Diana has been suffering with depression for years. Scars line her arms and ankles. She's kept them all hidden behind her pants and long-sleeves. How long can she keep up the brave face?


9. New week a new look.

Diana's POV:
It was Sunday night and I was all alone....again. I decided that it was time for a change. I wanted to change the color of my hair. Since my parents hardly paid attention to me as it is I decided on red. I was so happy with the results after my shower it was awesome. I stood in my bedroom starring at myself in my long narrow mirror. It was the first time in awhile that I wore a tank top and mini shorts. I starred at my bare scarred arms. I haven't sliced my arms in awhile which meant a lot to me actually. Monday was tomorrow and for some reason I was kind of excited. I made my way to my bed and slid under the covers, I noticed a car pulling into the driveway. My parents were finally home. 


I woke up to screaming and yelling. Great. I quickly got dressed and ran off to school. I didn't wanna be around them when they're fighting. I saw Emma and waved to her but she turned away. That's weird....I made my way to my first class and got jumped but Louis. 
"Goooooodmorning Diana!!" He smiled taking his seat, which was behind me now.
"Goodmorning Lou." I smiled while taking my seat. I looked down and realized that I didn't have a hoodie on, all I was wearing was a baby blue tee shirt. 
"Nice to see you back Mr.Styles." I heard the teacher say. I quickly looked up from my arms and smiled at the curly haired boy walking over.
"Nice to see you again stranger." I giggled
"It's nice to see you two again also." He smiled taking the seat in front of me. In the middle of class I felt Louis tapping my shoulder with a note. I grabbed it and opened it up.

Nice hair :) You make a very cute red head xD

I giggled at put the note in my pocket. When the bell rang  made my way to my locker with those two following closely. The next few classes went by quickly, finally it was time for art and I was excited. I walked in and took my seat, moments later my art buddy came through the door. He took the seat next to me and let out a huge sigh.
"Welcome back Zayn." I smiled at him poking his cheek with my finger that had blue paint on it.
"Hey! Did you just-" He grabbed a brush dipped it in red and slid it across my face. My mouth dropped open as he started laughing.
"Oh now it's on!" I grabbed a brush and dipped it in green then slid it across his face. His mouth dropped open and we both started laughing.
"Knock it off you two! That isn't what paint is for!" The teacher scolded us.
We both started laughing as she sent us out to clean up. 
"By the way you look real good with red hair." He smiled at me. I felt my cheeks turn red. Then all of a sudden I felt arms wrapping around my waist. 
"Miss me?" It wasn't Niall's voice that I was hoping for. I turned around and took a step back.
"James?" I said while my heart started sinking.  He grabbed me by my waist and pulled me in. His lips smashed against mine so roughly. I tried to shove him off but his grip was to strong. When I finally pushed hard enough and he let go I heard a punching sound. Zayn had caught me so I didn't fall to the ground. I looked over to see Niall standing there. He looked very angry. 
"Stay away from Diana!" Niall hissed
"Why?! She belongs to me!" James said standing back up.

Wait what?

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