one way or another

when tiger Lilly is harry styles twin and kyla is louis tomlinsons twin, they have to go one way or the other, their brothers, or their friendship when the band splits upD:


3. Can't wait

TLs p.o.v.

after Harry got home this morning he went to his room and came back down with a small red box and ran out, so much for a good morning. After I ate breakfast he was back and had a huge smile on his face

"what happened?" I ask smiling as big as him right now, he sighs 

" I just got my dream girl all to myself" he says and sits on the couch next to me

" awe, is it Kylie, Louis sister?" I ask, he nods and puts his head on my shoulder

" I knew something was up when you came in then ran back out with a small box" he laughs

" sorry I didn't say good morning" he looks up at me and smiles his cheeky grin

" it's ok, I still love you" I smile and hug him tight, he hugs back harder

" I love you too T" he says laughing

" so what do you wanna do now" I say and let go of harry

" laser tag at amazing jakes" he says and looks at me, a smile grows on my lips and jump to my feet, he does too

" I'm gonna win" we shout in unison and run out the door to his car, luckily he didn't ask about louis

three hours later

" I won I beat you" I chant as I run into the house, Harry laughs at me when I trip over the dog and fall on my butt

"that was worth it all right there" I laugh and he helps me up, we sit on the couch and watch American idol 

harry's P.O.V.

I'm a bit upset I got beat by T, but it was fun, we haven't had so much fun together since we were little kids, and I just want her to be happy, especially since I'm getting married soon to the love of my life, Kyla is just perfect, then I see a girl that looks a lot like her on the TV, the brown hair, blue eyes, and that smile, but the voice isn't hers, Kyla's voice is smoother than that, more beautiful to hear, and I just realized that T Lilly hasn't met her yet, so I pull out my phone

h: hey, I just realized that you haven't met my sister yet, do u wanna?

k: sure, when can you guys come over

h: now,love you

k: love you too

" hey T, wanna meet my future wife?" I ask her, she looks at me and smiles

" yes, I can't wait to meet my future sister in law" she says and jumps up, we get in the car and drive to Kyla's and Louis's house 



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