Bloody Lust (Book Three To Bloody Love)

Welcome to the third book in the Bloody Love series,
Bloody Lust!!!!!!!!!
Cassie, Harry and the gang are back! Cassie couldn't ask for anything more. She has her sexy husband, her beautiful daughter and all her best friends right by her side. But with a rising evil presence causing trouble within their perfect world will Cassie and the gang be able to overcome all obstacles to bring back the peace and defeat this evil? Or have they finally met their match?
Only reading on will let you know.


2. Chapter 1

(Unknown P.O.V)

They really thought they killed me? Ha the stupid idiots!

I am alive, in fact I'm thriving thanks to my master who saved me that night and had givin me new life. 

Now with the my new powerful self and the help of my master I will get my revenge on every single one of those boys and make them regret ever fucking with me. 

One Direction.

I smiled evilly at the thought as I looked at their house from a distance. I had to stay away or else they'll be able to feel my presence and that'd ruin all our fun. 

From here I could see Harry and Cassie packing for their honeymoon, Louis and Katie snuggling together, Niall and Michelle eating and watching Zayn, Ariana, Liam, and Atlanta play the new grand theft auto game, and another girl I didn't recognize cuddling with I'm guessing her boyfriend.

Look at them so happy, so relaxed, not a care in the world.

It makes me sick!

They all need to pay for what they did to me and trust me I WILL make them pay, slowly,painfully. Then once I've had my fair share of fun my master will take it from there. 

"Watching them again I see."

I smiled at the sound of his voice coming from behind me. Swiftly I turned around on my heel to face him, bowing slightly. "Yes, it seems Cassie and Harry are heading off on their honeymoon leaving everyone else at home."

He smirked and wrapped his arms around my waist. "Excellent, it won't be long now till our plan can go into action darling."

"Master, who's the couple cuddling together? I don't seem to recognize them."

"Oh them? Thats Darcy, Cassie's and Harry's daughter and her boyfriend. I'm glad you pointed them out cause I want you to do something that involves them."

"Anything to get revenge on those dicks who tried to kill me." 

He chuckled, stuffing his face into the crook of my neck and leaving kisses all the way down to my shoulder. "You really hate them huh? 

"Yup, I want them to die, I want their blood on my hands and their ice cold bodies lying dead on the ground."

"Mmm I love it when you get pissed." He whispered huskily while still kissing my neck but this time gently nipping at my skin with his rows of razor sharp teeth.

I let out a soft moan. "Master what are you going to do? You said you had plans for me to do something involving the daughter and her boyfriend but what about you?"

He smirked and took another nip at my neck, this time actually drawing blood. He licked at the area before replying. "Well I'll be doing a lot of things darlin. But the most recent thing will involve messing with Mr. Payne and sweet Atlanta." 

"So we're going to target them one by one first?" I ask as another shiver went down my spine due to the feeling of his tongue on my neck, lapping up the spilled blood. 

"Precisely, once we have targeted them one by one it'll be easier to take them all down without the others getting in the way. Just a matter of time. And who knows I may just take the girls once all this is done. I could use another girl around the house and I'm sure the other guys would love to have more girls around. What do you say, hmm?"

"Whatever you want master, as long as I get to take care of those five I'm perfectly content." 

"Of course dear. I shall give you your chance at revenge when the time comes." He cooed while just now finishing licking the blood from my neck.

Mmm just the thought of my slicing each and everyone of there throats sent delightful chills throughout my whole body. That's when I felt my throat start to dry up giving me the hint that it was feeding time.

"Master I'm getting really hungry."

He grinned while staring down into my now purple eyes. "Perfect. Come, let's find us some poor unsuspecting people to prey on. We could use this opportunity to send a little message to the One Direction vampire clan that we are here. Shall we?"

I smirked and nodded. Turning  around we both started deeper into the woods towards the outskirts of the city nearby. Our purple eyes illuminating the darkness as we walked hand in hand.

Oh how fun this night will be. 

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