A Magical Month (The Battle of the Fandoms competition)

(Re-uploading for the competition)
1975 ... Alex and her best friend Kyle's school decides to make their student exchange program with a a very strange school, a school that teaches REAL magic - it's called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Alex goes to the Ravenclaw house and Kyle goes to Gryffindor, they meet cool people.
When Alex meets Sirius Black and Kyle meets Clara Patel they discover another type of magic that happens in Hogwarts and another reason to get sparks without even using a wand - they start falling for each other.


22. One of Us

Max's P.O.V


I was still waiting for the boys to come back. I was sleepy, very very sleepy. I'm pretty sure I snoozed many times, but it's a good thing Kyle was with me, he kept on waking me up. At last I found the dormitory's door burst open. Remus, Sirius, Peter and James all got in, looking very exhausted and even covered with some scratches. I found myself on my feet and went for them trying to help them. Remus was the most exhausted one of them! No wonder, he's the one who transformed into a werewolf. I placed his arm around my shoulder and Sirius had Remus's other arm around his shoulder. We half carried him to the bed and then he laid there, not saying a word, just panting, his eyes very tired and sleepy. I didn't talk for a while, no body did. But then I found my voice whispering to Remus, 

"Are you alright?" As I touched his scratches with my hands sadly. It took him a while to respond but when he did he smiled weakly and nodded. 

"Yeah, yeah I'm alright." He then paused. "I'm sorry, Max - I'm sorry Kyle. I'm sorry for letting you see this." 

Kyle and I exchanged looks before we replied. 

"Come on, mate! It's ok!" 

"I was upset you haven't told me about this before." I said. "Is this why you refused to date me? You were afraid that I would dumb you for being a werewolf or that-"

"Max, I'm dangerous!" Remus cut me off. 

"And I can take the risk." I said as I sat by his side.

"What?" Remus asked. James cleared his throat and I suddenly remembered that they were in the room with us. 

"So guys, let's go to - to sleep." He said. They all went to their beds and I didn't move. 

"I can take the risk. It's worth it. You're worth it." I whispered again before I go kissed by Remus, a very strong, passionate kiss. I broke it so he can breathe and looked at his eyes. His beautiful eyes that transformed into a wolf's last night. My heart was pondering and I couldn't believe what just happened. I smiled and left them to sleep. As I closed the door behind me I started running to my dormitory excited. This was absolutely amazing. 



Alex's P.O.V


I heard the dormitory's door close and I opened my eyes slightly to see who it was. I was asleep, but I could hear it. Where has Max been?

"Go back to sleep, go back to sleep." She whispered as she saw me opening my eyes.

"Where have you been?" I asked refusing to obey. 

"It - it's a long story, I may be able to tell you about it later. Now go back to sleep and I will too. We need to wake up early, today's Hogsmeade's trip and we don't want to miss it." She changed her clothes into a nightgown and laid in her bed. Smiling to herself stupidly. Something has happened last night and I really wanna know what it is, but now - I'm just too sleepy. I closed my eyes again and went back to sleep. Hogsmeade, I was going to Hogsmeade today.


Sirius's P.O.V


"So, you think it's still going to be a secret?" I asked from my bed. 

"Maybe, I don't know. I don't care anymore." Moony said. 

"Do you think it would be ok if Lily knew about this. She can keep a secret, you know."

"You want to tell her all about this just so you can tell her your animagus?" I asked. James looked a bit ashamed as he said yes. Moony sighed and then said, 

"It's ok, I trust Lily. You can tell her. Kyle you can also tell Alex of you want. Now that Sirius is dating her-"

"Not yet."

"But you will be today." James said. 

"Anyway, things will get very complicated when she's around and  she differently should know. And since she's our friend and you'r best friend Kyle, and you're one of us now - and she's really good, I think we can trust her, right?

"Yeah, you sure can!" Kyle said. "But what did you mean by one of us?"


Kyle's P.O.V


One of us. I didn't know what he meant exactly, but these words were so great. 

"One of us, you're the fifth Marauder - haven't you noticed?" Sirius said. 

"Well, you had to know about this whole us-being-animagus-and-Remus-a-werewolf thing to be officially a Marauder and now that you do - you're officially one of us." James said.

Happiness filled my chest, I really liked these guys and now they were treating me like I was one of them. They were pretty cool and I really loved them.

"What a pleasure!" I said. "Thank you guys." I smiled. 

"Well you deserve it. Plus, we know you're mischievous enough - we can feel it." Said Sirius winking. We laughed but then as Moony yawned reminding us how sleepy we were, we decided to finally go back to sleep, because tomorrow was going to be a big day.


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