Letter by Letter

Letter by Letter, Elizabeth receives information on her husband's new life - fighting for World War 2. News flashes across the screens of Britain:
'Another one's dead'
'Men fight drastically for the country's survival'.

Elizabeth can't stop thinking about her loved one.
What would she do if something happened to him?
Would he send one final letter, knowing that she'd treasure it whilst he just...fell?

World War 2 is tough, hard, speechless. Elizabeth lost her Mother in the first war, at the small age of 1. This time, will her close one survive? Or will they crash and fall in the rubble and the dirt?

It could be down to the shooting, but Elizabeth doesn't realise, her husband's survival is really down to her...


1. 1

Dear Arnold,

Sometimes I wish you'd never gone out there. But I know it's what you always wanted to do. The way you'd play with those tin soldiers as a kid - I remember your stories, off the back of my hand. I'll never forget.

I wish you could sit here with me now - cradle our little kitten and spend your evenings with me by the fire, like we always did before you left. I feel so alone right now; I'm here and you're a million miles away, unconnected from me.

So that's why I've decided to write to you, after these few weeks. At first I wouldn't have known what to say, and whenever I attempted to write my feelings onto paper I just broke down, crying, sobbing, dying inside. You mean everything to me, Arnold. You really do.

I'm hoping this gets to you, for I would hate for it to get lost. Good luck on your travels, darling. Just remind yourself of me sitting in my armchair, smiling at you from all the way over here, and you can't go wrong.

These letters will mean I'm almost there with you, along with you for the ride.

Don't forget to keep your hopes up.

You'll be home in no time.

Don't you worry.


Elizabeth xx

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