Diana has been suffering with depression for years. Scars line her arms and ankles. She's kept them all hidden behind her pants and long-sleeves. How long can she keep up the brave face?


2. Just another day...

Diana's POV:
I heard my mother yelling for me in the kitchen. She must have been saying 'get your butt down here before you're late for school!'. I sighed and put my box back under my bed while grabbing my hoodie. I walked downstairs to see my best friend Emma waiting for me. Even though she's my best friend she doesn't know about my problems....
"Hey Di. Ready?" She smiled up at me.
"Yeah.." I faked a smile back at her as we headed out to her car.
See for years now I've been keeping my depression and self harm a secret from everyone. Not even Emma knows. I fake a smile, it seems to fool people easily. I felt the sharp pain coming from my arm where I had just sliced. It burned so much but luckily I had wrapped it up. We pulled up into the school parking lot. I starred out the window as she rambled on about her new neighbors. As we walked up to the school from her car I noticed a curly haired boy squirming around. I think he was new and very lost. So I walked up to him to see if I could be any help.
"Excuse me?" I asked looking at him as he starred down at his piece of paper. "Are you lost?"
"Is it that noticeable?" He laughed looking up at me with his green eyes. Wow he was very cute.
"Kind of." I giggled
"Well I'm looking for Mrs. Klair?" He said 
"Oh! Well it's just your luck! That's my first class too." I smiled at him.
He smiled back at me and I lead him to the class. Once we got there his eyes widened as he ran over to another new guy. What is going on?
"Louis!!!" He pretty much cried out.
"What are you doing here Hazza??" The guy said pulling him into a hug.
"You know we moved here! What about you?" He smiled with slight tears boarding his eyes.
"We moved too! Not only us-" He got cut off by the curly one turning and pulling my over to them.
"I never did ask you. What's your name?" He asked. "My name is Harry and this is Louis."
"I'm Diana." I smiled
"Nice to meet you Diana." The both said together.
Then the bell rang and we all took seats. I starred out the window when Mrs. Klair started talking and introducing the boys. I barely paid much attention when it came to this class. I mean I have the highest grade but it just doesn't seem all that great to me. After awhile I heard the bell ring and I quickly made my way to my locker. I made sure no one was looking and pulled up my hoodie sleeve then slowly unwrapped my arm. Then I felt someone touching my shoulder so I quickly jumped and pulled my hoodie sleeve down. I turned quickly, maybe too fast actually, I fell backwards into another pair of arms. I looked in front of me to see a blonde hair boy with the prettiest blue eyes I had ever seen in my life, then behind me holding me up was Harry.
"T-thank you Harry.." I stuttered getting back to my feet.
"Niall why'd you scare her like that?" Harry said talking to the blonde boy.
"Sorry..." He said looking down at my arm.
"It's fine.." I said putting my other hand on my arm. "I better get to my next class...bye guys." 
I quickly ran to my next class terrified that he had seen my arm. What if he tells someone? My life will be over then.. My second class was Art. I loved art so much. I took my normal seat and got all my things ready. As I sat down I noticed that there was a new guy in this class also. What was with today? He walked over to me and smiled as he took the seat next to mine. I felt my face blush a bit. He was very cute with his brown eyes. I put my music in and started painting. It the middle of class I was done with my painting so I took my music out and was about to hang it to dry when I noticed he was starring at me.
"Is something wrong?" I asked
"Your painting is amazing. But I think you cut your arm, there's blood on your sleeve." He smiled softly at me. 
I looked down at my arm and noticed that my cuts were still bleeding and had bled through my sleeve. 
"Crap.." I blushed.
"Do you need help?" He asked concerned. 
"Uh yeah could you hang that up for me and put my materials away please? I'm sorry." I said grabbing my bag.
"On one condition." He said stopping me.
"Yes?" I stopped and starred at him.
"What's your name?" He smiled.
"Diana." I smiled at him and turned to leave.
"Nice to meet you Diana, I'm Zayn." He smiled and I ran out of the room towards the bathroom. The only bad thing about this school is the bathrooms are coed. Once inside bathroom I stood in front of the mirror and took off my hoodie. I looked at the girl with her arms covered in scars, some freshly made. I sighed and fell to my knees crying. With my head in my hands I felt someone wrapping their arms around me. Who?! I looked up to see Niall..
"Wha-?" I was terrified.

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