White Roses - One Direction

Tragedy. Things will all be put on a hold, as something unexpected happens - and will effect the future for everyone. Will the couples survive, as their relationship is put on one of the hardest tests ever? Will she ever be OK?

This, my ladies and gentlemen - is White Roses. A Niall Horan fanfiction, brought to you by Trine Hertzog.


4. Chapter 3 - The End.

Today is many years later. About five or six, I believe. Things have gotten a bit better, or a lot actually.
After I woke up, there had obviously been some complications - one of them being, that I had lost my ability to speak. The doctors had spent many hours figuring out what might have caused it, and if it was possible for me to ever speak again. After several tests and weeks later, they had come to the conclusion, that it was some of the nerves in my brain that somehow were damaged during the coma. If I was able to regain my ability to speak, they couldn't say. But today, I know that it was. I still have a lot of training  to do - but it's slowly coming back. I was able to say "I do" at my wedding day, and that makes me happy.

I got to marry Niall. The fact that he stayed even when I was in a coma for almost two years is incredible, and I love him so much, that no words can describe how much. Today, he is still by my side - and even took on learning sign language, so we still in some way could communicate while I also were learning. Both how to speak and to do sign language.

I still get tired very fast. My muscles haven't quite gotten themselves, and they probably never will. Also, one of the lovely consequences of being in a coma for almost two years. Please note the sarcasm here.

But I'm very positive. And I'm taking one day at a time. The fact that I can say, that I lived through two years in a coma, and the only thing that I nearly lost was my ability to speak is amazing. I got to keep my life, and I got to keep the love of my life.

As for now, I'm happy. And I am excited to see what tomorrow might bring for Niall, our beautiful baby-boy and myself. 

The end. 

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