I'm sorry! I wish you were still here to tell you I love you (Niall fanfic)

Laura and her sister Anais(anna-ees)move to London with their friend Yessika. They met the boys at their concert where Niall and laura instantly fall in love. So Niall and Laura have been dating for a year now. They were truly a happy funny and loving couple. But what happens when a tragic accident splits the couple apart!?


1. chapter 1.

Laura's P.O.V.

It was just few days before Anais's surprise birthday party that the boys and I have been planning for months. I know she hates surprises but I really think she going to love this one. Liam is planning on proposing to her, so it will be a night she will remember. No one else knows its just between me and Liam, I don't like keeping stuff from Niall but oh well I just have tough it out.

 "Laura! the girls are here!" Niall called out from downstairs.

 " Okay! I'm going!" I yelled back. Today the girls and I are going shopping for our outfits for the party. Anais couldn't come cause she and Liam had plans of their own.

 "Laura!! Come On!" Eleanor yelled. 

 "I'm coming, I'm coming!" I yelled from my bedroom. I take one last look in the mirror. Perfect!. When i was younger I didn't like my brown hair or brown eyes, I used to think I looked plain. Also I wasn't the girl with the perfect body. Now I've grown to love myself and my curvy body.

So I grab my phone and purse on my way out my door. I ran downstairs, which probably wasn't the best idea because being the klutz that I am. I slipped and fell on my bum. Of course Niall laughed at me and so did the girls. I gave them the death glare as soon as i did that they stopped. Then I started laughing.

 "Here, let me help you up love", Niall said walking towards me. Once I was back on my feet, Niall didn't stop staring at me.

 "What?" I asked feeling kind of uncomfortable.

 "Just that you look so beautiful", Niall said with a huge smile.

 When he said that my stomach was filled with butterflies and I could tell that my cheeks were pink. "Thanks" I smiled shyly.

 "Ugh! puke fest", Yessika said very coldly.

 "Whats you're problem!?", Eleanor kind of yelled.

 "Nothing! I'll just wait for you guys in the car" Yessika says while walking out and slamming the door.

 "Jeez.I guess someone woke up on the wrong side of the bread this morning" I say kind of annoyed.

 "Bread?" Danielle asked with a confused face.

 "Haha yeah. I used to say that when I was younger so I thought I'd use it to lighten up the mood" I smiled cheesily.

 "You're such a weirdo" Danielle laughed.

 "Yeah she is. And that's why I love her" Niall said.

 "I love you too babe" I said. We are now just smiling and staring into eachothers eyes.

 "Aww. You guys are soo cute!" Eleanor squealed.

 "Nice of you to ruin the moment El." Danielle joked.

 "Well i'm sorry, they are just so cute" Eleanor said. Me and Niall just started laughing of how funny El was being.

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