one way or another

when tiger Lilly is harry styles twin and kyla is louis tomlinsons twin, they have to go one way or the other, their brothers, or their friendship when the band splits upD:


1. meeting eachother

tiger Lilly's POV

"harry stop it" i say as he pulls me away from the door

"why, i'm trying to keep you away from guys like them" he says, his arms are around my stomach holding me back from meeting my boyfriend

"you're being way over protective" i say struggling to get free

Kyla's P.O.V.

I went to Louis, my twin. "Hey, why won't you let me see my boyfriend", I said

"Because you can't. He ruined the band"

"He went solo. You could still be a band. but you're being way over exaggerated", he came closer to me and grabbed my shirt

"No I'm not! And if I hear you were with him, I will kill you", I nodded, and he let go. I left to my room in tears and shut the door. I got out my phone. Harry got a new phone number. I'll say it's somebody else, when it's really Hazza.

K: hey, can you come over tonight. Louis won't be here

H: Sure. where is he going

K: To be with his girlfriend Tiger Lilly

H: Hell no he's not. She's my sister and I'm not letting him near her after he raped her

K: And they still love each other. Louis won't let me be with you

H: Ok, if I find out if they did anything, Louis is dead... literally

K: ok. see you tonight :) love you

H: Love you

Tiger Lilly's P.O.V.

i'm so pissed at Harry right now, why cant he ever let me do anything, i love Louis, even though he raped me, but he was drunk, he didn't know what he was doing

"T, i'm sorry but i have to go somewhere tonight, i will be back tomorrow sometime, i'm trusting you" i look away from my twin brother standing in the doorway

"fine, i will shoot myself at midnight" i say, he sits next to me on the bed and puts an arm around my shoulders, i push it off and walk to the window and stare up at the sky

"i'm just trying to keep you safe after Louis raped you" i spin around in anger

"how do you know about that" i scream, his eyes turn red in fury

"why wouldn't you tell me when it happened instead of keeping it to yourself" he yells back standing

"because i didn't want you to worry about me" i say, he walks over to me and puts his hands on my arms

"i worry about you every day because i love you, you're my sister and i don't want you to get hurt" he says and i immediately feel bad, my eyes tear up, he sees and hugs me, i hug him back and pull away

"i'll be home tomorrow, bye i love you" he says kissing the top of my head

"bye, love you too" i respond, after he closes my door i fall to the floor, i pull the knife out from under my bed and hold it to my neck, i tighten the grip on the knife handle, i throw the knife into the wall in frustration

"why cant i do it" i say to myself, i smack myself in the side of the head until my head is spinning, i pick up my phone and text Louis


L: hey, how are you

T: good, Harry left for the night, can you come over

L: yeah, be there asap

T kk, love you

L: love you too

i put the phone down and get up, i walk over to the knife in the wall and pull it out, i stare at it, then put it between my mattresses so Louis cant find it,, i sit in the corner hugging myself, tears streaming down my face, when the doorbell rings i race down to answer it, i open it to Louis and throw myself into his arms, he holds me tight

"it's been so long since I've seen you" he says and kisses my head

"i know, i love you so much" i cry

"what happened" he asks looking into my eyes

"i'll tell you, but come up to my room first" i say and pull him inside, i close the door and lock it and pull Louis up to my terribly messy room

Kyla's P.O.V.

It's already dark. Harry should be here


I got the door, it was Harry "Hey Harry", I kissed him

"Hey", he kissed me. "So, what are we gonna do", I let him in and we sat on the couch

"We can go up in my room and watch a movie"

"Sounds awesome", he kissed my neck and we went upstairs into my room. He closed the door behind us and I put a movie on. We lied in my bed watching it, our arms around each other the entire time.

After the end of the movie, Harry kissed my neck, and we lied down. "So wacha wanna do now", he said, trying to be flirty. I kissed him passionately. "That", I laughed.

"Open the  drawer", I said pointing at a drawer. He opened it, and grabbed out the thing I wanted him to get out

"This", I smiled and nodded. He smiled, and we had some fun

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