I'm sorry! I wish you were still here to tell you I love you (Niall fanfic)

Laura and her sister Anais(anna-ees)move to London with their friend Yessika. They met the boys at their concert where Niall and laura instantly fall in love. So Niall and Laura have been dating for a year now. They were truly a happy funny and loving couple. But what happens when a tragic accident splits the couple apart!?


16. Chapter 16

Few weeks later....

Laura's P.O.V

"Well Laura it looks like you made an exceptional recovery, the CT and X-rays came out good" the doctor says.

"That's great news!" Anais says happily.

I slightly smile, don't get me wrong I'm very happy that everything came out great but I kind of wish it didn't so Niall wouldn't try anything. Liam has been updating Niall every week but he doesn't know I know, I over heard him talking to Niall a couple of weeks ago. I was angry but happy at the same time, it's all really confusing to me still, Anais told me it usually takes a person two to three months to get over someone though I don't know if want too..

"So I'm just going to drop you off at home and leave so I can finish editing some pictures of a shoot I did" Anais says as we are leaving the hospital.

"That's fine with me" I shrug.

"Are you okay? " She asks.

"Yeah I'm just tired" I say looking at my phone, nothing. I don't know why I keep waiting for him to text me or call me, I did tell him not too.

"You know that's been your excuse for everything now, is something wrong? Or is it about Niall?" She asks looking concerned.

"Nothing's wrong, just didn't get much sleep last night is all" I slightly smile.

She raises a brow at me"Okay" she says and continues driving. A few minutes pass and I see Niall's building, I feel my eyes start to water but I push them back and sink down in my seat.


We arrive and park in front of the house, just as I'm about to get out Anais pulls me back in. She gives me a sympathetic smile "Listen, how about you and I have a girls night tonight and forget about guys, how's that sound?"

"That...actually sounds great" I say smiling.

"Great, I'll be home around 5 and I'll get rid of the guys so we can start our night from there" she says pulling out her phone to call Liam.

I wave to as she pulls out to leave and enter the house, suddenly I hear music coming from the back yard and start walking towards the sliding doors and I see Harry standing there with a big smile on his face. He starts the music over again and begins to sing.

Pretty Brown Eyes (cover)-Boy Band Project

(Go to sleep, wake up

You're pretty with no make-up)

I like this right here

(Go to sleep, wake up

You're pretty with no make-up)


This girl she came 'round

The corner, looking like a model

Magazine figure, she was shaped like a bottle

Long straight hair, she was fly as a bird

First time ever I was lost for words


Felt so right, it just couldn't be wrong

Love at first sight if that exists at all

I couldn't move, felt like I was stuck

And then baby girl looked up


And I said hey there pretty brown eyes

What you doin' later tonight?

Would you mind if I spend time with you?

And I said hey there pretty brown eyes

What you doin' later tonight?

Would you mind if I spend time with you?


(Go to sleep, wake up.

You're pretty with no make-up.

Go to sleep, wake up.

You're pretty with.)


This girl she was a little hottie,

She know she got it

Came from the city so she loves to party

The JT song make her move that body

She dancing all night long


Cause I can tell that she was a wild one

That's why I was shy at first,

But I finally worked up the nerve


And I said hey there pretty brown eyes

What you doin' later tonight?

Would you mind if I spend time with you?

And I said hey there pretty brown eyes

What you doin' later tonight?

Would you mind if I spend time with you?


Spend a little bit, a little bit of time with you

Spend a little bit, a little bit of time with you

Spend a little little bit, a bit of time with you

Spend a little bit, a little bit of time with you


This girl she got pretty brown eyes

When it rains come and kiss me outside.

Heart racin' baby put in drive, let our love

take off, speedin into the night. Girl ya fine

Can I make ya mine? and I promise I ain't gonna waste

ya time. Part of my show with a spot light

shine. You a diamond in a rough baby one

of a kind.


Hey there pretty brown eyes

What you doin' later tonight?

would you mind if I spend time with you?

And I said hey there pretty brown eyes

What you doin' later tonight?

would you mind if I spend time with you?


Spend a little bit, a little bit of time with you

Spend a little bit, a little bit of time with you

Spend a little little little bit of time with you

Spend a little bit, a little bit of time with you




The music stops..

"So what you doing later tonight?'' he says coming closer. I burst out laughing."not really the reaction I was hoping for" he says with his head down.

"I'm sorry,Its just that was cheesy" I stop myself from laughing and lift his chin up."But it was cute" I say smiling.

"So will you go on a date with me tonight?" he says holding my hands.

"Hey laura I decided to do the pictures tomorr- whats going on here?" she says folding her arms across her chest and raising a brow.

I was about to say something but nothing came out.

"I was asking her to go on a date with me tonight" Harry states."She was about to answer until you came in" 

"Oh well i'm sorry, i'll leave you guys to it then" she walks off to the kitchen. Harry looks back at me for my answer.

"I can't today, Anais and I are doing a girls night tonight." I say slowly pull my hands away.

"Oh, well what about tomorrow?" he says taking my hands again.

"Yeah tomorrow sounds great" I smile up at him.

"Yes!" he shouts throwing our hands up and hugging me. I hug him back and he leans in brushing his lips against mine, I felt my heart race and the butterflies in my stomach start to flutter but he doesn't kiss me. I slightly frown. 

He smiles"Tomorrow for sure babe" he kisses my forehead and leaves.


What the hell is going on with me? Did I really want him to kiss me? I brush the questions off and go into the kitchen where I find Anais looking through Pintrest on her laptop, she looks up at me and looks back down at her laptop.Okay? I grab a yogurt out of the fridge and sit next to her on the counter, I wonder if she is going to say anything about Harry or anything at all. 

"Sooo, what do you have plan for us?" I finally say. She slowly closes her laptop and takes a deep breath.

"First off before we do anything we have to..." she pauses for a few seconds, oh god here it comes."Get all the junk food we can get" She excitedly says. What?

"For a second there, I thought you were going to say something about-" she raises her hand to me.

"I don't to talk about that now, remember we are forgetting about guys tonight. So get your lazy bum off the counter and lets go get our junk food" I do as i'm told. 

As we were about to leave Liam walks in, "Liam I told you we were having a girls night, you can't be here" Anais says as she grabs her keys.

"Aw come on babe, let me stay." he begs. "Louis got in trouble with Eleanor, Harry said he couldn't hang out because hes planning a date, and Zayn is with perrie" 

"You can hang out with Niall i'm sure hes not doing anything or with andy" I state trying not to sound harsh. "Please Liam I really need this girls night" giving him my best sad eyes.

"Okay" he says in defeat "but i'm taking you guys to the store first then i'll leave" he states sternly. Me and Anais high-fived each other.


We arrived at the store and grabbed two carts, we raced to see who can get the most junk food in one minute. I run through the aisle of chips and grabbed as many as I could then it was off to the candy aisle, I just started dropping every candy from the shelves in my cart.

"30 seconds on the clock" I hear Liam say. I race over to the pastry section and start to grab doughnuts, pies, and cupcakes.

"Time! bring it in girls" He shouts. I head over to the checkout stand and I look into Anais's cart to see she had put broccoli and carrots. Me and Liam both give her a weird look.

"You do realize that those don't count as junk food right love?" he states holding back his laugh.

She gives him a glare,"Well sorry that I don't want to fall in a sugar coma" 

"Oh well its an automatic win for Laura!" He shouts holding my hand up.

"I am the champion, I-I-I am the champion no time for losers" I sing. She rolls her eyes but smiles.

We bought the food and Anais was stuck in the back full of groceries since she lost the race. Liam and I sung We are the Champions by queen the whole car ride home, its been a long time since I had this much fun and I'm enjoying every second of it. We got home and unloaded the car, while Liam and Anais suck eachothers faces I decide to take all the food out of the bags and order some Chinese food and pizza. Yes we are having both we are going all out tonight. After a few minutes Anais walks in the kitchen smiling like shes on cloud nine, I just love how happy she is with Liam I hope one day I get to be as happy as she is.


Niall's P.O.V

I wake up to knocking, I get up and my head is pounding.I go to my door and open it to see Liam with some food and beers. 

"Niall its 3 in the afternoon and you're just barley getting up?" He shakes his head and puts the food on the table.

"I have nothing else to do, we don't go back on tour until 2 weeks from now." I say sitting on the couch. "I'm surprise you and anais aren't all over each other right now, how is she taking it by the way?" I ask as he takes a seat.

"I actually haven't told her yet. I was going to tell her today but she and laura are doing a girls night today. So I didn't really get a chance too" he says rubbing his neck.

My heart sank to the mention of her name,"How is she?"

"She's good mate, everything came out great. She is completely recovered." He says smiling at me.

"That's good" I smile back."Come on mate let's eat before the food gets cold"


After a few hours of playing FIFA and watching a few futbol games liam gets up and goes to the bathroom, I get incoming call from laura? I answered it quickly.

"Hello?" I say in to the phone but no answer."Hello?" I say again, I can hear her talking but not to me. I think she might have butt dialed me as i'm about to hang up I hear her saying she is nervous, what would she be nervous about? I put the tv on mute and listen closely.

"I don't know why i'm so nervous, I mean its only harry" Shes nervous about harry? why?

"Well its your first date since what happened so its normal to feel like that" I hear anais say. Did I hear right? Laura and Harry are going on a date? I hang up the phone as I hear the bathroom door open.

"Hey mate, whats wrong?" he says noticing the hurt on my face.

"Laura is going on a date with harry" I say plainly."Did you know about this?"

"I knew hes been having a crush on her for the longest time but not about this" he states.

Anger washes over me "You knew he liked her and didn't tell me!? How could you keep that from me! I had to stay away and for what? so that my supposedly 'best friend' can sweep in and steal my girl. Well that is just fucking great!"

"Niall its not too late you can still get her back, I know she still loves you. You just have to show her how much you love her" he states trying to calm me.

"How?" I say slowly calming down.

"The only way you know how" he says handing me my guitar."Go get her mate, i'll be right behind you"

I grab my guitar from him and we rush out the door.


Laura's P.O.V

"Are you sure you want go through with this whole date thing?" anais asks as she takes a bite of her pizza.

"Yeah I mean I need to start moving on from 'him' and you are the one who told me that I should try to move on" I state drinking some more of my wine. The doctor cleared me so I can drink until my hearts content.

"I know what I said, it just its his best friend your trying to move on with. Don't you think it will hurt Niall?" She concernedly states.

"Let's not forget he slept with MY best friend, so I'm pretty sure we are almost even" I snap, refilling my glass. What does she know?

"I didn't mean to upset you, I just want you to think this through and not think about getting even with Niall. Cause not only will you be hurting Niall, you will also be hurting Harry and yourself." she advises.

I take a deep breath before responding,"I'm not doing this to get back at Niall, I actually am starting to like harry a little and I just want to see what its like to be with someone else.Since Niall is the only person i've been with." I confess.

 Its true harry has been the sweetest during my recovery and spending as much time as we had, its kind of hard not to start liking someone. Though I still love Niall I think its best I move on from him.

"Okay i'll support you all the way then." She smiles "Well enough talk about boys because its movie time!"  she shout throwing her fist in the air, She might have had a little too much to drink.

 She gets up to get the popcorn and ice cream and tells me to put on the movie, I laugh at her ridiculous dance toward the kitchen. I put The Notebook on and sit down on the couch, I hear the front door open and see Liam walk in.My heart dropped when I saw who was standing behind him.  


*Authors note* Ahhh Update! Its been forever, had massive writers block, like I had what I wanted to say but couldn't  find how I wanted to put it, hope you enjoy it though :)

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