Bloody Lust (Book Three To Bloody Love)

Welcome to the third book in the Bloody Love series,
Bloody Lust!!!!!!!!!
Cassie, Harry and the gang are back! Cassie couldn't ask for anything more. She has her sexy husband, her beautiful daughter and all her best friends right by her side. But with a rising evil presence causing trouble within their perfect world will Cassie and the gang be able to overcome all obstacles to bring back the peace and defeat this evil? Or have they finally met their match?
Only reading on will let you know.


7. A/N

Hey guys sorry for being gone for sooooooooooo long,

To make up for it I placed a new chapter up!!!!!!

Thank you so much for the amazing feed back, it makes my heart skip a beat honestly :D

Please reread from the beginning guys cause I made some changes to each chapter and even the new one I just published may be edited soon . 

Thank you so much again! <3 Love you all!

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