one way or another

when tiger Lilly is harry styles twin and kyla is louis tomlinsons twin, they have to go one way or the other, their brothers, or their friendship when the band splits upD:


4. Like or Hate

Kyla's P.O.V.

Louis can't be mad about our engagement. He can't keep us apart, I have proof on my finger. I went upstairs and knocked on his door "Come in", he yelled. I opened the door

"Hey, are you mad", I said.

"No, I'm happy for you, but I, I don't know"

"I know you don't like Harry, but, that's your opinion"

"I honestly, wanna talk to Harry about it. We were best friends"

"And kissed a lot"

"Hey, we were dared"

"Nice try. Larry Stylinson"

"Shut up you know, and knew, that's not true"

"I know. But you guys acted like it. I know you love Tiger Lily", he smiled. "See"

"I know you love Harry", I looked at him like -.-

"Obviously!", I said. I hugged him and we went downstairs "Oh yeah... Harry and Tiger are on their way"

"Ok", he said. We both said on the couch and watched the telly for about 10 minutes


I got the door. "Hey", I said. Tiger was smiling. I hugged Harry, then her "Come on in", I said. Louis came up to us.

"Hey Tiger Lily. Harry", he said.

"Hey Louis", Tiger said, and they hugged

"Hey Louis", Harry said. "Hey Kyla, wanna go hang out upstairs", he said.

"Sure", we went upstairs into my room. He sat on my bed, and I sat on his lap

"Louis is acting, not mean", he said. I laughed

"Yeah, he's trying to change"

"I'm scared to talk to him. He said some things, and also he's tougher than me"

"You're tougher. You stole my heart", he smiled, and we kissed passionately.

"HEY KYLA!", I heard Louis shout. I went to the staircase. "Don't get pregnant", he said

"i won't", I said, then went back to Harry, with the door closed "I think it's too late", I laughed


"He said not to get pregnant... we just did it, maybe it's too late"

"True, last night was fun", we smiled, and leaned in for a passionate kiss. It got interrupted by somebody knocking at the door

"What!", I said

"I'm warning you", Louis said

"Oh my god We aren't doing anything", I said. I heard him walking away, then we kissed passionately again.

We lied back and watched the telly. I rested my head on Harry's chest, and he put his arm around me and kissed my forehead.

After watching a little bit of the telly, we grew tired. We were talking on the phone like, all night long last night. We dozed off into  light sleep.

I woke up, with Harry kissing my cheek. "Hi, look where your hand is", I looked at my hand, and moved it

"Sorry I was asleep", I said. It wasn't in his pants, but touching there

"It's fine. You've seen it before, so it's not that bad", I smiled. 

"You wanna... never mind"

"No finish what you were gonna say", he smiled

"I think you know", he smiled wider. I got on top of him, then the door opened.

"Kylie, I told you no", Louis said in a cracky voice.

"Oh we just woke up from a nap and I wanted to wake him up", I said, trying to save it at the end.

"And she scared the crap outta me", Harry said. I looked at him, and he winked. I smiled.

"Ok, well come on down, we're all gonna go out to eat", we got up

"Where", I said

"Pizza Hut"

"Wow", I said. He loves Pizza Hut. We got in the car and drove there.

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