Diana has been suffering with depression for years. Scars line her arms and ankles. She's kept them all hidden behind her pants and long-sleeves. How long can she keep up the brave face?


3. Letting out the truth..

Diana's POV:
I sat there on the bathroom floor terrified of what he was going to say or do. What if he goes and tells an adult about this? I'd be locked up in a nut house for sure. I felt the warm tears fall from my eyes more roughly, as I gasped for air, but covered my mouth with my hand. He pulled me in for another hug. I felt myself melting but at the same time my chest felt like it was going to explode. I pushed him away as more tears crashed against my cheeks. 
"You're going to tell now aren't you?!" I felt anger coming through my words.
"What?" He looked at me with his beautiful blue eyes. "Of course not."
"Why not!? You don't know me! For all you know I am some crazy girl!" I felt his hand gripping onto mine. 
"I can clearly tell that you aren't a crazy girl, Diana." The way he said my name sent shivers up my spine.
"How do you know my name?" I stuttered whipping away the wet tears on my cheeks.
"Harry told me." He smiled and I felt my cheeks get a little hot.
He had a very attractive smile. Wait Harry told him my name? So that means they were talking about me! Did Niall tell Harry about my arms?!
"Did you tell him..." I began starring down at the ground.
"That I thought you were a very beautiful girl?" My eyes widened as my head shot back up and I starred at him in disbelief. "He said that he thought you were adorable as well." He let out a soft laugh. 
"Why....how did you know I was coming in here?" I felt my face blushing from their comments.
"I saw you running." He smiled.
I stood up and started wrapping up my arm. He picked up my hoodie then wrapped his around me. I looked at him confused.
"Well I think you should have a hoodie that doesn't have blood on it." He laughed. I blushed a bit and nodded at him. Then the bell rang and we headed out towards my locker to see Harry standing their with Zayn. Oh god are they all friends? They are all so hot though. I sighed and smiled when I noticed them looking at me. 
"He-" I was about to say hey to them but got cut off when I felt two arms wrapping around me. What the? It wasn't Niall because he was beside me. I looked up to see Louis smiling at me. Next to him was another very attractive guy with brown eyes. He had a birth mark on his neck. He noticed me looking at him and gave me a soft smile.
"Liam!" Niall said happily.
"Um Louis can you..." I began and he let me go as if already knowing what I was going to ask. I smiled at him and mouthed thank you. 
"Diana?" I heard a very annoyed female voice and I felt my whole body tense up. I don't know if the fear and pain came across my face for a minute or not but as I turned around to see Rose that fake smile came back.
"Yes?" I said.
"May I have a word with you?" She crossed her arms.
"Sure...." I said and followed her away from the ears of the cute boys.
"Care to explain yourself?" She hissed.
"About what?" I acted naive.
"Why are you all over those boys?!" Her anger hissed through her teeth.
"They are just being nice and I was just helping them...." I felt her hand slide across my face.
"Don't forget what I can do to you. I can make your life a living hell. Stay away from them or else." She strutted back to her girls leaving me there empty. I knew exactly what she could do, she was already making my life a living hell. I felt my heart breaking. Every time I make any guy friends she comes along and kills it. I walked back to my locker ignoring them, grabbed my things then headed off to my third hour class. It seemed to go by quickly, so did my forth hour. As the bell rang dismissing us for lunch I slowly made my way to my locker. My head held low, I felt helpless like there wasn't anything I could do. Then out of nowhere I felt two arms wrap around my waist. An instant smiled came across my face. I turned around to see Zayn smiling at me. Then all of a sudden I felt something hard hit the back of my head. As I fell to the ground I heard laughing and knew exactly who threw the book. 

"Help! Someone! Anyone? Please help me.....please...." I cried out.
Everything was dark and there was no one in sight. I cried out louder but still no one was there. Then all of a sudden I saw faces. Five of them. All males. Who...I cried more when I realized it was Harry, Zayn, Louis, Liam, and Niall. 
"Hey there." They all said as they held out their hands towards me. Just as I reached out to them everything fell apart again.

"Diana! Diana!" I heard a male yell out.  I blinked my eyes and noticed there were six people standing around me. Where was I though?
"Where am I?" I asked sitting up.
"The infirmary." Emma said
"Why?" I blinked again trying to get my eyes to set.
"Someone threw a book at the back of your head." Zayn said cooly sitting in a chair.
I nodded and closed my eyes again deciding to get some more sleep. It seemed like only minutes later but I heard some guys talking. 
"Mate I think there's someone after her..." 
"I think so too."
"What should we do?"
"I don't truly know but.."
"But what mate?"
There was a moment of silence which seemed to last forever.

"I really like Diana."

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