Diana has been suffering with depression for years. Scars line her arms and ankles. She's kept them all hidden behind her pants and long-sleeves. How long can she keep up the brave face?


8. Pain and Tears

Diana's POV:
I felt my heart drop and tears rushing down my cheeks. I wanted to disappear. My arms started burning and aching. Why was this happening to me? Then I heard a punch sound. I opened my eyes to see Niall and Harry on top of two guys that were over there, punching the hell out of them. Liam was holding Louis back, and Zayn had another guy pinned up against the lockers. My body started shaking. Why were they doing this?
"Hey cut it out now! All of you boys head to the office now!" A teacher yelled. 
The boys got up and started going to the office with the teacher close behind. Rose and what was left of her pose left to the lunch room. I stood there frozen in shock. I felt two hands on each of my shoulders.
"Are you alright Di?" Louis said looking at me with a worried look.
"Am I okay? I wasn't the one who got into a fight!" I almost yelled shaking.
"Don't worry about them Diana love," Liam said rubbing my back trying to comfort me.
"Yeah! They only did that because they care deeply about you!" Louis said trying to get me to smile.
"The only reason we didn't is because well you need someone to keep you company during school. Can't let you be all alone." Liam smiled at me.
That's right, they are going to be suspended because they were fighting. This is going to suck. Instead of going to the lunch room with Louis and Liam I went to the office. Harry, and Zayn were sitting in front of the security desk. Niall must have been in the back already. I walked up to them, they had scrapes and bruises on their faces. I wanted to burst out crying again but I shoved it off. 
"Idiots..." I mumbled to myself.
"Ah you think so?" Harry started laughing which made me a bit mad.
"Maybe so. I mean now we are leaving you..." Zayn said sinking his head in his hands.
I wrapped my arm around both of them the best I could with my little arms, and hugged them. They did all that for me, why should I be mad? 
"Mr.Styles, Mr.Malik, come in." The principal said
They nodded and headed back, then Niall came out. He had blood on his cheek, just like the others he had bruises and scrapes also. My heart broke seeing him like that. I reached out my hand to touch his cheek.
"Sorry Princess." He moaned in pain.
"You have nothing to be sorry about Niall." I kissed his cheek.
"But..." He blushed
I winked and smiled at him then headed to the cafe. I saw Liam and Louis sitting together laughing so I headed over to them. 
"Whore!" Someone yelled
"Slut!" Another one said
"How much did you pay them?" Laughed another.
I wanted to cry but I ignored them and sat down. Liam and Louis's faces were cold as stone. They glared at the table who was saying all those things. When they noticed their glares they quickly shut up. I smiled to myself. The last few classes went by quickly. I walked home half way with Louis then the rest of the way alone. 

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