White Roses - One Direction

Tragedy. Things will all be put on a hold, as something unexpected happens - and will effect the future for everyone. Will the couples survive, as their relationship is put on one of the hardest tests ever? Will she ever be OK?

This, my ladies and gentlemen - is White Roses. A Niall Horan fanfiction, brought to you by Trine Hertzog.


3. Chapter 2 - Frustrated.

There's some music coming from the hallway. I can tell, because my door is open. My hearing has also gotten a lot better since I was placed here.  Sigh.
I would wish my family would have been able to come and visit me more - not that I'm the funniest person to visit in any way at all - but still it'd be nice.
Footsteps down the hallway, sounding like they're headed towards my room - and secretly I hope that it's him, coming to visit me again. Sadly it isn't. A doctor or nurse I presume hums a melody, while doing something in my room. What, I can't tell. The melody is matching the one I faintly heard just before.

"Such a shame for a beauty like you to end up like this, isn't it?" A female voice whispered.

After that it all got quiet - like she expected me to answer her.

I hear a deep sigh, before footsteps leading out of my room again.


A couple of hours he was sitting beside me again - holding my hand. I can hear him cry, and I want to kiss him and tell him that it's going to be okay. That it all will be solved. But I can't.

"I would wish I could see your beautiful green eyes just one more time, princess. I miss looking into them, and tell you that I love you. I miss you being able to answer me, and to squeeze my hand. I miss you so much."

I hear him sniffle again, before a small sob leaves his mouth.

I want to comfort him to bad. I want to squeeze his hand to show him, that I have heard all he has told me over the past years. I want to so badly. I'm trying over and over again. And I want to see him. But it's not working. My hand and my eyelids won't co-operate.

 I'm trying to only focus on my eyelids then - so I can open up my eyes, and look at him, show him that it's all okay. It's so tiring. I need to do this. For him. And for me - so they won't put me off life-support - I'm still not done fighting.

Then light hits me - it's burning in my eyes. It's all so white and bright.   It's all so blurry too - but I'm not in doubt, when I see a figure resting his head beside our hands, while letting small sobs out. Niall.
I want to say his name so bad - so he would look at me. So I can see his blue eyes.
I try over and over again to say his name, but not a sound come over my lips.
I look around the room - the curtains is open, and there is a chair right in front of it, like someone has been sitting there to admire the view. The door was closed, which I already knew about. And then there's him by my side.
I lightly wiggle my fingers on my left hand, which his holding - and surprisingly it worked. He stirred a little, and then I tried my best to squeeze his hand - but after about two years not being able to move made it hurt a bit, when I did.
His head shoots up, making me able to see his red puffy eyes, and the tears on his cheeks. He looked like he was in shock.
He's not saying anything, just staring at me in disbelief. I blink a couple of times, making it all not so blurry. I then squeeze his hand again, which makes him look at our entwined hands.

"Madeleine?" His voice broke.

His eyes got filled with tears, and he then starts to smile. I try to say something, but it just comes out hoarse and not as a word.
I can feel a tear on my cheek. I'm happy. I can see him - and I can touch him now. I won - so far.

"I'll be back - I gotta go find a doctor, and tell them that you're awake, okay babe?"

He places a kiss upon my lips, and I see the fireworks. Two years without being able to kiss your love back is horrible, but I could now.

As he walks out of my room to find the doctor I try to say something again.


That definitely didn't sound like the thing I wanted to say.  I keep trying, until Niall comes back with a couple of doctors behind him. His eyes lights up, as soon as he sees that I'm still awake.

"How are you, Madeleine? Any pain?" A doctor asks.

In fact my head hurts a little..

"Hlsj tkja."

The doctors and Niall look sceptically  at each other.

I said it didn't sound right when I was trying to talk just before!

"Can you try say something again, Madeleine?"

"Hlsj tjka."

Niall looks at me, with so much sorrow in his eyes, but still the love that was to see right before.

I'm so frustrated, why can't I speak? Why can't I say something?



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