Diana has been suffering with depression for years. Scars line her arms and ankles. She's kept them all hidden behind her pants and long-sleeves. How long can she keep up the brave face?


6. Secrets behind the truth

Diana's POV:
What did he just say? Clearly I knew what he said because my face was warming up rather fast actually. My hand was still covering my mouth when I heard someone calling my name from the front yard. I got up and quickly ran out there to see Emma standing by her car waiting for me. 
"Yes Emma?" I said happy to see her.
"Did you forget about the mall already?" She smirked at me noticing the boys behind me.
"No I haven't. My parents just haven't been home to ask." I sighed and jumped up on her car hood.
"So I see you've made friends with the cute new boys." She winked at me as they came up.
"I guess you could say that." I laughed.
"Isn't Rose jealous?" She laughed back.
"Oh yeah totally. She even threw a book at the back of my head today!" I rubbed my head and made a puppy face. She just laughed then turned her attention back to the boys who were smiling at us. Harry and Niall leaned against the car by me while the other three sat down on the ground. Out of nowhere we heard a bunch of grumbling sounds. My face turned bright red, so did Harry's and Niall's. 
"Hungry much?" Louis said laughing at us. 
"Uh...maybe..." I giggled
"Let's go to Nandos!" Niall said jumping up happily.
We all agreed and headed off to Nandos. Sadly though Rose and her friends were there. They weren't so pleased to see that I didn't listen to them about staying away from the boys. My body couldn't relax being there near them so I decided to walk home. I didn't say anything to Emma or the boys, I just walked out. I starred up at the beautiful night sky, they stars shinning as bright as ever tonight. It was truly magical. Wait did I just say magical?
"It's amazing isn't it?" I heard Niall say behind me. "Truly magical." 
I turned to see him looking up at the sky, with a bubbly smile plastered on his face. The shinning stars made his blue eyes sparkle brighter which made my heart melt. He turned his head and looked down at me still smiling. I realized then that I still had his hoodie on, and that there was something about this boy that made my heart go completely nuts. I smiled at him trying to end my crazy thoughts.
"Why did you run out of Nandos like that?" He asked.
"Oh uh just didn't feel so hungry anymore..." I lied.
"Oh I see, me either." He lied.
We silently walked back to my house, I was starring at my feet while he was starring up at the sky. My heart felt like it was going to break out of chest. Like really? Once we got to my house we stood by his car, which he had left since we took Emma's and Liam's cars. I didn't know what to say or do so I nervously starred at my feet like an idiot. He opened his arms to give me a hug and I didn't waste a second. He wrapped his arms around me and I locked my arms around him. He smelt so nice, I felt my face burning up fast though. As I unlocked my arms he held me tighter.
"You know.." He whispered. "The night sky doesn't come close to your beauty." 
He let go of me and I felt my face burning fiercer now. He smiled cheekily at me then pulled my face into his and kissed my lips. As he let go and got into his car to drive home, I was frozen with a tomato red face. As his car was clearly out of sight I fell backwards on my butt smiling like a fool. Then I noticed a car a little ways down the street parked, with someone inside starring at me with a hateful look on their face. I thought I must be imaging things because that car looked exactly like....Emma's car.

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