A Magical Month (The Battle of the Fandoms competition)

(Re-uploading for the competition)
1975 ... Alex and her best friend Kyle's school decides to make their student exchange program with a a very strange school, a school that teaches REAL magic - it's called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Alex goes to the Ravenclaw house and Kyle goes to Gryffindor, they meet cool people.
When Alex meets Sirius Black and Kyle meets Clara Patel they discover another type of magic that happens in Hogwarts and another reason to get sparks without even using a wand - they start falling for each other.


33. The Forbidden Forest

Max's P.O.V



"I can't believe how romantic Sirius is. He doesn't seem that romantic!" I said after Alex finished telling us about what happened last night with her and Sirius. "I don't even believe he acted like this with any other girl previously." 

"He's just so adorable." She said hugging a pillow. 

"Well, Remus and I had a laugh yesterday, it was all so funny."

"Did you two kiss in the bus?!"

"Umm, yeah. Why?"

"I knew it!"

"Merlin's bear Alex! I was on top of him!" I said. Alex just giggled. 

"You two are so adorable." I smiled. Alex and I both looked at Clara, waiting for her to talk. 

"I was such a good actress in the bus, wasn't I?" She finally said smirking.

"You mean .. you wasn't scared at all?" I asked. 

"Of course I was scared, the ride was horrifying! But I have to admit I did act more scared than I was. You know, just so he can hold me close and stuff." She said.

"And you got what wanted at last! Girl, you're so good!" Alex said laughing a bit. 

"Thank you." Said Clara a bit too proudly that I rolled my eyes. 

It was evening now, and we still had one more class. Astronomy. We couldn't talk in the morning because Lara was stuck to us nearly all of the time and I honestly don't like to talk to her about my love life. Clara was ok though. 

"You know who we have the class with?" Alex said playing with her blonde hair and curling it with her hands. 

"Who? I think with the Hufflepuffs?" Clara said uncertainly. 

"Wrong. The Gryffindors." 


James's P.O.V

We woke up early this morning. Well, early for sleeping at 4 am. I'm still too sleepy, but since it's Astronomy I dosed off many times, because we're at the Astronomy tower it's always dark there. 

Yesterday's adventure was so amazing, but I still feel like doing something else tonight. Something more risky. Maybe a visit to the Forbidden Forest would be fun. 

"Moony." I whisper-called. 

"What? It's all about the stars!" He answered me. 

"What? Never mind. Padfoot." I called again and Padfoot turned to me instantly. 

"Do you seriously get anything she's saying? I really want to drop Astronomy next year." 

"Yeah, I may drop it too. Listen, what do you think about going to the Forbidden Forest tonight?" I asked him. 

"I dunno, ask Kyle about it." 

"Kyle!" I called this time a bit louder.


"I wanna ask you something."

"Seriously Prongs if you don't understand what she's saying you should ask Moony, I'm not the perfect one to answer you." Kyle said. What was wrong with them? Was I the only one who couldn't even hear a word the professor was saying? They were all thinking about the class and I was the only one with the mischievous mind ready.

"No, not about the class. I was thinking about going to the Forbidden Forest tonight, what do you think about that?"

"Wait, aren't we not allowed to go there?" He asked a bit puzzled. I raised both my eyebrows for him until he said, "Oh! And that's what makes going there more fun. Alright, let us." 

Great. The only thing we needed was now to get Remus to go with us. Peter would do anything we do. 


Sirius's P.O.V


"No. It's the forbidden forest you're talking about! Remember what happened last time we planned to go there? And besides, I have loads of homework to do." Remus said. 

Yeah well, convincing Remus to go with us to the Forbidden Forest turned out to be harder than usual. He always objects, but this time it was more offensive. We've been trying to convince him for about half an hour, here in our dorm. 

"Oh come on Remus! The first time Kyle wasn't with us, he never saw the Forbidden Forest!" I said trying to convince him. 

"Wormtail will do your homework!" James said. 

"HEY!" Peter said. 

"As if I'd trust any of you with my homework." Remus said. 




We almost got smacked by the Whomping Willow when we passed it, but somehow managed not to, finding our way to the Forbidden Forest. The night was cold and the forest was dark, it's a good thing we brought our wands with us. 

"Welcome to the Forbidden Forest." I said patting Kyle's shoulder. 

"Lumos" I said. My wand gave me the light I needed and the others followed my act. James decided to lead us, so we started following him partly. James kept on walking and so did we.

"Where are you leading us?" I asked him finally. 

"Let's meet some of the centaurs. Remember the ones we almost made friends with?"

"Who? Bane? I don't think he'll be so pleased to see us, especially when it's the middle of the night." I said. 

"Oh come on, he'll be thrilled!" James said. Well at least we'll show Kyle the centaurs. 


Kyle's P.O.V

This place was as creepy as hell. I wonder how I've managed not to pee in my pants, it's so freaking dark even with the boys' wands illuminating all around us. James was leading us to the unknown, he said something about a centaur called Bane, but I have't got a clue about what he's talking. There were many voices, voices of beasts and owls. Creepy voices that I decided at last to try to ignore, but never succeeded.

"At last! Here they are!" James said. 

"Umm, James I think you should be a bit quiet." I said. 

"What a lovely night, good evening everyone!" He said instead. 

"What are you doing here?!" Said a creature that had a horse's body and a human's face. Well, not completely human's face but it was the closest thing to a human. A very hairy human. 

"Well, we just thought we'd come here and say hello. We have a new muggle friend with us."

"Muggles don't treat us good, take him away." The centaur said. 

"Why? I mean, I actually would never hurt you." I said finally. "I'm the muggle, Kyle, nice to meet you." I said taking a step forward. 

"Ronan. Sorry Kyle, but I cannot give you my trust. I can barely even give it to your friends here."

"Where's Bane?" Sirius asked. "Come on, you know we're just here to have fun, we won't do any harm for any of you!" 

"Alright, I shall call him for you." The centaur said before disappearing in the darkness. 

"Great." Said Sirius more to us than to him. "Are you happy now Prongs?"

"What? At least we're gonna meet Bane again." James said. 

"Kyle Alford. The stars told me you were coming." Another centaur came out of the darkness. It must've been Bane. I was honestly in shock. He knew me. 

"Wow." I managed to say. 

"Centaurs are really good in both Divination and Astronomy." He explained. "I wish not to keep the conversation long, although I would like to warn you Kyle, be careful of the Hippogriff and try to find its foible. You’re a brave man, you must remember that." And then he also disappeared. Okay, that was both creepy and weird. I looked at the guys for explanation but they were as clueless as me. I had no idea what a Hippogriff was, and I had no idea about the advice the centaur just gave me. 

We continued walking, none of us saying any word at all. But then I saw a very strange creature. It was a horse, but it had a dragon's wings. I looked at it with my mouth wide open. 

"Hey guys, what is this creature?" It was probably asleep. Well, whether that or it didn't notice us, and I'd really prefer if it was asleep. 

"What creature, Kyle?" James asked. 

"Over there!" I said pointing right at it. 

"There's nothing over there." Sirius said. 

"Of course there is! This horse with the dragon's wings!" I explained. They started searching for it.

"Oh! Can you see a Thestral, Kyle?" Remus said. 

Yes, we managed at last to grab Remus out with us. He was really cross at first, but he's doing alright now. 

"I don't even know what a Thestral is. Is it called a Thestral?" I asked. 

"Yeah, well .. Not everyone can see this creature and - I never knew muggles could also see it. Only a one who've seen death can see them." 

"Oh." I said.

"So who was it?" James asked. 

"My - my grandfather." I said and swallowed. This memory was not at all pleasant for me. It was one of the worst memories I've ever had. After my grandfather passed away, I kept on having nightmares about him for like a month. Always seeing him die in front of me. It was really bad. 

"I'd really like it if we stayed as far as possible from this creature. It's quite dangerous. Where is it Kyle?" Remus asked. 

"Not that far, we should go to the left." I said. 

Remus then started acting strangely. Just like the night he turned into a wolf. 

"Guys... I think I forgot to take the potion today." We all looked at him in shock and horror. No. Not now. Not here. 

"Then let's get out of here as fast as possible!" James said.

We started running like crazy, and running in here was a very stupid idea. I stumbled and fell on my face, I tried to catch up with them but I had to scream for them to notice me. Yeah, that was also a dumb thing of me to do. After I screamed for them, they did slow down but I think I heard more voices in the forest than ever. I started panicking.  We were surrounded by beasts, in this forest. Most of them were awaken by now; if not by the sound of our running, by my scream. Plus, we had a werewolf with us that was turning into a wolf in any second. 

Things started to get worse. Remus was turning into a wolf, and now my scream was nothing to his yells. This was a nightmare. Transforming, Remus was now a werewolf and I just stood there not certain what to do exactly. But then I saw something ..

This creature had the head, wings and  front legs of an eagle and two hind legs and tail of a horse. It gave a huge roar and the last thing Sirius and James said before transforming into their animagus selves was, 

"The Hippogriff!"


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