Letter by Letter

Letter by Letter, Elizabeth receives information on her husband's new life - fighting for World War 2. News flashes across the screens of Britain:
'Another one's dead'
'Men fight drastically for the country's survival'.

Elizabeth can't stop thinking about her loved one.
What would she do if something happened to him?
Would he send one final letter, knowing that she'd treasure it whilst he just...fell?

World War 2 is tough, hard, speechless. Elizabeth lost her Mother in the first war, at the small age of 1. This time, will her close one survive? Or will they crash and fall in the rubble and the dirt?

It could be down to the shooting, but Elizabeth doesn't realise, her husband's survival is really down to her...


2. 2

Arnold's P.O.V

My miraculous idea of going to war was somewhat amazing at the time, though now I'm not entirely sure. I've always liked the way you stand out in uniform, the way you hold a gun everywhere you go. It feels important. I like to know I'm worth it sometimes, as we all do.

But I never realised how much I'd miss my dearest back home. The way she's leapt upon me the day I was due to leave I knew she didn't want this as much as I wanted it, which was a lot.

Saying goodbye was hard and I find myself at times regretting it. Of course, this is my dream, but I couldn't stand disappointing the one I love. So today I'm overjoyed when the chubby old messenger man places a letter in my palm.

"For you, sir." It's all he has to say for me to rip it open as fast as lightning.

As soon as I see her name, my stomach does a flip. There she is, of what seems a million miles away, yet somehow it feels like she's here, with me.

My old pal Teddy pats me on the shoulder as he walks past, giving me some time out.

"Thanks mate." I say, almost whispering, for I'm too intrigued in what the letter has to say.

The words light up on my soul, as if the sun had suddenly appeared on the cloudiest of days. Suddenly, I feel like I'm here for a reason, that getting through this isn't just for my own sake, but for Elizabeth's too.

I need her.

She needs me.

So when the army heads out later for a practise, I finish off my letter back to Elizabeth and hurry along, giving my all to what is going to be the best battle yet.

Guns at the ready.


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