A Magical Month (The Battle of the Fandoms competition)

(Re-uploading for the competition)
1975 ... Alex and her best friend Kyle's school decides to make their student exchange program with a a very strange school, a school that teaches REAL magic - it's called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Alex goes to the Ravenclaw house and Kyle goes to Gryffindor, they meet cool people.
When Alex meets Sirius Black and Kyle meets Clara Patel they discover another type of magic that happens in Hogwarts and another reason to get sparks without even using a wand - they start falling for each other.


57. Leaving Hogwarts


Hey everyone!!! 

So I just wanted to tell you that this is the last chapter of this book ='( ..

I hope you like it.. give me your opinion in a comment..


Kyle's P.O.V

There was a great energy in the Great Hall, everyone talking, most people were sad, sad that they had to leave. Just then, professor Dumbledore stood up and everyone stopped talking, waiting to hear what he's got to say. 

"Good afternoon, everyone. I shall make my speech not so long, we don't want our guests to get late for their train. My words are for the guests now, I want you to know what an honor it's been for us to have you in here at Hogwarts. I shall also tell you, that the rest of the professors and I have enjoyed your company so much, and that we were really ecstatic to meet you and have you around every day for a whole month. I can see that some of you have made friends, and I am really proud of that. I can also see that some of you have not only found friendship at Hogwarts, but has also, found love. Remember everyone, that love and friendship are the most important things we can find in life, we should always be loyal to those we love, and we should never leave them. In your case, I know you have to leave the ones you love, whether as friends or more, but you should always try to meet each other, in a way or another. I want you to know that you've all been Hogwarts students, whether you stayed for a month, a week or a year, we'll always remember you.

“Now my speech is for everyone, Cambridge School's teachers and we have worked on a muggle's device called a camera. It's a very fascinating thing really, it captures the moment and saves it in a picture forever. It's just like paintings but maybe better. I just didn't like one thing about it, people cannot move like in the paintings we have in the wizarding world, so what we did was a magical camera that can take moving pictures instead of non-moving ones, and now I want to ask everyone who would like to be a part of the photo to come here and stand by me. Come on, don't be shy." 

And just then many Hogwarts students went to stand by the professor's table, which was now empty because they all stood by professor Dumbledore. Everyone from our school wanted to be in the picture so we all went there while Mr. Blake held the camera and stood ahead of us, 

"Everyone say cheese, wave your hands and smile." 

"Why should we say cheese?" Clara said, she stood next to me. 

"It's a muggles' thing." I said laughing a bit.

"Cheese." Everyone said. Then came the light of flash and Mr. Blake said, 

"Alright, now - time to leave." Everyone started hugging each other, and I immediately looked at Clara.

"It's really goodbye now, isn't it?" She whispered her eyes full of tears. Kissing her in front of all of the professors didn't seem right, so instead I gave her a great hug. Her fingers ran though my hair and my hands wrapped around her waist. I was going to miss her so bad! Then I faced the marauders.

"We're gonna miss you mate, but now we'll have a marauder far away from us, remember this, you'll always be one of us, and you'll always be the fifth marauder." James said. I gave him a bro hug, and then started saying goodbye to everyone else I knew from Hogwarts. 



Alex's P.O.V


We were leaving now, I really couldn't believe it. Even that the hall was full of professors Sirius gave me a small kiss and then hugged me tightly. My tears started falling down on his shoulder. "Sirius I'm gonna miss you so much." 

We separated and he looked desperately in my eyes then pushed my hair behind my ear. "Say my name again, I'll miss hearing it from you, Ally."

"I love you, Sirius." I said. I started hugging the other marauders, including Peter. I started hugging everyone I knew, telling them and meaning, how much I'll miss them. Then Max and Clara both came to me, tears in their eyes. 

"use the owl to write for us!" Clara said. 

"Damn it! Visit us again, Alex! Just do your best, ask anyone and the'll tell you were my house is." Max said. I smiled.

"I'll do my best." I said hugging her tightly again. 

Then Kyle came to me, I walked with him. Our stuff were all by the Great Hall's door, magically transported from our dorms. We carried our stuff and then we went out of Hogwarts. I was still crying a bit. The train waited for us outside, I took a last look at Hogwarts and saw Sirius, Max, Clara and the others waving for us from the castle. I blew them a kiss and smiled. 

"Goodbye Hogwarts." I said under my breath. 




Kyle offered me his hand, the plane was taking off, and he knows how I get nervous while taking off and landing. This trip was as exhausting as the first one, I wished I had Sirius and the girls with me, but it was ok, I still had Kyle by my side. I took his hand and squeezed it. 

"Thank you Kyle." I said smiling a bit. He gave me a friendly kiss on the cheek. 

"you're welcome." 

After a while of silence I finally managed to ask.

"Hey Kyle,"


"do you think we'll ever meet them again?" He didn't say anything for a while, and I started to suspect he was going to answer me. 

"I don't know, Ally." He answered at last. "I don't know." 

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