Diana has been suffering with depression for years. Scars line her arms and ankles. She's kept them all hidden behind her pants and long-sleeves. How long can she keep up the brave face?


4. Paradise?

Diana's POV:
I woke up back at home. My head hurt like hell, I looked around and realized that no one was here. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary to be home alone actually. I groaned as the sunlight hit my eyes.  I heard someone knocking on my door, so I ran down the stairs, not realizing that I didn't have a hoodie on anymore. I opened the door to see curly hair blowing in the wind and glowing green eyes starring down at me. I smiled and moved to the side allowing him to enter. As he walked into the living room I shut the door to see myself in the mirror. I was bare. I quickly ran up the stairs and grabbed the hoodie Niall had lent me earlier. After putting it on I made my way back to Harry.
"What's up Harry?" I smiled at him as I took a seat on the couch next to him.
"I wanted to see if you were okay." He smiled at me and his eyes sparkled.
"Oh yeah I'm fine. Peachy actually." I paused and remembered 'I really like Diana'. "Actually I had this weird dream where I was still passed out but I heard two males talking and one said 'I really like Diana.' isn't that weird?" I giggled a bit feeling silly for telling him this. His eyes widened and his mouth dropped a bit before he shook it off. 
"Yeah that is weird. But just saying if it actually happened, what would you do then?" He choked out.
"Hm? Well I dunno I guess it would depend on who the guy was." I smiled at him. 
I noticed his eyes widened as he looked outside. I turned around to see the other four boys standing there smiling cheekily. My mouthed dropped open then I got up and opened the door for them. 
"Lets go play some football!" Louis said excitedly.
"Yeah!!" Harry highfived him smiling.
We all went out into my back yard and played football. Zayn had thrown me the ball and I felt myself falling backwards. I noticed that Niall had playfully tackled me. He placed his hands behind my head so that it wouldn't hit the ground, but in the process our lips touched. As we hit the ground my face was burning red. My hand slapped over my lips as we sat up. He tried covering his face with his hand but I could still tell he was blushing as well.

"Man....why do you have to be so cute like that..." I heard him mumble.

A/N: Sorry for the short chapter guys D: I hope you like this chapter though. So I'm doing a contest :) it's going to be for someone new! Just comment your name and the guy you like! :D

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