First Love

~I'll always be yours even when you don't want me~

This fan fiction is of the one and only childish man; T.O.P. let me deeply apologize for any spelling or grammar mistakes that I make. One of my first times that I'm writing one and yeah, I know that it sucks so please give me your feedback and rebuke me because that is the only way that I will learn how to write. Feel free to scrutinize it, because this storyline came to me in the form of a dream…..yep, my dreams are very weird ^o^ Big thanks to my friends who encouraged me to go all the way; so yeah, thank you and although its not the best, I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.


5. Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Her wrist was small never the less it was strong and familiar. As the seconds ticked by, TOP gradually came to realise that he had her soft wrist in his hand and so he loosened his grip slightly as he felt that if he held her any tighter she would bruise.

He glanced back to check on her, his pulse pounded in his ears blocking out the outwardly sounds till they were nothing but a distant hum, his skin crawled and his once heavy legs were somehow now feeling lighter.

He felt a blush creeping up his cheeks and he turned back around in an attempt to hide his shameful self. The tips of his ears painted with colour. Her curious expression, eyes full of longing and awe was not an expression that he had expected and had caught him off guard. He cursed at her silently; she was too cute. She would unequivocally be the death of him. Yet what he had missed was the sadness and heartache that had tinted her eyes.

Goosebumps crawled over his skin but he was shamefully too blissful to notice until she had come to a stop, and his arm was awkwardly outstretched behind him as their hands had slipped together. He held her small hand in his own hefty one, her long slim and velvety soft fingers consumed by his own. He turned to meet the one that he had unknowingly come to admire, only to be faced by those familiar deep emerald eyes that bore into him. ‘Where are we going?’ her voice was barely audible and the familiarity hidden within her features frustrated him enough to want to rip out his hair in the fistfuls , instead he ruffled his hair with his free hand, unwilling to let go of her and her relaxing aura that she emitted. ‘I don’t know.’

‘Well, then should we go on a tour?’ TOP smiled to himself, how she was able to help him in such a situation he’d never know. Admittedly, he didn’t care for the reason because he didn’t hesitate as he tugged her along ‘Come, on.’

They wandered around the colossal building, hands intertwined as TOP pointed out the main parts of the building, he couldn’t bring himself to stop the now rehearsed habit; after every introduction he would pause purposely, to allow himself enough time to observe her reaction. He was too absorbed in watching her expressions change within contrast to her eyes that he didn’t notice the fingers that were softly enclosed in his hand breaking free from his hold. Reflexively his hand tightened round hers, gripping them with enough strength that would impede her from leaving his grasp.

He could feel her eyes looking up at him intently, and tried to understand this woman he held onto, why he felt so distraught without her and why his heart beat so furiously when he was with her. He couldn’t help but stare; he had been told many times previously that his stare was far too intense and bordered on the line of scary.

 He whispered close to her ear ‘Let’s go back.’ She smelt of sweet peaches and he watched her as she nodded absentmindedly.

He couldn’t help but feel that there was something bothering her, he couldn’t quite place his finger on it, but it was like she was fighting an internal battle and it bothered him.

What he didn’t know was that the girl he had come to love; Han Yunhee had a past, a dark ever so frightening past with deep sinister secrets that she was to take to her grave or someplace similar. She was here for one person, that wasn’t TOP, she had only one purpose and that was to destroy the life of a man that had destroyed hers even if it meant putting her life on the line. An eye for an eye was the saying.

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