Diana has been suffering with depression for years. Scars line her arms and ankles. She's kept them all hidden behind her pants and long-sleeves. How long can she keep up the brave face?


13. True friends.

Niall's POV:
"I warned you." I yelled as my fist slammed against his face again. 
As he fell to the ground my focus went straight over to Diana. She was passed out on the ground naked. There was blood and she looked beaten. I was so angry and I knew I wasn't the only one. Harry ran over to her and took off his shirt then put he in it. I motioned him to let me carry her. We took her to my house, once my mom seen her she started freaking. She told me to take her up to my room and that she'd be back. She went out to the store to buy Diana some clean clothes. The boys all came rushing over when Harry called them telling them what had happened. Liam brought her a teddy bear, Zayn some chocolates, Louis brought something but wouldn't show us what. After awhile my mother had gotten back and ran upstairs. She came back down fifteen minutes later with a very weak Diana behind her. So weak but yet still so beautiful. 
"Diana!" Louis yelled which it looked like it startled her so he lowered his voice as he wrapped his arms around her hugging her small body. 
"I got you a teddy bear Di." Liam softly smiled handing it to her.
"Thanks Liam." She softly smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek.
"I got you chocolate." Zayn said handing them to her.
"Thank you Mr.Malik." She giggled then kissed his cheek.
Louis whispered in her ear and she blushed smiling. She hugged him then kissed his cheek. I wonder what he gave her. Harry softly rubbed the back of her head and smiled at her. She smiled at him then turned her attention on me. 
"Hey Di....." Harry said looking down at her arms. "Are those the reason why you always wear long sleeves...?"
She looked down at her arms, she didn't freak out like she did when I found out about them. I looked at them too and realized its because there wasn't any fresh scars. I smiled to myself and leaned against the back of the couch. 
"Yes it is." She said then walked over to me. "Ni can I talk to you?" 
"Uh sure..." I said unsure and scared of what she was going to say to me. She grabbed a hold of my hand and pulled me outside. I leaned against a tree that was in my front yard. She stood in front of me, the moonlight made her look so beautiful. 
"When that was all happening to me..." She hid her hands behind her, and turned away. "I kept calling your name in my head. I wanted you to save me."
"...Really..?" I felt my face getting hot.
"Ni I think I'm in love with you." 

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