Afraid To Fall In Love | 5 SOS

5 Seconds Of Summer Fanfiction

When Scarlett Johnson takes her 11 year old sister to a One Direction concert, she is surprised when she catches the eye of one of the members of their support act, 5 Seconds Of Summer. She tells him that she isn't interested, but is she just afraid of falling in love?

(C) 1DInfinityx, Hannah Cullen, 2013.


1. Prologue

I knew I was going to be in crap! I had three of my failed history tests in my gym bag as I made my way home. If I didn't get them signed like Mr. Robinson wanted me to and just threw all three of them in the bin without showing my parents, I'd be in trouble with the school! But if I did show my parents and get it signed I'd be in trouble with them! Life was so hard when you were a dimwit like me.

"Hey hun!" Mum said as I walked in the door.

"Hello, mother!" I said half sarcastically, roughly throwing my gym bag in the corner of the kitchen.

"Okay was school?" 

"...Mum! you really care!" I snarled grabbing a packet of crisps and my laptop.

"Yes I d-"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah...I'm going upstairs to my room now, I guess!" I laughed making my way up the stairs. I was nearly there when mum stopped me.

"Wait right there Scarlett Johnson!" I hated my name!

"Eurgh...what now?" I moaned coming back down. My dad was now standing there beside her.

"Ellen's mum text me...she said you'd gotten your results back from your history tests! She told me Ellen's were horrific! How were yours?" She asked. I will admit. I did feel intimidated! Her beady eyes staring me down, her arms folded, eyebrows down, lips skinny and tight!

"Eh, same old, same old...I'll be going now!" I chanced, hoping I could make a quick escape.

"Scarlett! Me and your mother know you need them signed so bring them here now!" Dad shouted.


"Bring them!"

I had know other choice! They knew now so I had to show them. I scrambled around in my bag and eventually found the three pieces of crumpled up paper. I shoved them at mums chest and sighed staring at the floor. They quickley unfolded it and gasped at my results.

"SCARLETT! You got 10,14 and 11 out of 100, how, why?" Mum stumbled.

"Because who the hell gives a shit about who discovered America and all!" I snapped.


"Fine!" I answered grabbing my phone and laptop. But before I could get away mum snatched them from me.

"Eh, what do you think your doing?" I asked.

"GO!" She screamed.

I had no choice! I slowly made my way to my bedroom and slammed the door angrily behind me.

Nobody understands....

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