A Magical Month (The Battle of the Fandoms competition)

(Re-uploading for the competition)
1975 ... Alex and her best friend Kyle's school decides to make their student exchange program with a a very strange school, a school that teaches REAL magic - it's called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Alex goes to the Ravenclaw house and Kyle goes to Gryffindor, they meet cool people.
When Alex meets Sirius Black and Kyle meets Clara Patel they discover another type of magic that happens in Hogwarts and another reason to get sparks without even using a wand - they start falling for each other.


7. The Houses

Ethan's P.O.V


The prefects led us all the way out of the great hall to our houses. It was a bit crowded at first but then the prefects managed to get us all out. I followed them as they lead us to a basement. The boy prefect said when we reached the place, 

"Now listen carefully to the rhythm I'll play now, it's Helga Hufflepuff's rhythm, you have to tap the barrels in the right order to get in."

He then started tapping them, it was a bit complicated, but it let the door open. The prefect clearly felt that we haven't got the rhythm yet, so he did it many times until it finally stuck in our heads. As I got in I found the cosiest room I've ever been into. It had yellow-to-golden furniture all around, it had a small fireplace and also some barrels all around the room. The room was so earthy, it had plants all over it, and the sun was shining through its windows perfectly. I really liked this room. This was our common room, and now we had to go to our dormitories and put out stuff there. I met some cool guys and a very cute girl, their names were, Eli, Austin and Grace. I was talking to them non-stop in the feast and I think they're pretty good. They were the ones I wanted to share a dormitory with. 

"Who are you sharing your dormitory with?" I asked Eli. 

"Umm, I don't know. What about you?" 

"I don't know either. Would you like to share it with me?" I asked. 

"yeah sure." he said. "What about you, Austin?" he asked.

"I guess I'm sharing it with you, if you don't mind." 

"Not at all." we both said.

"Girls don't share dormitories with boys, just for your information." Grace said giggling as I turned to her after questioning the others. 

Great, I was now sharing my dormitory with two boys who seemed very good, this month was going to be awesome. 


Kyle's P.O.V


After professor Dumbledore told us to go to our dormitories and common rooms we all started hurrying there, following our standing prefects, Lupin was the boy's surname, his first was Remus, and the ginger girl who I discovered was called Lily. The place turned a bit crowded when we reached the great hall's door. I glimpsed Ally and I think the boy I was talking to in the feast was talking to her, I wonder about what. His name was Sirius, but his friends called him Padfoot, I don't know why. There are four of them, Sirius, Peter, James and the prefect Remus. In addition to Lily they were my favorite so far. Lily looked rather bothered by James. So they led us and we were out of the great hall, to the seventh floor. We found a portrait of a fat lady who was holding a glass in her hands, she looked a bit Greek, I don't know why I thought she looked so, maybe because of all of the clothes she was wearing. Of course this portrait too could talk and move just like the other portraits, I guess it just needed me a bit of time to get used to all of this craziness, it was all awesome, but unbelievable!

Lily went to the fat lady and said. 

"Whomping Willow." she then turned to us, "This is our password to our common room. don't give it to any other person in the other houses." she said. Right after she said the password the portrait opened like a door and we got in.  Our common room was tremendous, it was scarlet furnished, with the curtains and everything. With a fireplace and some wooden chairs and desks, it was perfect and looked so comfortable. It was big and it was a good place to study in - now I'm feeling like Alex. 

After sitting a bit in this room I decided to go get a dormitory. 

"Hey, would you like sharing our dormitory?" James asked me. I really liked this boy.

"Sure, I'd love to." I said as I got my suitcases and put them in there. The dormitory fitted four people, but it also could fit five.

"Hey Prongs, put your broom under the bed, we need space." Remus said. 

"Your broom?" I asked laughing. "What? do you like - sweep the room?" 

Everyone looked at me with shock, then they all burst out laughing. What did I say? The boys couldn't stop laughing. 

"You - Are you - Oh my god you're -" James said through laughter, they weren't even able to say a decent sentence. 

When they finally calmed down Remus began talking, 

"God! Are you serious?" 

It was a chance to make a joke and I took that chance. 

"No! I've already told you I'm Kyle guys!" I said. "He's Sirius!" Once again, the four boys burst laughing, I laughed too, but I still needed to know what made them laugh the first time. 

"Gosh, you're so funny!" Sirius said. "Good one, good one." 

"Thanks. But siriusly guys what made you laugh the first time?" I said.

"We ride them, and fly." Said James. 

"Wait till you see James play Quidditch." Peter said. "He's the seeker." He said nodding. I looked at him puzzled and the boys all looked at him in underestimation."What?" 

"He doesn't know we ride on brooms and you expect him to know about Quidditch and what a seeker is?" James asked. 

"Oh." Peter said. 

"So?" I asked them.

"It's a game that we play, when we watch a match of it we'll tell you about it." Said Remus. "I'll be right back guys, professor Day said that she wanted Lily and I after five minutes." He added turning to the others. 

"Hey Moony, don't forget to mention my abs for her, Lily I mean." Said James. 

Remus gave him a killing look. 

"I swear I think she already hates me James! From all of this talking to her about you and how good seeker you are." He said and then left. 

James really liked Lily! I thought. That's what made Lilly that disagreeable with Remus in the train maybe.  

"So what's up with those nicknames?" I asked. 

"Oh." They all said. 

"We-we just made them up by a coincidence and started using them usually." Sirius said. 

"Can I call you by them?" I asked. 

"Of course, mate!" They said. 


Alex's P.O.V


As we followed the prefects the doorway was a bit crowded. I saw Kyle and Lupin and the other girl prefect, but when I looked again I saw the black-haired boy who was staring at me while I was eating like an animal. I was already too embarrassed to look at him again but he made me look at him, he started talking to me. 

"Hey, Cross." I was a bit surprised, could he still remember my name from the sorting?

"Oh hello." I said blushing. 

We got out of the great hall, I tried to keep my eye contact with the prefects to know where they were heading but in the same way keep it with the boy, I failed, I just continued watching the prefects.

"Umm, it's ok, if you got lost I'll just lead you, I know every part of this castle by my heart." He said, it made me blush once more, he knew what I was thinking, did he really have to see me get embarrassed a million times?

"Oh sorry!" I said as I broke my eye contact and instead looked at him, he was better looking from this close. His black hair suited his light completion very well, his grey eyes caused me to stare and sigh, he was so charming!

"I'm Sirius, Sirius Black." He said offering me his hand to shake it. His voice. His accent. 

"And I guess you already know me, Ally." I said. 

"Yeah, Ally better than Cross." He smiled. 

"Way better." I smiled back. 

"Alright then, see you around. Don't lose your way." He said pointing at the barley-seen now prefects. I nodded and tried to follow them, we both were going up the staircase but I was following my prefects to the west and he went upstairs and waved me as he disappeared in the stairs. I ran to find the prefects and I succeeded, the prefects were now close to me, I was panting from all of the running. As we reached the door a statue of an eagle started asking us a question. 

"I am a liquid drink, 

I'm green not pink, 

I turn my drinker to,

someone they want to be.

What am I?"

It asked. "The polyjuice potion." Said the boy prefect super fast. what?  "Now each time the eagle'll ask you question only a Ravenclaw can answer, you'll have to answer it to enter our common room. It does gets a bit annoying when you're in a rush, but it's safe." 

I was really worried about the eagle's questions, they seemed magic related and I knew nothing about magic. As if reading my mind the girl prefect came to me. 

"It's ok, it'll first ask you easy questions that you can answer and then we'll teach you everything. It's better however to stay around a wizard this week, you know, just in case." She said. I nodded and followed her inside. 

The room look absolutely wonderful! It had blue and brown curtains, huge windows that let the sunshine in, a huge bookshelf, silver, brown and blue furniture and a statue of a woman wearing a tiara. I loved this room so much, it was worth answering a hard question. As I went to the woman's statue and started admiring it, I heard a voice from behind me.

"Awesome, huh?" Max came by me. 

"Yeah." I said. "Who is she?"

"Rowena Ravenclaw, the wise and smart founder of Hogwarts." 

"Wow, she has the looks and the brains then." 

"mhmm. Don't you wanna see who you're sharing a dormitory with?" she asked,

"Yeah, well ... I don't know, I'm not a very outgoing person, so I'll stay with the one without a partner." I said sadly. 

"Why don't you share it with me?" she suggested.

"Really? I don't know .. what about your friends?"

"My best friend's a boy, and we can't share a dormitory with a boy." she said rolling her eyes. "So what d'you say?" 

"yeah, of course." 

"Great, we'll be sharing it with two other girls they're twins, Lara and Clara. You're gonna like them they're awesome." 

"Where were they sitting in the great hall?" I asked. 

"With their boyfriends." 

Max led me to our dormitory, the twins were already there, they looked so identical that I couldn't tell them apart. 

"Hi, I'm Lara." Said the first girl, they had a long brown hair and pretty green eyes. 

"And I'm Clara." Hes sister said. 

The girls and I talked a bit and then it was time to go to sleep. We laid on our beds, they were bunk beds and I took the loft. I got my eyes closed and tried to sleep, it was a bit hard.  

"Psst, hey Ally." I heard Max whisper from the other loft bed next to me. 

"Yeah?" I whispered back.

"Urmm, I saw you talking to that Sirius boy and, well ... I just think you should know that he's player, not the perfect lover to get." 

what? what was she talking about? Was my attraction to his appearance that clear?

"Urmm, what do you mean? I'm not like in love with him or something." I said honestly. 

"Yeah I know, but you'll soon have a crush on him, almost every girl does to one of those four boys. They call themselves the Marauders, I once heard. They're really mischievous and they're absolutely awesome." 

"Ooh, sounds like you're one of these girls." I said joking and laughing in a very low voice. 

"Shut up." Max said as she threw a pillow on me. There was a pause then she spoke again, "The prefect boy, Remus is pretty hot. Not to mention being the prefect and with a mind like his, I wonder how he's not a Ravenclaw. But his mother's sick and he goes to see her every month." 

I smiled and Max and I tried to sleep, I really was very happy that Max was relieved to tell me she had a crush on a boy in my first day, sounds like we're gonna be good friends.



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