gave me one last hug before walking out. I had just started gathering up my bags when a rush of cold air hit me and a pair of arms wrapped around my waist.

"Need help with that, Mrs.Styles?" Harry whispered into my ear sending chills through out my body. He still has this affect on me, just like the first time we met I still get butterflies, and chills everytime he's around or says something with his usual charm to me. He never fails at this either.

I smirked and in vampire speed slipped out of his hold and across the room.

"Sure, thanks babe." I teased.

He glared at me playfully and in one swift movement took my bags to the car and back into the room.

"You ready my love?" He stuck his hand out and smiled at me.

I smiled back and took his hand. "I was born ready."

Harry grinned then picked me up bridal style and rushed downstairs.Everyone was already outside clapping and cheering as we passed them.

Both the girls and the guys gave me winks while all of them wolf whistled at us knowing exactly what usually happens at honeymoons. I laughed and waved bye to all of them before I was sat down in the car.

Harry came around the car and got in the driver seat.Everyone was still waving as we pulled away and took off on our way to god knows where. 

"Now where in the world are we going Mr.Styles. You've failed at telling me exactly." I teased in a British accent.

"It's a surprise baby."

Ugh I hate surprises.

"I know you do, but your going to have deal with it." 

I pouted and sat back with my arms crossed. Dammit he ain't budging.

"Ah, ah, ah, no pouting throughout this whole trip. That's the only rule." Harry chuckled and layed his hand onto my thigh rubbing it slightly. I smiled and grabbed his hand, intwining it with mine.

We drove all the way to the airport where we were escorted to the plane by security. Though we did take time to stop and take some pictures with some fans before boarding the plane.

We walked to the V.I.P where a flight attendant stood waiting.When she saw Harry she immediately started fixing her hair up and pulling down her outfit to expose even more of her wannabe cleavage.

Yeah I was jealous I have every right to be. The bitch is trying to get my man's attention by acting like one of those bitches you see in shows and movies.

As we sat down the attendant immediately came over and smiled at Harry. "Hi, I'm Amy, i'll be you attendant for today, and its and honor to meet you Harry."

She even had the nerve to send him a wink. Who the hell does this bitch think she is?! I swear steam was coming out of my ears.

"Umm hi Amy this is my WIFE, Cassie." Harry said as he held my ring hand, flashing the ring and sending me a loving smile.

I saw the Amy bitch crinkle her nose up in disgust at me but quickly recovered when Harry looked back at her. 

"Oh hi." She said in a monotone voice. I rolled my eyes and was about to give this bitch a piece of my mind when Harry stopped me.

"Calm down baby, she's just jealous that I chose someone way more beautiful than her." He spoke calmly through my mind making me blush as I smiled and rested my head on his shoulder.

Finally the bitch got the hint and walked away from us with a final scoff.

"You can get some rest baby, i'll wake you when we land."

I yawned nodding before slowly drifting off into a nice much needed sleep.


"Cassie darling come on get up, the plane landed."

My eyes fluttered open to meet Harry's gorgeous green ones.

I stretched out and yawned out. "Where are we?"

He smiled and grabbed my hand. "I don't know, why don't you come and see."

I smiled and got up following Harry to grab our luggage. Sadly that Amy bitch was there and as soon as her overly eyeshadowed eyes spotted me she glared. 

I tried my hardest to ignore her disgusting cake face self but as Harry left to talk to the security I felt something splash all over my sun dress. I gasped and turned towards Amy who was smirking wickedly.

"Oops, sorry about that you stupid skank. Maybe you should learn to not get in other people's way!"

Oh fuck no!

"Who the fuck are you calling a skank exactly?" I snarled, my voice dangerously close to sounding demonic.

"Please, it's obvious I'm talking about you. I mean look at you, you're 18 and already you've been pregnant, you forced Harry to marry your ugly ass after you got pregnant, and now your only using him for his money, you stupid whore. He would be better off with me!"

Holy hell I have never felt this way before. I wanted to rip this girl's heart out from her chest and suck it dry then crush it in my hands till it was nothing but but dust.

My vision was starting to redden from the anger that was building up inside me and from something else. I haven't eaten anything in two days. 

I could hear every heart beat pulsating within a mile radius, smell the blood running through all their veins and almost taste it on my tongue as I felt my fangs poke at the bottom of my lip.


"HARRY!" I panted loudly while pulling at my hair. I could feel Amy's eyes on me and hear her mumble something about me being a freak which only set me off even more.  

Harry turned around quickly and saw my eyes had changed color and my fangs had started to come out. Immediately he ran over to my bent over body and wrapped a stable arm around me to make sure I didn't fall over.

"Cassie baby what's wrong?"

"I-I n-need to f-feed." I strained to say within in his mind, feeling the hunger start to eat away at my resistance.

His eyes widened and immediately we started rushing to get off the plane. Picking up the last of our stuff that the wasn't already in the car waiting outside with one hand Harry started leading me with the other.

"Wow she's such a fake ass whore!" Amy snapped thinking we couldn't hear her anymore when we actually could. This made Harry stop. 

Snapping his head towards Amy his whole demeanor changed to a very scary one as he snarled. "Excuse me? who in gods name gave you the fucking right to call my wife those things? Surprised I actually heard you huh? Well guess what I heard every fucking bit of it and trust me it's taking every bit of power in me not to do something I'll regret.Cassie is the sweetest girl I have ever met and you dare call her a whore? Just because we have a beautiful daughter together and because you are jealous that she has me all to herself? You know what you should go look into a mirror next time you want to call my wife a skank or a whore cause you are the biggest one I've ever seen in my whole existence! Now turn around and take you slutty ass some where else!"

Amy was frozen with shock. I swear I could even see a tear slip down her cheek which didn't affect Harry one bit. 

Turning back to the door he led us off the plane and to our waiting Limo where he threw our stuff into the trunk and quickly slammed it shut then slipped in, placing my head on his lap. The limo started to drive off while I shook from the pain of being hungry.

"Shh baby, here you go I thought you would need it." He pulled out two whole blood bags from his pocket and handed them to me. I smiled a weak smile up at him then bit into the bag and started chugging down my meal.

Two bags later my hunger was gone and the red haze in my vision had disappeared. I was back to my old self again.

"Baby look out your window." Harry smiled.

I sat up and what I saw outside nearly made my jaw drop. 


He laughed as I mini fangirled a bit. 

"Oui, mademoiselle." 

God I loved when he spoke French it was super sexy.

"Je t'aime, Harry." Yeah I know a little French, that was just a simple I love you. I then slammed my lips to his and from then on out we made out the whole limo ride. As we pulled up to the hotel we rushed in as fast as possible. Well in human speed that is *wink*.

We checked in at the front desk and had the bellhop help bring up our stuff with us.

"Oh my god Harry, it's beautiful!"

The whole room was huge with its own kitchen, bathroom, and even a master bedroom. The bellhop placed our stuff down by the door and waited patiently for Harry to pay him before taking his leave. 

Next thing I knew Harry had picked me up and threw me onto the bed before getting in him self.

"Good Night my love."

"Good night my sexy man."

With that said we both fell asleep in each others arms.

Tommorow is when our honeymoon really begins.

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