A Magical Month (The Battle of the Fandoms competition)

(Re-uploading for the competition)
1975 ... Alex and her best friend Kyle's school decides to make their student exchange program with a a very strange school, a school that teaches REAL magic - it's called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Alex goes to the Ravenclaw house and Kyle goes to Gryffindor, they meet cool people.
When Alex meets Sirius Black and Kyle meets Clara Patel they discover another type of magic that happens in Hogwarts and another reason to get sparks without even using a wand - they start falling for each other.


19. The Room of Requirement

Sirius's P.O.V


I heard a knock on my dormitory's door. 

"Not gonna open it." James said.

"Me neither." Remus said. 

Kyle and Peter didn't say anything but I decided to open it myself. So I went to the door and opened it.

"Yes? Max? Alex?" I fount the two girls by the door. What were they doing here at this time? Alex was blindfolded.

"What?!" Asked Alex taking her blindfold away. she looked shocked now. 

"Bye guys. Sirius, Alex is spending some of the night with you." Said Max before she left. Alex looked at her back trying to figure out what Max just did. Why did she do this? Anyway, whatever she did it for I'm very grateful for her, I love spending time with Alex. 

"So." I said trying to break the awkward silence. "Urrm, won't you get in?" I asked. 

"Uh, yeah." She said smiling a bit. 

"You know what?" I asked as I got an idea. "you wait here for a bit." I got into the dormitory. "Hey guys, I'll be back late tonight."

"Where are you going?" James asked me.

"I - I wanna go somewhere." I said. 

"Okay?" James said but the he turned to Remus. "Remus what was our Potions homework?" 

"I won't let you copy mine, before you start asking." James sighed and I left, closing the door. 

"Are you ready to go on an adventure with me?" I asked Alex. 

"Alright." she said as she finally smiled a real smile. I took her hand. 

"Where do you wanna go?" I asked.

"I don't know."

"Where do you wish to go?" Alex took a minute to respond but then she answered. 

"I wish to go to a garden, even if it's still nighttime. And I want to sit there with you and watch the starts with you." She giggled.

"Yes. And?" 

"And ... I want to be surrounded with flowers, lots and lots of flowers. Oh, oh and I want to have lots of delicious food there! Fruits and sweets." I laughed at this. "What?! I love food." 

"Good. Now we'll reach somewhere and when we do I want to imagine all of this and I want you to feel like you really need it. Like really really need it. Deal?" I asked as I moved my thumb a bit. Her hands were small but very soft and I loved holding them. 

"Deal." she said. So we started sprinting to the seventh floor, and when we reached the place I wanted to reach I told her that this was the time. I started imagining all of this. Me and Alex feeding each other grapes, flowers surrounding us. I imagined myself kissing her lips. I really needed to taste them. I really needed to kiss her lips. I opened my eyes. This was enough. A door started appearing from nowhere. 

"Open you eyes." I whispered to her. Alex's mouth opened widely. 

"Wow!" she said. 


Alex's P.O.V


"This, Ally is the Room of Requirement. It only appears when the person really needs it." Sirius said.

"And it appeared just for us."

"Right, Just for us. Shall we?" He asked offering me to get in. As we did the door disappeared behind us. 

"It's just like magic!" I said forgetting where I was. Kyle laughed. 

"Alex, it is magic." I laughed for my silliness, but then discovered that Sirius was watching me in a very strange way. My eyes traveled between his as I asked, 


"I love your laugh." And I felt my face burn, it was blushing so much. 

The room was just perfect! It was just like a garden and it was still night. It had a fountain too and something that looked like a river. I found a picnic basket on the grassy floor. I looked at the sky and it was full of stars. This was perfect, As I went to the basket I opened it to find fruits and sweets in there, Sirius and I sat on the grass. 

"You know why I wanted to be here?" I asked,

"No, why?" He asked. 

"Because, I dreamed of this and I wanted it to be reality so bad." I said smiling. 

"And why exactly did you want it to be reality?" He asked getting closer. I giggled. 

"Not your business." I said. 

"Really? It doesn't have anything to do with me?" I didn't answer him, I just kept on laughing. He's so adorable. "you know what? The Room of requirement didn't appear just because I imagined myself in this beautiful garden."

"Then why did it appear?" I asked puzzled. 

"I'll tell you if you lay here by me and start watching the stars with me." And so I did. The sky was really beautiful, I've never found it this shiny. I laid there and after a minute of silence from both of us, while we were watching the stars I turned again to Sirius. 

"And now I did this, why did it open for you?" 

"First, it didn't open for me, it opened for us. And second-" He said getting even closer to me and laying on his right side facing me. My mind couldn't respond, my heart was pondering and my stomach was full of butterflies. "My god, you're eyes are very beautiful." I smiled for the compliment. 

"Thank you." I said shyly. 

"Secondly, I imagined us kissing." Now I was really going to faint from all of this happiness. I swallowed hard. Sirius got closer."Can we make this too reality?" He asked whispering in my ear. His face was by my ear, his fingers put my hair behind my ear. 

"Please." I whispered. And then I found his lips on mine. I loved them there so much. I love him so much. I didn't have a crush on Sirius Black anymore, I was in love with Sirius Black now. All of this magic wasn't the only magic in the world - this was magic. We stopped to take breath, and we both breathed very hard as if our lives depended on it. It's not so strange, because it took us so much time for this one kiss. We didn't stop, we continued and now we were making out. This night was the best night of my life. We finally stopped, breathing again. Sirius laid by my side on the grass, and I watched the starts again. 

"I can't wait to go to Hogsmeade with you." Sirius said. "You're still ok with the idea aren't you?" he asked. 

"Seriously Sirius? I'll go to Mars with you if you wanted."

"What, what what? Is that a compliment I hear from you miss Cross?" Once again I giggled. 

"I think it is." He kissed me once again. 

Then I opened the basket and grabbed some grapes. I started feeding him, something told me to do so. We kept on talking and talking, talking about ourselves. Our memories, our lives, what makes us happy. Sirius told me that this was going to be his happy memory that he'll use to make a Patronus. After I asked him what a Patronus was he waved his wand and said,

"Expecto Pantonum." And suddenly something like a light, but not really a light - came out of his wand. A dog, it came running to me and then to the sky as Sirius led it. 

"It's beautiful!" I said. 

"And to perform it I need to think of a happy memory, it's a hard spell." 

When I told him about my family I just said they were divorced, letting out all of the sad stories. This wasn't a time for me to remember such things, He told me about his too. His family were all Slytherins, and they weren't that good with him. He told me that he was planning to spend the next summer with James. We then talked about random stuff, we laughed a lot. Flirted a lot, it was more than perfect, I didn't even know what time it was. But as I put my head on Sirius's laps and while he was brushing my hair with his long fingers I felt like a cat and before even realizing it, my eyes began shutting and I was asleep on his lap. 

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