A Magical Month (The Battle of the Fandoms competition)

(Re-uploading for the competition)
1975 ... Alex and her best friend Kyle's school decides to make their student exchange program with a a very strange school, a school that teaches REAL magic - it's called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Alex goes to the Ravenclaw house and Kyle goes to Gryffindor, they meet cool people.
When Alex meets Sirius Black and Kyle meets Clara Patel they discover another type of magic that happens in Hogwarts and another reason to get sparks without even using a wand - they start falling for each other.


20. A Secret

Alex's P.O.V


I opened my eyes and found my head laying on Sirius's chest. I slept here last night, not in my dormitory! I looked at Sirius and heard his voice whispering to me, 

"Awake, beautiful?" Just hearing his voice made me have so many feelings, but hearing him call me beautiful was something else. It was the first time for me to realize how amazing his accent was. 

I smiled at him and nodded. 

"We slept here all night?" I asked him. The sky above us wasn't dark anymore, it was like the enchanted sky of the Great Hall, like the sky outside. So it was apparently morning now. Sirius nodded. "Did you sleep well?" I asked. 

"Well, you were by my side - apparently, my night was perfect." I blushed. 

"You're perfect.". 

Sirius gave me a morning kiss. 

"When's you're first class?" He asked me.

"It's not until eleven. What about you?"

"Well, since we don't know what time it is I think it's pretty soon." I got disappointed. I wanted to spend more time with him. "Sorry."

He added as he saw me like this. "But at the break time I'll meet you in my and my friends' place, remember where Snape's fight happened?" I laughed as I remembered how much I hated Sirius and James then. 

"Yeah, alright. I'll meet you there." And we both left, Sirius to his common room and I to mine. Even that I did want to spend time with Sirius, I wanted to see Max so bad. And I wanted to see Kyle too, it's the first time something this big happens to me without Kyle not knowing about it. Kyle and I tell each other everything. When it comes to dating and stuff it takes us a while to do, but at last we do. Somehow I felt like I had to tell Kyle about this, maybe because it's not our school, maybe because Sirius was Kyle's friend, I don't know why. As I hurried to the common room, answered the eagle's question and got in. Nearly no body was in the common room, so after I said good morning to these few people I went to my dormitory. It was eight o'clock, Max, Clara and Lara were all asleep. I went to Max first.

"Max. MAX!" I sang.

"What do you want?" She asked covering her face with a pillow. 

"You don't wanna know what happened with me and Sirius last night? Alright then." I said as I took the pillow off of her face. 

"Wait, you're Alex? Don't go! Tell me everything!" She said suddenly waking up. Apparently I did know her enough to know how to wake her up. 


Clara's P.O.V


"Awwwwwwhh!! This is so cute!" Max said after Alex finished telling us about what happened with her last night and why she didn't sleep here. Lara and I were both in our beds, listening to her story. 

"He's perfect." Alex said. Although I wasn't very supportive for this love story to happen -and I know Max wasn't too- but now that it happened I really think Sirius isn't just doing all of this to have some fun. Sirius has fallen for Alex. It's strange when you think about it, she came from a very far place and she's not even a witch, but she stole his heart.

"It's very romantic. You two are very lucky." 

"Speaking of the romance, what happened with you and Kyle?" Alex asked me. 

"Nothing after the Quidditch game happened." I said sadly. 

"Kyle's a bit shy when it comes to girls, so don't blame him." Alex said. I nodded. I wonder if he likes me like I like him.


Remus's P.O.V


Max was the only thing on my mind at day and night, but I shouldn't be thinking about her, especially in my case. I mean I'm too dangerous for her, I don't deserve the love she has for me, because being what I am, I might loose control over myself and hurt her, the thought of me doing that just sickens me to death! And I have to admit, I'm too shy for my own good. 

Merlin's Beard! it's already 3:00 PM, I have Double Transfiguration with the Ravenclaws, which means I'm going to see my Max. I mean just Max, she can't be mine, not now anyway.
As I was walking I got more and more tiered, I guess it's probably because the full moon is in two days, god! my life truly sucks! Thank god I made it to class in time, as I got in and took my seat I noticed that Max was sitting by the window with Alex, Clara and Lara. God she looked so beautiful with the sun shining on her hair making it glow, and her
skin looked perfect. 
I really waned her to be mine. I kept staring at her not bothering to pay attention for class for the first time in my life. And as I was staring at her, my eyes connected with hers for a brief moment and I forgot how to breath. What a hopeless Romantic I am, loving the girl I know I can't have.
Max broke the eye contact suddenly, her cheeks blushing a deep shade of Maroon. How Cute, she's literally the cutest creature I have seen in my entire life.
Suddenly I heard the muggles clapping with amazed expressions, so I turned my head and realized that Professor McGonagall has just transformed herself into a cat, I love that McGonagall , she can be really fun at times.


Max's P.O.V


We were having dinner now, Clara, Alex and I were at the Gryffindor's table, dining with the Marauders. Lily was with them. I had so much going in my mind that I barely ate well. I kept on thinking about how I caught Remus staring at me in the Transfiguration class, I hope I didn't blush too much. But how long was this going to last? I really like him so so much! And maybe he likes me a bit too, so why don't we try go on a date. If he only asked me to! Suddenly I left my plate. 

"Lupin." I cleared my throat. "Remus." I corrected. The last thing I wanted was being formal. Remus looked at me a bit surprised, I don't know why. "Can we talk - alone?" Everyone who sat with us looked at me, some smiling and some just shocked. 


So we got out of the Great Hall and went to an uncrowded place. I took a deep breath. I had to so this very fast because I would hesitate later and won't do it. 

"Look, since you're not planning to ask me out on a date .. urm, I - I was thinking if we could go to Hogsmeade as a couple? Maybe go on a date there or something." Then very fast I added. "It's ok, if you don't want to just tell me. But please say anything!" He didn't talk. He looked - guilty. I looked at him confused. "Please say something." I begged one last time before I figured out that he didn't have anything to say as a respond. He clearly didn't feel the same way about me, or maybe he asked someone else out. I turned away, trying to leave before I felt someone grabbing my arm. 

"I want to ask you out on a date, I really want to Max, but - I'm sure you deserve someone better than me."

"What do you mean better than you? There is no one better than you for me!" I said. 

"You don't get it, Max. You don't know me very well. There's something you should know about before you start having some feelings for me or - before we go on a date. If you want to know about it, then go to the Whomping Willow this Sunday at the night. I'm really sorry for what you'll see if you came - but please, don't tell anyone about it. It's supposed to be a secret." And these were the last words I heard from him before he left. His eyes were a bit teary or was I just imagining it? What was he talking about? I was just staring at the ground, trying to know what he meant by all of this, but nothing seemed to be clear for me. I guess I had to go and see myself at Sunday.




Hey guys,

Well I just wanted to tell you that Lupin's P.O.V was written by my special friend Nowarah.Al-Nahar .. So thank you Nowarah I really liked it so much .

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