I'm sorry! I wish you were still here to tell you I love you (Niall fanfic)

Laura and her sister Anais(anna-ees)move to London with their friend Yessika. They met the boys at their concert where Niall and laura instantly fall in love. So Niall and Laura have been dating for a year now. They were truly a happy funny and loving couple. But what happens when a tragic accident splits the couple apart!?


8. chapter 8.

A/N:Sorry for the long wait. I've been extremely busy with work and other stuff but I promise i'll try to update more often. I hope you guys enjoy this chapter :) Don't be afraid to comment Ideas or what you think of the chapter I would love to read them. 



Laura's P.O.V

Niall and I get back to my room. I head to my closet to get a tank and small pajama shorts. Once i'm finished changing I go towards my bed and lay next to Niall.

"Finally it's time for bed" I say yawning.

"I know, Are you excited for friday?" Niall asks.

"Yes. I'm super excited to see the look on anais's face when she sees the party, I hope she will love it" I say smiling.

"I'm sure she will" Niall says smiling. I nod. I grab a hairtie off the nightstand and start to tie up my hair.

"What happened to your arm?" Niall asks. Fuck, I forgot to cover it up.

"W-what? Oh nothing" I say putting my arm under the covers. Niall takes my arm.

"This is nothing!? Who did this to you!" He half shouts.

"John" I simply say. "But before you start anything I want you to know that me and John are friends again." I say.The look on his face was full of anger.

"How could you be friends with someone that does this to you!" He shouts holding up my arm.

"He apologized for it! He didn't mean to do it, hes changed and wants to try to get along with you!" I say. 

"I don't give a shit if he's "changed" like you say! You can't be friends with him." He says sternly.

"You can't tell me who I can or can't be friends with!" I shout. His phone rings.

"Hey man I can't talk right now, I'm a little busy" He says.I can hear the other person on the phone telling him to check his twitter.

"What for?" He says. "Okay I'll check right now. Alright bye" He says hanging up and goes to twitter. He doesn't seem to happy.

"When were you planing on telling me?" He asks.

"T-telling you what?" I ask. He shows me a picture of me and john in Paris kissing and another picture of us hugging today. 

"Niall I can explain!" I say.

"Explain what huh? That you cheated on me with that asshole?!" He shouts.

"He kissed me! I tried to pull away but he wouldn't let me" I shout 

"Yeah whatever. Everyone says that when they get caught" He says

"Believe me niall! I would never cheat on you!" I shout.

"I don't know what to believe anymore" He says getting up and walking towards the door.

"Where are you going?" I ask. 

"I need some air" He says walking out and slamming the door.I let out a loud cry, why did this have to happen? why can't he just believe me? I hit my pillow multiple times and bury my face in it with tears rolling down my face.I feel someone rubbing my back. I look up and its harry. I get up to hug him.

"Shh. Everything will be ok." He says holding me 

"No.it.won't.Niall.hates.me." I say in between breathes.

"No he doesn't. Hes just upset,I know you would never cheat on him and so does he. He'll come around I promise." he says trying to reassure me. "Now try to get some sleep." He says getting up. I nod. He kisses my forehead and walks out the door. I lay down and close my eyes.



Liam's P.O.V

"Anais are you ready?" I shout from downstairs. 

"Almost!" she shouts back.

"You said that 5 minutes ago" I say.

" I know give me a minute I promise i'm almost done" she says. I'm taking her out to dinner while everyone gets the house ready for the surprise party. 

"Okay i'm ready" She says coming down the stairs with her tight strapless black dress with matching heals.

"Wow! You look amazing! And i'm not just saying that cause its your birthday" I say smiling.

"Thank you" She says blushing.We head out the door, I open the car door for her once shes in I go around to the drivers side. I text Laura letting her know we are leaving to the restaurant so they can come over and decorate. We arrive at the restaurant a few minutes later and walk in. The waiter escorted us to our table and handed us our menus.

"Can I start you off with a drink?" He asks. 

"Yes, he will have a Dr.Pepper with not that much ice" She says smiling at me

"And she will have a Coke with lots of ice" I say smiling back at her.

"Ok,I'll be right back with your drinks and to take your order" He says.He walks away.

"Thank you" She says.

"For what?" I ask

"For not making a big deal over my birthday. I like this its simple" She says.

"Oh, um no problem" I say getting nervous now. The waiter came back with our drinks.

"A Dr.Pepper with little ice for you and a Coke with a lot of ice for the miss" He says smiling."What can I get for you to eat?" He asks.

"I'll have the Chicken Alfredo pasta and I will also be getting macaroni and cheese with some fries please" She says.

"And I'll have steak,mashed potatoes and vegetables please" I say.

"I'll be back with your order"He says taking our menus and walking off.

"So you want to fill me in on whats happening between niall and laura?" I somewhat ask

"Um sure.So I guess in Paris John had kissed Laura after her and Niall had an argument and She had also ran into him at the mall, where she forgave him for everything he did and they became friends again. A couple days ago they had another fight because John had gotten mad with laura and left her a mark on her arm and of course Niall wasn't happy about that but he also got a phone call and his friend told him to check twitter. Someone had taken photos from paris of laura and john kissing and of them hugging the other day. So thats all I know" She says taking a bite of her food.

"So thats why he has been ignoring us" I say.

"What if they can't get through this?" she asks worryingly.

"They will  I'm sure Niall will come around soon, hes not type of guy that stays mad for long" I reassure her.She nods."Lets changed the subject shall we" I say.

"I've been meaning to ask you something" She says

"What is it?" I ask taking a bite of my food

"A few days ago I heard you and Niall talking and he asked you If you were ready for today, then you replied say that you were and a bit nervous,So why would you be nervous about today?" She asked.I choked a bit on my food.

"I..um.."I begin to say when my phone rings.oh thank god.Its Niall."I have to take this I'll be right back" I say she nods. I walk by the bathrooms.

"Hey whats up mate?" I say

"I'm sorry Liam but I can't go to the party" He says

"Niall don't do this to me man. I need you there and I'm sure anais would want her bestfriend there too" I say

"I can't go, I can't be in the same room as laura right now" He says

"Please go, if not for laura then for me I really need you there." I beg

"Okay fine,I'll see you there"He says and hangs up. I go back to the table to find Anais all finished with her food and playing a game on her phone. She looks up at me.

"I tried to wait for you but I was so hungry and the food looked so delicious I couldn't help myself" She says feeling guilty.

"Haha its okay I don't mind but now you have to wait for me to eat" I say smiling. I get a text from laura saying that they are ready and we can come over once we are done.I picked up my pace a little and started to eat faster. Once we were done I paid and we left back to the house.

Laura's P.O.V

Everyone is busy getting everything ready for the party while I was setting up the last of the balloons Niall came through the door and my heart sank. He walked up to me.

"Can we talk" He simply says. I nod. We walk up to my room and shut the door.He looks at me and is silent for a few minutes. He opens his mouth and closes it.

"If your not going to talk then i'm leaving, I've got a lot of stuff to do before Liam and Anais get back" I say walking passed him about to open the door. 

"Did you really try to pull away?" He says. I stop and turn around.

"Yes I did but he had a good grip on my head and wouldn't let me." I explain.

"I'm sorry for not believing you" He says.

"Are you serious? You had me wait 3 long miserable days for you just to say you're sorry for not believing in me.I went through hell Niall.You should have known that I would never cheat on you" I say feeling hurt and angry.

"You're right I should have believed you in the first place, its just that when I seen those pictures of you and him I lost it. Your my future wife and I can't see you with another man, it broke my heart when I heard you cry once I left the room. I was going to go back but I saw harry go in the room which made me even more upset so I just left. I'm so sorry for hurting you Laura I love you" He says with tears in his eyes.

"I love you too Niall and I forgive you. I'm sorry for not telling you about john" I say wiping his tears

"I forgive you Laura" He says giving me a kiss and a hug.

"Lets go get ready, they should be here any minute" I say grabbing his hand and taking him downstairs. I see the car pull in the driveway."Okay guys they are here,Hide" I say finding a spot behind the couch. We hear the door unlock and open."Surprise!!"We all say.

"Oh.My.Gosh" Anais says surprised."Who's Idea was this?" She says very seriously. Everyone points to me.

"Thanks a lot you guys" I say."Look I know you don't like surprises but I couldn't help it I wanted to give you a great birthday you would remember" I say looking down.

"Thank you"  

"Look i'm sorry I--Wait what?" I say confused

"Haha I said thank you, I know I told you guys I didn't like surprises but I really love this surprise so thank you guys" She says smiling."So lets get this party started!" She shouts.

The dj starts playing music and some people are dancing, some are talking and some are starting to drink especially Anais,Niall and I. For the first hour everything is going great, then John walks in. Once he walked in you can feel the tension in the room. Niall walked over to him, I can see their lips moving. John had said something and Niall turned and walked over to me.

"You invited him?" He asked sounding upset.

"Yes I did" I say 

"Why would you do that?" He asks

"Because he is my friend and I wanted you two to get along" I say trying to hold his hand.

"I'm never going to get along with someone who hurts you" He says snatching his hand away and walking away.John walks up to me.

"I think I should go. I don't want to cause anymore problems between you and Niall" He says handing me Anais's gift.

"You don't have to go" I say

"Yes I do, I love you laura and I want you to be happy. so this is goodbye" He says giving me a hug and a kiss on the forehead, then walks away.El and Dani came over to me and handed me a drink.

"Everything will be alright" Dani says giving me a reassuring look.

"Okay girls smile" El says about to take a picture. We all smiled.

Yessika's P.O.V

"Hey Yessika can you do me a favor?" Anais asks

"Yeah I guess, what is it?" I say.

"I have a few party fireworks and other goodies in box in my closet can you get them for me please and be careful its a bit heavy" She explains.

"Okay I'll get it" I say walking towards the stairs. I see Niall, I can ask him to "help" me with the box and then I get him alone to myself. I walk over to him.

"Hey Niall can you help me get me get a box from anais's closet please, she asked me if I can get it but its a bit heavy" I say 

"Yeah sure" He says. We walk upstairs to Anais and Liam's room, I close the door behind us.By the time I turn and go to the closet Niall already has the box and headed towards the door I ran passed him and block the door.

"Where you think you going handsome" I say.

"Yessika don't start" He says a bit annoyed

"You can't keep putting off what we have Niall" I say.

"Ha! How can I put off something when there is nothing to put off, now move" He says sternly.

"You have to give me something in order for me to move" I say rubbing his arm

"What?" He says 

"I want you to make love to me right now" I say smiling.

"What! Fuck no! Are you crazy? I have a fiance who I love very much and I will never in a million years make love to you even if you were the last girl on earth." He says angrily 

"Fine then I will just go tell your lovely fiance what happened in Australia" I say getting irritated.

"Don't you fuckin dare Yessika!" He shouts.

"Try me. Either give me what I want or Laura finds out her loving boyfriend is a liar and a cheater" I say with a smirk. 

"Fuck okay" He says giving up. We go over to the bed and start kissing, let the fun begin.

Laura's P.O.V

I think I had a little to much to drink, I stumble over to the kitchen and grab two water bottles and star to drink them. I need to sober up to give anais her present, I sit down for a few minutes. Where did Niall go? I decide to get up and look for him, I walk around  and cant see him anywhere. Liam walks up to me.

"Are you okay?" He asks

"Y-yeah i'm fine,Um have you seen Niall? I've been trying to look for him but can't find him anywhere." I ask.

"Yeah I seen him go upstairs with Yessika to get a box for anais" He says.

"Oh okay thanks" I say heading upstairs. I open the door to find Niall and Yessika kissing half naked.

"N-Niall?" Is all I all I could say.

"Oh shit! Laura this isn't what it looks like" He says 

"Oh really!? What does it look like? What the fuck does it look like Niall?! Tell me cause I must be fucking blind!" I shout with tears already starting to fall.

"I can explain Laura!" He says trying to hold my arm.

"Don't fuckin touch me!" I say angrily. I feel sick and its not the alcohol.

"Don't even bother explaining, she's not going to listen to you" Yessika says."Oh just so you know this isn't the first time,We also did it in Australia" She says with a smirk. I walk up to her and slapped her as hard as I could and ran out the door.I started to run down the hall with tears pouring down my face.

"Laura wait!" Niall shouts running after me. I was almost to the stairs when I feel Niall pull me and gave me a hug I break down even more.

"Baby I'm so sorry I-" He starts to say but I pull away from him.

"Save it I don't want to hear it! How could you!?" I shout."I can't do this anymore Niall" I say putting my ring in his hand and run downstairs.I bumped into Anais.

"Laura whats wrong?" She asks worryingly

"I found Niall and Yessika in bed" I say crying even more.

"What!" She says surprised and angry.

"Laura wait!" Niall shouts from the stairs.

"i need to get out of here" I say. I start running pass people and go outside and get in my car. I really shouldn't be driving right now but i just need to get away for awhile.

Niall's P.O.V

"Laura wait!" I shout. I start to see her walk away and now anais doesn't seem to happy. I start to go after Laura.

" Niall What the fuck!?" Anais shouts completely pissed

"I'll fix it!" I shout while going towards the door. I see laura drive away in her car, I run to my car and start following her.A stoplight appeared and I see her passing it. 

"LAURA!" I shout. Did this really just happen? Did I just see my girlfriend get hit by a truck? I'm in shock. I pull out my Phone and called 911. I followed the ambulance to the hospital, we arrived and went inside. They took laura into surgery, the nurse said she would let me know when she was out. It feels like I've been waiting forever its 1 in the morning now. Finally the nurse comes and tells me shes in room 224 second floor, I rushed upstairs and what seemed like a long time i find her room. Once i'm in I walk over and sit next  her and hold her hand, the doctor comes in.

"How is she?" I ask not taking my eyes off of her.

"She suffered some internal injuries and a few broken bones she also hit her head pretty hard, She is in a coma right now and we are not sure when she will wake up" he explains.

"Oh god. How long do you think it will take?" I ask.

"Like I said we are not sure it could be days, weeks maybe even months. I'll come back and check on how shes doing later" He says walking out.I let out a cry.

Laura's P.O.V

I'm somewhere dark and cant see anything, I hear something. Someone crying? i follow the sound and it gets louder and louder i'm beginning to see light now, I run towards the light and find myself in a hospital room. I turn around and see Niall crying, hes holding m-my hand but how?

"I'm so sorry Laura for everything,I wish I could take it all back" He says. I forgive you Niall.

"Please just wake up I need to hear your voice telling me you love me" I love you Niall.

"Wake up please! i'm sorry  come back to me I can't imagine my life without you by my side. Why did you have to go drive off when you could of just listened to what i had to say now look what happened!" he shouts. I'm sorry Niall! "come back to me I need you here"i'm right here niall why cant you hear me! all of a sudden I see this bright light. i'll be right back I promise niall. I follow the light but then it went away I tried to go back to Niall but I was being blocked by a see through wall. I see my heart meter slowing down, Niall called in the the nurse and she brought the doctor and pushed niall to the side. they have tried everything its not use they can't bring me back my heart rate goes flat. I'm so sorry Niall! I love you!


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