First Love

~I'll always be yours even when you don't want me~

This fan fiction is of the one and only childish man; T.O.P. let me deeply apologize for any spelling or grammar mistakes that I make. One of my first times that I'm writing one and yeah, I know that it sucks so please give me your feedback and rebuke me because that is the only way that I will learn how to write. Feel free to scrutinize it, because this storyline came to me in the form of a dream…..yep, my dreams are very weird ^o^ Big thanks to my friends who encouraged me to go all the way; so yeah, thank you and although its not the best, I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.


4. Chapter 4

Chapter 4

 Hot, exhausted and saturated in sweat, the members sat down; relieved to get a break after the agonizingly long 3 hours of rehearsal. Though TOP had made half a dozen or so mistakes after carelessly taking glimpses of her and forgetting the choreography, they had pulled through and were finally done for the day. 

Each of them panted heavily as they tried to catch their breath, the blistering heat of the outdoors circulated the room which made it hard to breathe as the air was thick and humid. Many were shaking their sticky tops to breathe life into their bodies; it was no use as the cold air that they expected to feel was nonexistent, they were just using up the last ounces of their energy.

TOP uncrossed his legs and carefully placed them down straight, a small growl erupted from his throat as he felt the excruciating strain on his legs. He had thought the previous dancers were strict, boy was he wrong! These girls were on the next level; they wanted nothing less than perfection and didn’t take a break until they were satisfied with their own results and the member’s. How the fuck were they still standing? He was hot sticky and irritated as the maknae’s voice ringed in the room ‘Gyah! It’s so hot! Ha…haaaa…ha…so……hot.’ TOP was pleased when the maknae finally shut up and collapsed on the floor.

TOP sneaked a glance at Yunhee, she was smiling and chatting to the other dancers, her hair out and her locks swishing as she moved, she broke away from them only to grab a bag and walk out of the room. TOP followed his gaze to see her leave, too exhausted to get up and follow her. He closed his eyes and slowed his breathing, only to open them at the sound of the door.

She was there, the bag that she had left with now full with unknown contents. TOP watched intently as she made her way back to the other dancers, she handed them each a bottle of water, cold, cold water. His throat was dry and he thirsted for the bottles that she handed out to her friends, and then to the dancers who had sat on the floor equally exhausted from their vigorous work out. Finally she came and crouched down in front of them, she gazed at them, a look of amusement in her emerald eyes. ‘You look bushed, here I brought you something’ she handed out the icy bottles of water and their eyes lit up. She chuckled and gave the last bottle to TOP not meeting his gaze when their fingers touched; she turned her head to watch the others ‘you’ve worked hard’ the members nodded their heads in acknowledgment before ripping off the lid and chugging down the contents.

Youngmi crouched down beside her friend ‘looks sure are deceiving, they look fit and healthy enough, but they’re not as much as I had hoped.’ Yunhee was about to nod in agreement, when a fountain of water hit Youngmi’s face. Seungri spluttered, coughed and choked as he tried his best to apologise; as Youngmi wiped her face with her hands an expression of pure disgust overtook, before she regained her composure, knelt down and smirked slightly. Yunhee held back her laughter and spoke in a more serious tone ‘Come on Youngmi, forgive him, he apologised, have mercy.’ Youngmi took no notice, and if she acknowledged what Yunhee had said, she didn’t show it. She crawled towards the nervous and coughing maknae and pulled at his trousers before pouring her icy water down him; soaking both his boxers and trousers. The maknae yelped from the sudden change in temperature. The water flowed down him and seeped through his clothing to make a puddle of water on the floor around him. Youngmi arose from her position and looked down at him ‘It seems the maknae’s had a bit of an accident.’ She bent down and lowered her head against his, her lips brushed his ear softly and her warm breath tickled him ‘payback.’ She whispered, before returning to her original posture.

The members tried their best to hold back their laughter with no such success. Seungri ogled them with round eyes and a look of disbelief ‘It’s not funny hyungs.’ Then he too, frustrated from their laughing, threw water at them. TOP was unharmed from the maknae’s vicious attack, sometimes it helped to beside the maknae, other times it didn’t, like for Yongbae. Yunhee stood up ‘I’ll go get some towels.’ And she left the room once more.

The door closed behind her, and that was when all hell broke loose.

TOP ducked, dodged, and ran in attempt to save himself from the freezing water that seemed to burn his skin. Shrieks, yelps, shouts and screams resounded through the room as water flew across the room that had become a warzone. It was every man for themselves; that was the law in the god forsaken room.

Yunhee entered, folded towels in hand and looked up ‘what the-SPLASH! ‘Hell?!’ water dripped from her chin onto the white towels. TOP ran towards her, ducking, dodging and sliding until he reached her, ‘Come with me’ frantic, he grabbed her wrist and pulled her out the door, the towels dropped to the damp floor as she exited the room with the man that reminded her of her first love. 

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