A Magical Month (The Battle of the Fandoms competition)

(Re-uploading for the competition)
1975 ... Alex and her best friend Kyle's school decides to make their student exchange program with a a very strange school, a school that teaches REAL magic - it's called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Alex goes to the Ravenclaw house and Kyle goes to Gryffindor, they meet cool people.
When Alex meets Sirius Black and Kyle meets Clara Patel they discover another type of magic that happens in Hogwarts and another reason to get sparks without even using a wand - they start falling for each other.


17. The Game

Clara's P.O.V


"Are you ready now to play Quidditch?" I asked Kyle. 

"Yes!" He said enthusiastically. We ran with the others to the Quidditch Field again. As we reached the field Sirius began talking to us all.

"Now listen, we can't play a game since there are only four pares of us and each pair is going to share a broom. However, each one of us will try Seeking, Chasing, Keeping and Beating. Now the first time Clara and Kyle will be the Keepers, Bella and -what's your name?" He asked a boy from the guests. 


"All right. Bella and Tom will be the Beaters. Remus and Max will be the Chasers and Ally and I the Seekers." Sirius continued. 

We had to do this for a while then we'll change things a bit. I saw Max blush a bit and say to Remus. 

"We're a pair?" In a voice that was nearly a whisper. Then I saw Remus nodding for her. And I looked at Kyle, finally we were going to play together. 

"Shall we?" I offered him as I got a broom. 

"You did promise me to fly with me didn't you?" he said chuckling.

"I did promise you." 

Now came the hard part, well not really hard, or awkward but ... well I can't really describe it. Was it awkward? Maybe. We had to sit on the broom and how exactly could we both sit on it without, erm ... touching, I had no idea. So I decided to ride first and then as I had the broom flying with me inches from the ground Kyle sat on the broom gently, doing his best not to get too close to me and touch me so things wont get awkward. More awkward. 

At first it worked all right, but when I asked Kyle if he was ready to fly and he said he was he got closer. I also told him to. 

"Hold on tight. Grab my shirt if you like, or -" 

"May I?" He asked as he put his hands around my waist. I blushed so much. Butterflies filled my stomach. It wasn't awkward anymore, it was nice. 

As we got faster we got closer, we could hardly hear each other's voices but we did. The wind kept on getting my hair in Kyle's face, it took him a long time before he complained. 

"Urm, Clara. You're hair's kinda covering my face." I laughed a lot that I almost fell from the broom. If Kyle wasn't holding My waist I'm sure I would've.

"You could've told me from the beginning." Now we were halfway to the goalposts. So I made a bun with my hair without using a rubber. Now we finally reached the goal posts. I tuned my face and it almost hit his, we were so close now and it felt so awesome. "As a reminder, the Keeper's job is to guard the goalposts. Now you have to learn how to balance." I placed one of my hands on his and felt a shock of how daring I was by doing this. "Try to take one of your hands off of my waist." I whispered. 

"Do I have to?" He asked joking. 

"Well are you happy like this?" 

"Very. Your waist is comfortable, you know. A bit slim, but still comfortable." This made me laugh. 

"Is this a complement I hear from you Mr. Alford." 

"You remember my last name?" How could I forget when I thought about him so many times in the day. Actually I thought about Kyle more than I ever thought about my ex-boyfriend of any of my exes. What I felt towards him was - stranger. Better, even maybe. As I nodded he continued. 

"It is indeed, Miss Patel." I did blush again, but I also giggled.

"come on!" Sirius yelled and the game started. 

"Now listen, we aren't going to stop any Quaffle from entering the goalpost if you didn't help me with your hands."

"Oh right." He said taking his hands off of me. It made me feel a bit sad. I liked them being there, I felt - secured. 

"Work on your balance." And he tried. Yes, he almost fell -which made me laugh so hard- but he didn't. A Quaffle headed towards us, thrown by Remus and Max. I moved very fast to the goalpost that was on my right, but these two people were both wizards and they were both good. So we failed. 

"Well on the positive way I didn't fall on my face." Kyle said causing me to laugh. 

When they tossed the Quaffel again -and got hit by a Bludger- Kyle caught it and without even landing I twisted myself and almost hugged him laughing. 

"Well you did it." I said. "Now let's see if Max's all right."


Max's P.O.V


"Max. Max are you ok?" I heard a faint of a very beautiful voice. A voice that I've imagined talking to me so many times before I went to bed. As I tried to open my eyes and succeeded I found out who it was. In addition to the seven people surrounding my body and not letting me to breathe properly was Remus. As I opened my eyes I heard him sigh. 

"Thank god!" He said carrying me up. Well it was one of two options; ether I was just dreaming or I was in heaven. Dead. But since everything around me felt real, I found out it was reality. 

"I'm so sorry I did try to block it but I couldn't." Tom said. 

"Ok. it's ok." I said barely audible. My mouth still a bit dry. "Water." I said. And as Remus let someone bring me a glass of water I remembered what happened. Remus and I were both joking and laughing, it was my turn to throw the Quaffle and as I threw it I saw Tom and Bella get very close to me, trying to get a Bludger out of my way. What I also remember is that after they came very close, they suddenly flew away, causing the Bludger to hit my skull and make me faint. 

"Well at least now I'm better looking than you." Remus said. It was all so amazing. This was probably the first time Remus and I got so close that we started laughing and joking. Well after we discovered that we were paired together, we decided to make a good team. 

"I doubt it, Lupin." I said, my voice still shaking a bit. It wasn't a bad injury, I could continue playing just after a couple of seconds. We both laughed. "I can continue playing, just let's take a break for just a couple of seconds." I said. 

"All right." Remus said. "Lay here." He said as he sat on the ground and then tapped his laps. "Put your head on my lap." And so I did, all shyly and everything. As blinked and opened my eyes again I found Remus still there and was sure it was reality. I smiled and tried to rest. 


Alex's P.O.V


After Max was fully rested we continued our game. Sirius and I were still the Seekers, not for a long time though. So far it was so great, we were probably the most comfortable team together. Probably because we're the only ones who've done this before. This time SIrius was faster than the last time. It caused me to wrap my arms around his waist tightly. We kept on searching for the Snitch, oh this little Snitch. 

"Here it is!" I heard Sirius say before the wind's voice covered his and he wasn't audible anymore. This time he got so fast that I actually screamed. 

"Don't stop!" I told him even that I just screamed and almost shut my eyes. Then I saw it! Golden and small. It's wings waving so fast. When Sirius was so close to it he opened his hand. 

"try to catch it." He yelled.

"All right." I yelled back. I opened my hand and Sirius got the broom so close to the Snitch that he could catch it but didn't so that I would. So I concentrated very hard on it and - I caught it!

"I CAUGHT IT! I DID IT!" I yelled. and just then I heard Sirius sigh and we slowed down so much and then landed on the floor. 

"pfft! That wasn't a long time you took to catch it, you should really be a Seeker." He said.

"Yeah, right. Only if I could fly." 

"You can be a Seeker in your own Muggle way. Well make a team. I fly and you catch it."

"Pretty awesome." I smiled at the thought of us playing matches together. "It really would be."

Now we were back to our feet, and so was everyone else. 

"Just one more game." Sirius said. 

"We'll be the Chasers this time." Kyle said. 

"And we'll be the Seekers." Max said. 

"Ok so well be the...?" Sirius asked me. 

"Urrm, I don't know Keepers?" 

"Alright. We'll be the Keepers and Tom and Bella will still be the Beaters, alright?" As everyone agreed we started the next game. 


Kyle's P.O.V


Since we were the only Chasers we just had to throw the Quaffle and hope it'll get into the goalpost. It wasn't so much fun when you think about it this way, but in reality and with Clara it was absolutely fun.

"I'll sit behind you this time."

"Can you fly when you're in the back?" 

"It's not that hard if you let me see clearly." She said. So she sat behind me and we started the game. I let her throw the Quaffle before me, Alex and Sirius were so good, they blocked almost all of our Quaffles. I threw it once and it wasn't going to get in the goalpost if Sirius didn't move in the opposite direction. We laughed so much at the silliness of the situation. All of us but Max and Remus. They seemed like they were in their own world as Seekers. Looking for the Snitch. We stopped to laugh just in time, the Snitch was so close to them that they had to slow down to catch it. And the game ended. 

Even that Clara was the reason the broom was flying when we almost reached the ground and I jumped off it and helped her down. 

"What a good time I had!" Alex said.

"Really I had a blast!" Clara agreed. 

"The most fun part was knocking my head with the Bludger, though." Said Max sarcastically. We all laughed, remembering the small incident. 

"Shouldn't you visit the hospital wing or something? Madam Pomfrey could help you if you're still in pain." Remus suggested, but Max just shoved her hand and said. 

"Nah, I'm fine." We were having so much fun that we forgot that we still had classes today, our next class was after 45 minutes. So was Alex's, Max's and Clara's. 

As a good-bye I took Clara's arm and talked to her alone. 

"Today was really special." She said. 

"Indeed it was. Thank you for - teaching me." I said, she giggled. 

"I'm a good flier, but I'm not a good Quidditch player so.."

"No, you were perfect." I said. And I gave her a gently kiss on her cheek. "Bye."

"Bye." She whispered before she left smiling beautifully, her eyes sparkling a lot. 

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